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Why Your SEO Strategy Should Always be a Work in Progress

February 28th, 2018


A lot goes into achieving a good search ranking, social media, content, link building, and ads to name a few. SEO also plays an important role at generating traffic and increasing search ranking. One important thing to consider when it comes to your SEO strategy and plumbing marketing in general is that is should always be a work in progress. The fact of the matter is, is that things are constantly changing in the digital marketing world. There are new trends and new technologies available every day. While its important to continue your efforts in areas that deliver results, it is also important to consider new opportunities. Here’s why your SEO strategy should always be a work in progress.


Innovations in Technology

SEO strategyOver the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of improvements in technology. For example, voice search alone, has grown exponentially as the technology improved and became more accurate. What does this technology mean for your SEO strategy? It means that not only do you have to consider traditional search terms and phrases, but also the terms people use when they speak a command into Siri or Google. Since most of these searches happen on mobile devices, including location-based keywords is important. It is also noted that most voice search contain more words in the query. This isn’t surprising, considering the ease with which we have conversations with technology these days. This changes things a little bit for your SEO strategy. Long tale keywords are going to become more relevant, as voice search continues to grow, and more people start utilizing voice active assistants like Alexa.


Social Media Trends

Social media trends are also important to consider when it comes to your SEO strategy. For example, the hashtag. The hashtag originally started on Twitter and was used to join conversations containing the same hashtag in the same thread. It didn’t take long before other social media sites incorporated the hashtag. Now, the hashtag is most relevant on sites like Instagram, where learning how to incorporate hashtags into your strategy can help you gain more exposure and better engagement. Its no doubt, that your keywords can be hashtags too. In fact, this is a great way to incorporate your keywords into your social media strategy and stay on trend. In, there are other ways you can incorporate your SEO strategy into your social media strategy. Start by properly optimizing your about sections, and continually providing new fresh content that is relevant.


Check the Results

Checking the results of your SEO strategy is one of the most important parts of staying up to date with your strategy. Your analytics report provides a wealth of information, all SEO strategyof which is vital to creating the more effective and efficient strategy. By consulting your analytics report, you will more about the habits of your customers, what keywords were used to find your business, what pages of your website are most popular, and how long people are spending on your website. All of this information can help you grow and improve your SEO strategy.


When we say work in progress, what we really mean is a willingness to try new innovations and trends as they come a long. Like we said, don’t stop doing something that works really well, simply incorporate new tactics and see if they work too. Your SEO strategy and your plumbing marketing strategy should always be a work in progress. Willingness to innovate will help you stay relevant and help you connect better with your customers. Remember a good SEO strategy takes time to cultivate, good results don’t happen overnight, but if you continue to put efforts into growing and exploring new options you will see success. To learn more about how to improve your SEO strategy contact Grow Plumbing today!



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How to Improve Your Plumbing Website for Better Conversions

How You Can Create a Better Website to Increase Conversions

February 23rd, 2018


Growing your business online requires a comprehensive plumbing marketing strategy. This strategy should involve utilizing a variety of methods to generate traffic to your website. Once the traffic is on your website, it is up to your website to convert them into customers. Now, if your website isn’t doing its job, then it is time to create a better website.  It is important to remember, that generating the traffic is only half of the battle when it comes to growing your business online. The other half of the job is converting it. If done correctly your website should be able to easily convert traffic into paying customers. Here are some key elements to create a better website to increase conversions.


Simple and Relevant Web Address

It starts with your web address. Your web address is important to create a better website because it is your address online. It should be easy to remember, relevant to your create a better websitebusiness, and help strengthen your brand. Web address that are too long, or to complicated can make it difficult to increase traffic and increase conversions. Keep it simple and keep it relevant.


A Good About Section

The about section is important because it tells people who you are, which helps them determine if your website is relevant to them or not. The about section should be a clear description of who you are. It should be on the first page of your website, and easy to find. Make sure it isn’t too long or too short, and that it contains the appropriate number of keywords. Remember, you not only want to attract new traffic, but you also want to invite web crawlers to index your page.


Easy Navigation

Another important part to create a better website to increase conversions, is easy navigation. Make the information on your website easy to find. Don’t hide important information behind tabs and sub menus. This makes a website hard to navigate. Once your traffic has to work to find the information they are after, they are more likely to bounce instead of stick around. To increase conversions, make sure you have clear and simple navigation, with clearly labeled tabs. Put your contact information in a visible place, like the top right-hand corner of your website.


Load Speed

create a better websiteThe load speed of your website can have a huge impact on its ability to convert traffic. If your website is busy loading a lot of images, graphics, or videos, then your traffic may lose interest and move on elsewhere. Yes, visual content is good, however there needs to be a balance, and your website needs to be able to handle it. If your visual content is bogging down your website, consider resizing them or upgrading your web hosting service.


Website security has been a hot bottom for the last several years. With each year there are more and more reported data breaches, which makes consumers more cautious online. What this means for your websites ability to increase conversions, is that if you are still running http instead of https, then you may want to consider upgrading. There are several reasons why you should. First of all, people are more likely to trust your website if it is secure. Second, Google is releasing an update to their algorithm in next couple of month, that will mark more website as either secure or unsecured. The security status of your website, could affect your search ranking.


For more information on how to build a better website to increase conversions contact Grow Plumbing today! We specialize in online plumbing marketing and can help you form a good plumbing marketing strategy that will help you reach your goals and grow your business.




Internet Marketing

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Are Reviews Going to Be the Key for Google Home Services?

January 25th, 2018


Google has been slowly releasing Google Home Services across the nation. Currently it is only available in select cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Phoenix to name a few. As Google Home Services starts to take momentum, and google home serviceswe think it well in the very near future, how can you set yourself up for success? One key thing, that we think will have a lot of pull in determining your success and ranking factor with Google Home Services is your online credibility, more importantly your reviews.



The whole point of Google Home Services is to keep users on Google, as opposed to referring them out to other sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. What Google has found, is that by converting business listings into Google Home Service ads, they can accomplish several things: A) Keep searchers on Google and B) connect plumbers and other service professionals with customers. It looks like a win win for Google, as they will be providing more relevant search results faster and without referring the traffic out, and they will be able to increase their ad revenue with service professional customers.


How Does This Affect Search?

This is going to have an affect on search in several different ways. Instead of side ads, Google Home Service ads will be at the top of the screen. There will be 3 service professionals to choose from. Once connected with a potential customer, Google will assign a custom tracking number for that customer, so that they can keep track of the transaction. Google is also offering a guarantee on Home Services transactions. Customers may be more inclined to trust Google Home Services ads, as opposed to other plumbing companies that appear in search organically.


google home services

Image Credit: Blue Corona,

Online Reputation

The reviews you have with Google, will be a huge determining factor in how they present your company with Home Service ads. Once you are set up with Home Services, there are also going to be separate reviews associated with your Home Services account. If you are just getting started and you want to grab the bull by the horns, we suggest soliciting your existing customers for reviews now. Include a link to your Google Local page on all your marketing pieces, in your emails, and promote it on social media. Follow up with your customers after a job is completed with an email and a link. Make it easy for them. The more favorable reviews and the volume of reviews will help Google determine how relevant your business is. This will help them bestow more favor to your listing. This is their reputation as well, they want to make sure that users get the best possible experience by providing them with trustworthy and credible home services professionals.


To learn more about getting started with Google Home Services contact Grow Plumbing today!



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Why You Might Want to Expand Your Social Media Portfolio

January 22nd, 2018


By now your social media portfolio probably consists of the big ones: Facebook and Twitter. However, when it comes to social media things are constantly changing and evolving. What was popular yesterday, may not even be relevant today. And since staying relevant is key when it comes to growing your business it is important to embrace new trends and refocus your efforts every now and then. 2018 is going to be an exciting year for plumbing marketing. This year we will see more of a focus on mobile marketing, augmented reality, the evolution of smart speakers and their effect on search. In addition, this year is a good year to expand your social media portfolio as well.


social mediaSites to Consider

If you are looking to expand your social media portfolio, a couple of good additions are Instagram and Snapchat. Both are extremely relevant in today’s social media culture, as visual content and live video streaming are becoming more and more effective at creating brand awareness and engaging with customers. Instagram releases Instagram Stories last year, and already has over 200 million users. That number alone should be enough to entice you to explore the possibilities. Instagram also offers a fun and creative way to engage with customers and build your brand. It’s simple and easy to use, and all you need is a smartphone or tablet to generate good quality content.


Sites to Reconsider

Since trends are constantly changing in social media, its important to reconsider some of the sites you are using. Peoples preferences change over time, new generations come of age, which ultimately influences where social media trends go. Twitter is a good example of one social media site you may want to rethink in 2018. Twitters growth features have been on a steady decline for the last several years. Instead of growing and improving user experiences, Twitter has remained relatively stagnant over the last several years. Now we aren’t saying to drop your Twitter strategy altogether, however, we do suggest prioritizing your efforts into areas that are going to deliver.


Embrace New Generations

Part of growing your business online is to get the best visibility for your brand. As new generations start to come of age, your audience has the potential to grow. It is important to make sure that as a brand you are appealing to all age brackets, because let’s face it, everyone will need a plumber at some point in time. Expanding your audience to include other generations will require you to expand your social media portfolio. As Generation Y starts to mature, it will be important to figure out where they are spending their time online, and what types of content they are consuming. This approach will give you a broader audience to market to.

 social media

To learn more about the latest trends in social media, contact Grow Plumbing today! 

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The Focus on Mobile Marketing and Why It Matters for Your Plumbing Marketing

January 19th, 2018


The mobile marketing movement is becoming more of a force that cannot be ignored. Mobile users recently surpassed traditional desktop computer users, which means that more of your audience is going to be on mobile devices. The number of mobile users is only anticipated to go up, as mobile devices like smartphone and tablets become easier to attain and the technology improves. If you haven’t already begun to incorporate a mobile marketing strategy into your plumbing marketing, then now is the perfect time.


Mobile Screen Conversion

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to mobile marketing and your plumbing marketing is that the mobile screen is simply smaller than that of a desktop computer. There is less room, the font is smaller, and even

mobile marketing for plumbing marketing

Image Credit: CSS Chopper

though technological advances have improved the performance of mobile devices, they might not all have enough pep to load extensive webpages and graphics. So, with that being said, it is important to make sure that your website is compatible with mobile users. Most websites these days have 2 versions. An extensive flagship desktop version, and a simplified mobile device version. The mobile version only focuses on the key elements of the website. For plumbing marketing purposes this should include: contact information, services offered, service locations, specials, and a home page with an about section. Your mobile version should convert easily to the smaller screen with limited images, because remember there isn’t a whole lot of room. Mobile devices give a whole new meaning to “above the fold” when it comes to images, so don’t over do it. Also make sure the click to call feature is engaged.


Keywords for Mobile Users

A couple of things are important to keep in mind when it comes to keywords and your mobile marketing. For starters, focus on location based keywords, since most mobile searches involve location specific queries. Next you need to consider that most mobile search these days is conducted by voice search. Thanks to improvements in this technology, you have the rise and popularity of “Siri”, “Cortana”, “Ok Google”, and “Alexa”. In addition to being used by mobile devices, these apps are also being used in home smart speakers as well. Which means that keywords need to match the queries. People aren’t typing into the search bar as much anymore, instead they are spouting off commands into their phone or smart speakers. Its important to consider how these searches are being phrased. Focus on long tail keyword phrases, which are keywords phrases with 3 or more words.



mobile marketing for plumbing marketing

Image Credit: CSL,

Another aspect of mobile marketing is how you promote your business. Social media has played a big role in plumbing marketing over the last several years, and will continue to do so. However, it is important to understand that mobile users are also getting their social media fix differently than traditional desktop users. While Facebook still reigns supreme for both mobile and desktop users, other sites like Snapchat and Instagram are primarily on mobile devices. Both these sites command a high volume of users, as well as cater to a specific generation of users. Millennials and Generation Y is more likely to spend their time of these sites, and as they get older it will be more important to start marketing to them. In addition, many marketers are starting to realize the benefit of using Facebook’s Messenger to directly contact customers. This is an effective way to market and communicate with your audience, and is a great way to promote a new special offer or incentive you are running.


For more information on how to improve your mobile marketing strategy for your plumbing marketing contact Grow Plumbing. We specialize in plumbing marketing and can help you improve your mobile marketing strategy! Learn more here!

Internet Marketing

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Native Advertising for Your Plumbing Marketing

January 14th, 2018


Native advertising has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last several years. Probably because social media platforms have become so popular, and the use of more visual content on social media. You may be asking, “what is native advertising?” In short, the term native advertising is a type of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform is it on. These days, native advertising is primarily done online, however there are also traditional advertising tactics as well, such as advertorials, which were quite popular over the last several decades. Here’s how you can incorporate native advertising into your plumbing marketing strategy.



Native advertising has been extremely successful on social media platforms like Facebook. Feed based advertising is an easy way to adapt your advertising ads to the platform they are on. And with so many users on sites like Facebook, the native advertising for plumbing marketingpotential for good exposure is high. Native adverting on Facebook appears directly in user’s feeds and can appear in several different forms including video clip or image. These ads will be eye catching, and informative. Informative being the operative word. As we all know, content drives the social media experience. The more informative, the more useful, and the more unique the content is the better it will perform. Focus on solving problems, informing, and providing solutions.

For plumbing marketing purposes, consider videos on what not to pour down the drain, or how you can fix low water pressure. Real issues that your potential customers might have. Provide them with just enough information to inform them, then make it easy to contact you. Remember, you are trying to inform your audience, but not mislead them. Make sure you use clear labeling from the beginning. For example; use verbiage like “this plumbing tip is brought to you by SoCal’s Best Plumber”. Its lets the audience know that yes this is an advertisement from the beginning. This helps reduce the feeling that they were mislead or manipulated, which can have a negative impact on your ad campaign.  Create a positive experience with clear communication from the beginning.



native advertising for plumbing marketingSocial media sites are great for native advertising because they offer a very specific way to target your audience. Instead of placing ads in blogs and articles, social media platforms allow you to narrow down who you want to see your ads. The more specific the target audience is, the more effective your ads will be. Creating good ads is only half the battle, the next thing making sure your ads get in front of the right audience.


Need a little assistance with your native advertising? Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing, and can help you come up with brand specific, targeted ads that will deliver the results you want. Contact Grow Plumbing to learn more.




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Get on Board with Google Home Services

January 9th, 2018


GOOGLE home servicesGoogle has been working on expanding Google Home Services for the last several years. While only being tested in select markets for the last several years, they are in the process of rolling out the platform nationally. Currently Google Home Services is available in 30 US cities including: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Baltimore to name a few. This year it is expected that Google Home Services will be available in even more cities, as Googles looks to streamline the Google Home Services platform. If you haven’t looked in to Google Home Services yet, now it the perfect time to get on board with Google Home Services, here’s what you need to know.


No Longer the Middleman

With the release of Google Home Services, Google has decided that they no longer want to be the middleman in lead generation. Instead of referring visitors to sites like HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List, Google realized that it is more advantageous to keep traffic on their own turf, instead of referring it out. While home services companies will still be advertising with Google, the Home Services ads are different from Adwords. Instead of buying advertising space, businesses with home services ads will be “brokered” to potential customers.


Quality Control

In addition to “brokering” deals between service companies and customers, Google will also be checking for quality control. Google realizes that in order for this platform to be a success, customers need to be paired with service companies that have a good reputation.

  • Google will be monitoring Google Local profiles, so if you have a listing now is a good time to start monitoring it. Monitor reviews and encourage customers to leave feedback. It is important to be aware, that once enrolled in the program, there will be a separate rating and review section aside from your Google Local listing. These are reviews solicited directly from the Google Home Services app.
  • Google will also be conducting an initial background check and license check. This is all part of the Google Guarantee, which covers customers in the event that they are not satisfied with the work quality.


Why You Should Get on Board

One thing to keep in mind, is that other sites like HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List are all relying on search results to generate traffic, not the other way around. Which is why Google Home Services ads will have better visibility in search. Google Home Services also caters to mobile users, which is important to gain the best visibility for your company, as most search now takes place on smartphones and tablets. To learn more about Google Home Services contact Grow Plumbing today! We specialize in plumbing marketing and can help get your business ready for Google Home Services. 



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Social Media Trends for your 2018 Plumbing Marketing Strategy

January 7th, 2018


With each passing year, social media evolves a little. It could a result of technology improvements, or cultural shifts, or both. Last year saw a lot of improvement in technology; for example, A.I. and augmented reality technology came leaps and bounds. It is important to understand how this will affect your 2018 plumbing marketing strategy. These are the social media trend to pay attention to in 2018.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, or the rise of filters took off in 2017 and will be expected to grow in 2018. All of those cutsey critter snapchat filters, and festive filters put out by Instagram were increasingly popular last year. As the technology improves

2018 plumbing marketing strategy

Image Credit: The Atlantic,

and the demand grows, it is absolutely conceivable that brands will be able to take advantage of this technology for marketing purposes. Think augmented reality filters with your branding, instead of puppy dog ears. In 2018, we might actually see companies putting their products in consumers homes via augmented reality. Watch this technology closely, it will be interesting to see where it goes!


Story Time!

Instagram Stories has only been around for roughly a year; however, in that time frame it grew to surpass Snapchat with over 50 million more users. Over 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month, it is expected that this number will only increase in 2018. 2018 will definitely be the year to up your Instagram game and embrace Instagram Stories. Start small, get a feel for the platform and go from there. You can start will still pictures and graduate the small video clips once you get the feel for it. Instagram Stories only last 24 hours, however, if there is a particularly good one you want to save, you can pin it to your profile for longer. Which is a nice recent addition.


2018 plumbing marketing strategy

Image Credit: Socially Sorted,


Messaging Platforms

2018 plumbing marketing strategy

Image Credit: Lifewire,

In recent years the focus was solely on gaining social media followers and distributing content on your profiles. Now, marketers are starting to see potential in connecting with followers on messaging platforms like Messenger and WhatApp. With improvements in A.I. and chatbots, marketers will be able to personalize communication with customers. And since personalized experiences are starting to grow more and more important to increase engagement, this may be an easy way to improve and strengthen your brand.



Livestreaming also rose in popularity last year, and is expected to grow this year. Facebook is even expected to improve upon the technology by combing virtual hangouts with virtual reality (VR). As the owners of Oculus, a VR software company, it will be interesting to see where this goes. For online marketing purposes there will be a lot of potential here. If you haven’t explored Live Streaming yet, now is the perfect time to test the waters. Just like with Instagram Stories, start small and work your way up. Livestreaming is a great way to boost engagement and get people excited about your brand.


In conclusion, 2018 will be a great year for your plumbing marketing. It will be an exciting journey to reach new audiences and expand your brand. For more information on what social media trends will impact your 2018 plumbing marketing strategy contact Grow Plumbing today! We specialize in plumbing marketing and can help you form the best strategy for your business.


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Hiring Tips – How to Conduct a Good Interview

December 27th, 2017


The funny thing about a good plumbing marketing strategy, is that you can find your business growing at a rapid pace. What we have noticed from a lot of our clients, is the influx of business requires them to expand their team. However, when it comes to your business you want to make sure you are placing your customers in good hands and have a good face representing your business and company values. We don’t know about you, but we haven’t come across too many people that thoroughly enjoy the interview process, applicants or interviewers. Interviews can be uncomfortable, stressful, and it can be challenging to get a clear understanding of who the applicant is. Its important to be objective to find the right candidate for the job. Here are some hiring tips to help you conduct a good interview.


#1 Start Slow

Interviews can lead to a lot of anxiety, for both applicants and interviewers. Not everyone has been born with the gift of gab, and sometimes these circumstances can be a little uncomfortable. One way to ease into things is to simply start slow. Ask personal questions like: Where are you from? What was your first job like? Ice breaker questions can help everyone relax and can also provide some valuable background information about the applicant. You may also find you get some pretty entertaining stories.

conduct a good interview

Image Credit: Milewalk,


#2 Don’t Drill

When it comes to the interview it is best to coax information form applicants. Don’t drill them for information. This can make the interview process extremely uncomfortable. When applicants feel safe and comfortable, the likely the applicant is to open up and volunteer information about themselves and their experience.


#3 Ask the Right Questions

When conducting an interview, it is a good idea to have your interview questions ready. There are the standard questions like:

  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?

These are all expected, and chances are the answers have been well rehearsed. Try to think of some unique interview questions. Questions that can help you gain more perspective on their character and personality. These interview questions might take a bit to answer and you may be surprised by some of the answers. Here are some or our favorites:

  • How many pennies would fit into this room?
  • Describe the color yellow to someone who is blind?
  • A penguin walks through the door wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?
  • You are the new addition to the crayon box. What color are you and why?
    conduct a good interview

    Image Credit: LinkedIn,

These questions may seem totally off the wall; however, the answer can be incredibly insightful not to mention they make the interview process more fun for everyone involved.


For more information on how to conduct a good interview and how to hire good employees contact Grow Plumbing today!


Internet Marketing


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The Benefits of Google Home Services

December 15th, 2017

 google home services

As a plumber attempting to grow plumbing business, placing ads with Google is a logical step. Over the last year, Google has been rolling out Google Home Services, an extension of Google Adwords for home service providers. What this does is it connects customers with the services they need more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively. For customers and Google, it seems like a win, and in fact it is actually a win for plumbers using the service as well.


How it Benefits Customers

As technology improves, customers are looking for more direct, more relevant, and faster results. When a customer performs a search, they want to be connected to accurate data right away. Google Home Service ads put customers in touch with home service providers that meets their specified query. This saves time, which ultimately pleases the customer. If they don’t have to be referred out to a different site, but can simply select a worthy service provider from the list that Google provides, then they save time and solves their problem efficiently.


How it Benefits Google

By improving the users experience, and giving users what they want faster and more effectively, Google stifles the competition. As more interactive technology is developed,google home services Google is looking to be more than just a search engine. Over the last several years, Google has dabbled in the tech industry, releasing the Pixel phone and the Google Home Smart Speaker Assistant. As the demand for this type of technology increases, you better believe that Google wants a piece of the pie. Google wants to seamlessly provide the most relevant search results via Google products. Google Home Services is a way for Google to improve their search results, and keep customers on Google longer, in addition to delivering via voice activated smart products.


How it Benefits Plumbers

Plumbers looking to gain exposure, would be wise to take advantage of the benefits of Google Home Services. It connects plumbers with customers who are in need of their services, but more importantly, it provides plumbers with QUALITY leads. Instead of generating leads from all over, it narrows it down to a very specific group of people who would likely become a customer. In addition, as we mentioned above, Google Home Services syncs with Smart speakers and smart phones. It allows for plumbers to be visible to mobile users, which lets face it, most people take to their smart phones these days in lieu of their desktop computers. Mobile visibility is crucial to remaining competitive.

 google home services

Looking to Get Started with Google Home Services?

If you are looking to get started with Google Home Services, let Grow Plumbing help you! We specialize in online plumbing marketing, and can help you set up your Google Home Services campaign. Learn more here.


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