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SEO Mistakes That Could Have a Negative Effect On Your Plumbing Marketing Part 1: Ignoring Tags

February 7th, 2016


SEO or search engine optimization is important for your plumbing marketing. If you have been embarking on a plumbing marketing journey, or even if you are just getting started there are a few SEO mistakes that you want to avoid. You may not even be aware that your are making these SEO mistakes. When it comes to success with plumbing marketing knowledge is power, one common SEO mistake that could be negativing effecting your plumbing marketing is ignoring the tags within your web page.


SEO Mistakes

Title Tags, Meta Tags, and Alt Tags are an important part of SEO

Any give web page has 3 tag components: title tags, meta tags, and alt tags. These play a huge role in the success of your SEO. If you are unfamiliar with them, then this is a common SEO mistake that you will want to correct right now. A title tag is a description of the content of a web page. They often appear in the tab of your browser and also in search results as the title for the web page. Title tags are important because it is one of the key things web crawlers analyze when determining the content of a web page. Meta tags provide a brief introduction about the content of a web page. Appearing under the title tag in search results. Like title tags, meta tags are also indexed by web crawlers. Alt tags provide descriptions of an image within the web page. Alt tags are important because images cannot be indexed by web crawlers without text.


Once you are familiar with the difference between title tags, meta tags, and alt tags you can start using them to your advantage. Each web page has title tags, meta tags, and alt tags, so the tags of any given web page should be unique to the content of the web page. Do not include the name of your web page in every tag for every page. This seem redundant and can be viewed as duplicate content. Use the name of your web page on generic pages like your home page, about me section, etc…


As you start creating unique tags for all of your web pages its important to make sure they are relevant. Keywords are great for your tags, however you don’t want to use a bunch of keywords that you want to rank for, but keywords that are relevant to the page. Title tags should be about 60 characters or so, you don’t want it to be too short, but you also don’t want it to be too long that it wont fit. Your meta tags should also use relevant keywords and be about 25 words give or take a little. Alt tags allow you to optimize an image on your web page, that otherwise wouldn’t be looked at. Its important to keep your alt tags relevant tot he page and under 10 words or so.


Making changes to your plumbing marketing tactics is really a matter of changing some of your habits. When you start to leverage the tags within your web pages along with external links you may be surprised by the increase in traffic to your page! To learn more about common SEO mistakes and how to improve your plumbing marketing visit


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