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The Benefits of Google Home Services

December 15th, 2017

 google home services

As a plumber attempting to grow plumbing business, placing ads with Google is a logical step. Over the last year, Google has been rolling out Google Home Services, an extension of Google Adwords for home service providers. What this does is it connects customers with the services they need more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively. For customers and Google, it seems like a win, and in fact it is actually a win for plumbers using the service as well.


How it Benefits Customers

As technology improves, customers are looking for more direct, more relevant, and faster results. When a customer performs a search, they want to be connected to accurate data right away. Google Home Service ads put customers in touch with home service providers that meets their specified query. This saves time, which ultimately pleases the customer. If they don’t have to be referred out to a different site, but can simply select a worthy service provider from the list that Google provides, then they save time and solves their problem efficiently.


How it Benefits Google

By improving the users experience, and giving users what they want faster and more effectively, Google stifles the competition. As more interactive technology is developed,google home services Google is looking to be more than just a search engine. Over the last several years, Google has dabbled in the tech industry, releasing the Pixel phone and the Google Home Smart Speaker Assistant. As the demand for this type of technology increases, you better believe that Google wants a piece of the pie. Google wants to seamlessly provide the most relevant search results via Google products. Google Home Services is a way for Google to improve their search results, and keep customers on Google longer, in addition to delivering via voice activated smart products.


How it Benefits Plumbers

Plumbers looking to gain exposure, would be wise to take advantage of the benefits of Google Home Services. It connects plumbers with customers who are in need of their services, but more importantly, it provides plumbers with QUALITY leads. Instead of generating leads from all over, it narrows it down to a very specific group of people who would likely become a customer. In addition, as we mentioned above, Google Home Services syncs with Smart speakers and smart phones. It allows for plumbers to be visible to mobile users, which lets face it, most people take to their smart phones these days in lieu of their desktop computers. Mobile visibility is crucial to remaining competitive.

 google home services

Looking to Get Started with Google Home Services?

If you are looking to get started with Google Home Services, let Grow Plumbing help you! We specialize in online plumbing marketing, and can help you set up your Google Home Services campaign. Learn more here.


Google Local Services Webinar


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The Future of Google Advertising– Google Home Services

August 13th, 2017


Recently we have been advocating for the rollout of Google Home Services. Over the last year or so Google has been testing their new Google Home Services platform in select markets, with the intent of rolling it out on a national basis in the near future. As more and more markets are able to take advantages of the benefits offered by Google Home Services, it will be more important for service companies like: plumbers, electricians, and locksmiths to understand how to leverage their online plumbing marketing tactics to gain an advantage with Google Home Services.

 google home services

The Future of Google Adwords

If you have an existing marketing relationship with Google already, then you are probably familiar with Google Adwords. Google Adwords is the platform that you run ads through. However, with the roll out of Google Home Services, Google is looking to replace Adwords with Home Services for home service businesses like: plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, cleaning services, and more. Currently there are a few select industries they are working with, but eventually they will probably expand to other industries. Likewise, they have only been testing this new platform in select locations, however they are consistently adding new locations. As technology changes and improves to allow for more integration and innovative services like voice controlled speakers, platforms like Google Home Services will be necessary in order to stay relevant and competitive.


The Benefits of Google Home Services

Google Home Services will make it easier to put customers in touch with trustworthy home services providers. Users will perform a search for the home service they need, and the top 3 results populated will be home service providers who have a Google Home Services account. The results that are generated will take several things into account like relevancy to the search and online reputation. Home service providers will have to apply for a Home Services account and meet the criteria set forth by Google. This is great for both the customer and the home service provider, as it puts customers in contact with trustworthy and reputable service providers, and it expands the visibility of service providers.


Google Home Service could be coming to a city near you! We can help you with your Google Home Services strategy! Contact Grow Plumbing today to learn more!

Get the best advice for your companies future!

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