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Getting Ranked In 2020 – Top SEO Tips

February 27th, 2020

When it comes to your plumbing marketing, SEO is still a huge factor in 2020. While over the years we have seen some changes in how SEO is implemented and indexed by search engines, it is still an important part of your plumbing marketing strategy. So what do you need to know for 2020? Here are some SEO tips to consider to help you rank better in 2020. 


Quality Content Is Vital

Quality content is an important component of any SEO strategy. These days content and SEO go hand in hand, however content needs to be of the highest quality. It needs to be thought provoking, intriguing, useful, relevant, engaging, and well written. Length is also a consideration, content that is longer in length tends to perform better than content that is shorter. This is because search engines value longer content over shorter content, not because your readers are going to hang on every word, in fact most of your audience will probably skim your content for interesting tidbits based on their query. Focus on creating content for both readers and bots, both appreciate good quality content.


Diversify Your Keywords

Try different variances of your keywords. Keyword variations are encouraged by search engines, as opposed to keyword stuffing which definitely took a turn for the worse as search engines became more sophisticated. Keep in mind that your content needs to flow and sound natural, over using keywords even variations can have a negative effect if they do not come off as natural. Tools like SEMrush can help you diversify your keywords. 


Adapt to More Sophisticated Search Engines 

Technology improves at the speed of light it seems, naturally as technology improves, it will be more sophisticated.This allows search engines to ascertain information more accurately, providing more relevant search results. One such advancement is BERT, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This allows search engines to decipher keywords and the words surround them to gain better context for the content. BERT searches for intent, and so because of this technology, you may rank for words that aren’t even your keywords. 


Voice Search Isn’t Going Anywhere

Like we mentioned, technology is quickly advancing, part of that advancement is voice search. As voice search becomes more widely used, search engines have to improve their ability to match queries with relevant results. Hence advances like BERT and RankBrain. This technology helps search engines keep up with voice search and provide more relevant results. In terms of SEO, focus on longer keyword phrases, phrases that match how you would speak a question. 

SEO tips

Image Credit: TechWyse


Organic Page Ranking Is Great, But May Not Deliver Like You Would Think

This is a big one, because when you think SEO you think top ranking. And while the top of search results is still a coveted position, it doesn’t necessarily mean your audience is going to click through. With changes to the layout in SERPS, many internet users can gain the information they seek without even clicking on a link. This is because Google provides the basic information about a website in the preview text. This is why you should be optimizing page snippets. 


Optimize Pictures

The only way pictures get indexed is if they are optimized. Take advantage of the alt text and name by optimizing them. This can help with your SEO efforts.


Showcase Authority and Expertise

Use your industry knowledge to your advantage. Pages that are viewed as authoritative and trustworthy are considered higher quality pages. As we mentioned above, search engines have gotten really sophisticated and are quite adept at deciphering content. Another important aspect is linking with other quality pages. Which brings us to our next point.


Quality Backlinks

Like SEO, link building kind of got a bad rep a few years back. This is simply because people were misusing them. The focus always needs to be quality. Focus on linking to other relevant websites, for example: say you wrote a blog post on plungers you can link to a supply store that sells plungers. In addition to external links, internal links are also important. Always link to pages that have relevant content. Skimming your site for broken links, or 404 pages is also important because broken links are dead-weight when it comes to getting ranked in 2020. 

SEO tips

Image Credit: SEMrush


Get Help With Your 2020 Marketing Plan 

So far 2020 is off to a great start! When it comes to your plumbing marketing it is important to stay on top of the latest trends. This applies to your SEO strategy, content strategy, paid ads, video marketing, and social media. To learn more about SEO tips and how to grow your plumbing business with online marketing contact Grow Plumbing today. 


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Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

September 23rd, 2016


For a small business owner, local SEO can be really important when it comes to growing your business and getting better search ranking. Its hard to compete with larger companies who have an endless marketing budget and resources to boot. However local SEO can be very effective in allowing small business to achieve great search ranking, expand business, and remain competitive. Whats great about local SEO is that it is affordable and effective, allowing you to attract high quality leads and traffic. Here are some tips to improve your local SEO strategy.



Keyword Research

Using the right keywords is very important when it comes to local SEO. Its important to choose keywords that are relevant and less competitive for you to rank for. Think about what type of terms people would use to find your business. Then

improve local SEO strategy

U Buy it First,, 09/23/2016

make a list. In order to remain competitive and get the highest quality traffic we recommend using long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are comprised of a high ranking focus term like “plumber” and a more specific term that is directly related to your business, your area etc like “Anaheim plumber” or “plumber in Anaheim”. By adding the descriptive, more specific term you narrow down your audience, allowing for better exposure to potential customers.



Once you have your keywords established its important to put them to good use. Start by optimizing your website and content. Using your keywords in your blog is a great way to continually put your keywords to good use and improve you local SEO. You should also look to other areas to optimize like your social media profiles and local directory sites. Never miss an opportunity to optimize.


Local Directories

Local directories play a huge role in local SEO. Since most people rely on local directory sties like Google Local and Yelp to find the goods and service they need, its important to make sure you are taking advantage of these local driven marketing outlets. Your business may already be on the local directories, so its important to claim your profile to: make sure the information is accurate, link it to your website, optimize it, and add supportive images or videos. Aside from being a great opportunity to reach customers, it also helps mobile users.



local seo strategy Reviews are part of using local directories for your local SEO. To gain more exposure and credibility, ask your customers to leave reviews on your local directory sites. Potential customers put a lot of stock in what others are saying about your business. Reviews one way or the other can help sway someones opinion of your business, and ultimately influence their decision to do business with you.


Learn more about improving your local SEO strategy by visiting our website at




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How To Get Google Ranking For Multiple Locations

September 21st, 2016



google ranking for multiple locations

I Blog Zone,, 09/21/2016

If you are a plumbing business that has several locations across the country, county, or city, you may find yourself in a situation where you are faced with the challenge of creating geo location pages that talk about your services in an effort to improve your Google ranking for multiple locations. Below are some guidelines and recommendations to help you along the process and get Google rankings for multiple locations.

Choose Subdomain or Subfolder

You need to decide if you wish to use or for your geo-faced landing pages. We would recommend in most cases using as you can leverage the power of the domain name and each city page will not get treated as a separate website from a Google perspective.

Technical Items

  1. Ensure that the page includes a Geo Location Tag
  2. Add schema markup for local business
  3. Add breadcrumbs to the website (allows users to go up a city level to state level and select a city or even country level and select a state)*Claim/submit the local business to Google MyBusiness
  4. Submit NAP (Name Address Phone Number) to Local Directories/Citations (Infogroup, Acxiom, Neustar, Factual, FourSquare, Superpages, BestofWeb, InsiderPages, Bing etc)
  5. Include the City Name in the Title Tag, Description Tag, H1 Tag of the local page. You don’t always need to put the location in the Title Tag , sometimes just having the service you do followed by your company name is good enough if you do everything else. Test this.
  6. Geotag images if necessary (images that have to do with the local place – buildings, landmarks etc)
  7. Configure Google Webconsole for each location (only if using subdomain or different domain, if using subfolder not required)
  8.  Ensure SEO friendly URLs that contain the city name


It can be hard writing unique content for each location about the same service, but below are some suggestions on how to get around that. The more you can do that are applicable to your business the higher the probability of getting better Google rankings for multiple locations. 

  1. In the first sentence or first paragraph include the city you are targeting
  2. Embed Google Map of the business listing on the local landing page
  3. Include Business Name, Address, Phone Number as text
  4. Include Testimonials for that local business
  5. Include Case Studies for that local business
  6.  Include Bios of staff members if applicable
  7. Add pictures (exterior, interior) from the local business
  8. Include News of what is happening in or around that local area

Getting Google ranking for multiple locations may be a little confusing, however by creating geo specific landing pages with locally driven content you can help improve the search ranking for all of your locations as long as you are consistent. To learn more about improving your Google ranking for multiple locations or simply just improving your Google ranking for your plumbing business in general please visit


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