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Get the Most Out of Your Google Local Listing

April 21st, 2017


Local directories are important for your plumbing marketing, especially Google Local. Google likes its own products, so when populating search results, the first couple results

Google Local

Image Credit: Search Engine Round Table,

are always Google Local or Google sponsored ads. This is just one of the many reasons why you want to make sure your Google Local page is properly optimized. Here is how to the most out of your Google Local listing.


#1 Insure Accuracy

One of the most important things you can do for your Google Local listing is to make sure all of the information is accurate. Many times, a business listing will already exist for your business, it’s up to you to claim your profile and insure that all of the information is accurate. Inaccurate information will do more harm than good, and can serve to detract people from your brand.


#2 Complete Profile

Another important part when it comes to your Google Local listing is to complete your profile. While some of the information may already be there, there are a lot of other fields that can be filled out. From hours of operation, areas serviced, and areas of specialty to name a few. A complete profile looks more professional, and provides more areas to be indexed and analyzed for relevancy.


#3 Images

Images are important for your Google Local account. Images play a huge role in the first impression people will get of your business. So, good supporting images are crucial for generating traffic from your Google Local profile. Select a professional looking head shot, logo and other branding images, and good pictures demonstrating your work. A good array of images will help peek interest in your brand.


#4 Optimize

One of the most important parts of leveraging your Google Local listing is to optimize your profile with your keywords. Google Local offers plenty of space for you to optimize your profile. Optimizing your profile allows for better indexing and search results. In addition, make sure you provide links to your website and social media profiles. The more ways a potential customer can get a hold of you the better.


Google Local

Image Credit: The SEM Post,

#5 Reviews

Reviews are an important part of getting good results leveraging your Google Local profile.  The more positive reviews you have the more relevant your Google Local listing will be. Encourage customers to leave feedback for your business on your Google Local profile.

Google Local plays an important role in your online plumbing marketing, especially as Google starts to roll out Google Home Services. Having a complete Google Local profile will be part of utilizing the new Google Home Services. The idea behind Google Home Services is to keep more traffic on Google itself instead of sending it else ware. What this means for you, is you will have to submit your profile for approval, and be diligent at responding to inquiries. Having good reviews and a complete listing will also help populate you to the top of the results. To learn more about using Google Local for plumbing marketing and the new onset of Google Home Services please contact us today!


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Get More Online Reviews with These Tips

February 26th, 2017



Online reviews are powerful things. They have the power to influence others customers, and significantly impact search ranking. While not all online reviews are positive reviews, the benefits of them outweigh the negative. Online reviews are crucial in gaining your business the best possible visibility, so how can you get more online reviews? Here are some tips.


Google or Yelp?

online reviewsHow you get online reviews will depend on the type of reviews you are looking for. Both Google and Yelp are reliable places where customers like to provide feedback. And both sites are good for mobile marketing. When it comes to soliciting more online reviews for either of these sites you will have better luck it the customer is an active user of the site. Look through your customer email database, locate the ones with Gmail and send them a request to review your business on Google Local. If soliciting Yelp reviews, keep in mind that not all customers are Yelp users. If they review your business on Yelp without being active Yelpers, there review could end up being removed by Yelps spam removal algorithm.


Don’t Offering Compensation

The best reviews will be more organic in nature. Offering customers compensation for reviews could backfire by curbing enthusiasm over your business. Encourage reviews, but there is no need to offer incentives for reviews that most customers will offer for free.


Make it Easy

If you are Yelp share the link to your Yelp listing, if you are Google Local share the link for your Google Local listing. Make it as easy to find your business as possible. Include links to your sites in your email signature, include links on your website, and promote them on your social media sites. The easy it is for customers to find your local directory listings the better.


Don’t Wait

Once your complete a job, as for a review right away, while it is still fresh in your customer’s mind. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get your customers to

online reviews

Image Credit: Blue Diamond Plumbing,

review your work. Include a message on their invoice. Follow up with your customers on your work, while doing so you can also ask them for an online review.


When it comes to the next big change in Google advertising tactics, online reviews, particularly with Google Local will have a huge impact on ad placement. Learn more about the expected roll-out of Google Home Services and how you can prepare to get your business listed here.



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Local SEO: Your Google Local Listing

June 18th, 2016


These days local SEO plays a huge role in the ranking of your plumbing business in search results. Local searches account for a large portion of searches being performed and can actually give you some pretty amazing results. That’s why it makes perfect sense to focus your efforts on your local SEO starting with your Google Local listing.


Why Focus on Google Local?

local SEOGoogle still accounts for the highest volume of searches with over 100 billion searches performed each month. With that kind of activity its a no brainer. Google local results typically appear towards the top of search results which is why your Google Local listing is so important.



The Keys to Success for Your Google Local Listing


#1 Claim Your Listing

The first step towards success for your local SEO is claiming your Google Local listing. Chances are there could already be an existing listing for your business on Google. Claiming your listing allows you to verify that the information about your business is accurate and also ad important supporting information like pictures and links.


#2 Make Your Listing Your Own

Part of claiming your Google Local listing is making it your own. Optimize your listing with your keywords and provides links to social media sites and your website. You should also include images and logos to help strengthen your brand.


#3 Encourage Reviews

Google Local allows for reviews about your business, which is a great option. Many customer look to other customers experiences before making a selection. Good reviews also helps boost your position in search results and helps with SEO.


#4 Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Your website’s mobile friendliness is extremely important these days. Since most users are performing mobile searches this only makes sense. Not only is it important for visibility it is also a requirement from Google, and will affect your conversion rate.


#5 Update Your Listing

Updating your listing on a regular basis to make sure that all information is accurate. Maintaining your listing also allows you to respond to feedback and reviews.


Many find that local SEO is their ticket to SEO success because it is more concentrated on the right target audience it can deliver higher quality traffic. Learn more about local SEO and your Google Local listing here.


 Internet Marketing

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Going Local, Google + Local – An Important Aspect to Plumbing Marketing

November 4th, 2013


google + local plumbing marketingRemember when you had a Google Places account? Hopefully you have already claimed your business listing on Google Places, if not  that’s okay because Google Places is now Google + Local! If you haven’t claimed your plumbing business listing on Google + Local you should do so. It is really simple to do and more than likely a business listing for you plumbing business already exists on Google + Local. Doing so can really help boost your plumbing marketing by increasing your exposure with Google!


One reason it is important to claim your Google + Local page is to ensure that all of the information about your plumbing business is accurate. By taking control over the Google + Local page listing you have the ability to monitor all the pertinent business information such as hours of operation, contact information and areas of service. You can also provide keyword rich content in the about section and upload pictures and videos. This helps your plumbing business appear in organic search results which is a huge bonus for your plumbing marketing.


Google + Local business pages also allow for reviews, which is another key part of online plumbing marketing. More reviews = more exposure because people trust what others are saying about a business, plus inadvertently many reviews contain keywords that are relevant to plumbing  search results. All in all reviews on Google + Local are great for plumbing marketing.

 google + local  plumbing marketing

If you have a Google + Local page is works best in conjuncture with a Google + profile. Google + and Google + Local are Google’s answer to social media and works much like a Facebook profile and a Facebook business page. When you combine the 2 (you have to go through a verification process to merge the 2 accounts) you increase your exposure on Google. Google + allows you to engage with other users and share your content. Other users that the ability to +1 your content which furthers your exposure. Engaging with customers is an important part of plumbing marketing. As part of your plumbing marketing when you create your Google + profile remember to include links to your website and other social media sites.




Internet Marketing

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Google + for Online Plumbing Marketing 

Google + for Online Plumbing Marketing

August 13th, 2013

When it comes to online plumbing marketing, social media is a key player in driving traffic to a plumbing website. It’s a great way to reach out and engaged with customers, find new customers, increase search ranking and distribute content. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the top social media sites that almost every business utilizes and are a definite must for online plumbing marketing, but what about Google +?

Google + for online plumbing marketing

Author Discovery,, 08/13/2013

Google + has been around for a few years, although not really a newcomer with it comes to social media, but often overlooked for its potential for online plumbing marketing. Google + is very innovative and has a multitude of functions for not only online plumbing marketing, but also for business functions i.e.: sharing documents, calendars, conference calls etc.. Chances are plumbers may already be utilizing some of the tools offered by Google, for example Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that plumbers should be using to track the web traffic from online plumbing marketing to their plumbing website. That being said there are many other functions and benefits to using Google + for online plumbing marketing.

google + for online plumbing marketing

Pandodaily,, 08/13/2013

A while back Google replaced Google Places with Google + Local. Google + Local is designed to merge with a Google + profile and helps increase search ranking by providing pictures, reviews, and business information when a Google search is performed, making this an optimum tool to use for online plumbing marketing. Plumbers have to merge their Google accounts in order to achieve this, if a plumber had a “Places” profile their results will still be on Google + Local, but they might miss out on the benefits of merging their accounts. The ability to merge Google accounts in general just helps simplify some of the Google business apps a plumbing company may be using, by consolidating them to one platform.

A Google + profile helps with online plumbing marketing because it helps increase search ranking if optimized properly. Search results from a Google + profile allow customers to view more information about a plumbing company just within the search results, so providing good content to a Google + profile like videos, blogs, and status updates helps increase the success of online plumbing marketing. For more information on Google + and online plumbing marketing please visit

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