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How to Grow Your Business with a Small Marketing Budget

June 21st, 2017



One of the biggest hindrances for small businesses looking to grow their business is a small marketing budget. However, these days it is a lot easier to achieve the results you grow your business with a small marketing budgetwant with a small marketing budget buy taking advantage of the opportunities with online marketing. Online marketing has a lot to offer for all types of businesses, big or small. From social media to content marketing, local directories and SEO. What is so great about online marketing is most anyone can do it and it doesn’t require a huge marketing budget. Here are some ways you can grow your business with a small marketing budget.


#1 Social Media

Social media is the easiest way to reach your customers, especially since social media sites like Facebook and Twitter attracts new users every day. There is a lot of opportunity for visibility using social media to grow your business. The best part is, it is free which is great if you have a small marketing budget. Of course, you can delve into running ads and boosting posts, but to simply get started it is free. A couple of things to keep in mind when using social media:

  • Be authentic
  • Be active
  • Be consistent
  • Be relevant
  • Be professional
  • Have a good time

#2 Content

Having a good content strategy is another great way you can grow your business with a small marketing budget. One of the best ways to get your content strategy rolling is to start a blog. Update your blog at least once a week. Promote your blog on your social media profiles. You should also promote other types of content on your social media profiles like: images, videos, memes, infographcis, and general status updates. Always stay relevant, and work towards providing unique and useful information.


#3 Local Directories

Local directory sites are another important part of your marketing strategy that can help you grow your business while on a small marketing budget. There are many local directory sites out there that are free, so take advantage. Claim your profiles and optimize them. You should also spruce up your directory sites with images, logos, a link to your website, and reviews.  Put your brand into your local directory sites. Claiming these profiles can help you search ranking and make your more visible to mobile users.


#4 SEO

grow your business with a small marketing budget

Image Credit: emarket,

SEO plays an important role in your online marketing strategy. Your keywords set the tone for your entire online marketing strategy. While some keywords are more difficult to rank for, you can still compete with a small marketing budget by selecting locally specific keywords. Optimize your website, social media profiles, blog, and local directories with your keywords. The more consistent you are the better results you will get.

When you try to grow your business with a small marketing budget it can be challenging but it is completely doable if you stay persistent and consistent. Once you have achieved success mastering these tactics you can branch out with some strategically placed ads. To learn more about how to grow your business on a small marketing budget contact Grow Plumbing today, we specialize in helping plumbers achieve their online marketing goals and can help you with all of your online marketing needs. 


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