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Three Things That Really Matter When It Comes to Your Plumbing Marketing

April 14th, 2017


Generating leads and increasing sales is the ultimate goal of any plumbing marketing endeavor. When it comes to online plumbing marketing there is a lot of noise out there about what you should and shouldn’t be doing. While there is some truth in a lot of it, it can get really confusing to keep up with everything, especially if you are busy running a plumbing company. That is why it is important focus on areas that are important and deliver results. Here are three things that really matter when it comes to your plumbing marketing.


Traffic Source

One of the most important things you can focus on for your plumbing marketing is where your traffic comes from. This information is vital for capitalizing on your traffic

plumbing marketing

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sources. This information is readily available in your analytics report. Knowing the most prolific sources of traffic helps you be more accurate and aggressive with your plumbing marketing efforts. You can spend more time marketing in sources that are providing traffic and delivering results. This improves your ROI and provides better quality leads.




Keywords play an important role in how customers find your business online. That is why it is important to carefully research keywords and select keywords that are relevant and not too competitive. Utilizing your keywords throughout your website and in a regularly updated blog will help you effectively utilize your keywords. The next step is to monitor your analytics and see which keywords are driving the most traffic, then generate more unique content utilizing those keywords. It boils down to providing your audience with more content that they are interested in. This will help maintain a steady stream of content.



plumbing marketing

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Conversions are your website ability to convert visiting traffic into paying customers. If you have a high conversion rate, then good for you are doing a great job! However, if your conversion rate is lower than you would like it to be then it is time to switch things up a bit. You should be regularly checking your analytics report for insight into your traffic behavior. You analytics report will help you discover the source of your low conversions. Perhaps you don’t have much traffic, then you need to focus on creating a better inbound strategy. Research where you target audience hangs out and put forth more of an effort in those channels, you may also want to consider running some paid ads to boost your traffic. However, if your analytics show that you have a good stream of traffic, but low conversion then the problem lies with your websites ability to close the deal. Consider the navigation of your website, load speed, fluency, images, and call to action just to name a few things. If set up properly your website should work all on its own at converting the traffic.


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Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Traffic to Your Website

April 8th, 2017


In order to improve traffic to your website it requires a little effort. Fortunately, there are a few simple things that anyone can to improve traffic to your website. It is important to keep in mind, that traffic is best grown organically. Focus on creating natural streams of traffic for longevity and sustainability. This will ensure that you not only build a steady flow of traffic, but also traffic that is good quality. Good quality traffic is what you are after, this includes traffic that fit your target customer profile and have a high probability of becoming a customer.


Up Your Social Media Game

One simple way you can improve traffic to your website is to up your social media game. A good social media strategy is a fundamental part of setting up a successful online plumbing marketing plan. Social media works to reel people in. It allows you to search and target potential customers, share content, build your brand, and build engagement. If there is one thing you should do, it’s social media. Start by making sure your profile is professional, has good quality images, is optimized, and links back to your website. Then you should start growing your networks by targeting and adding people that meet the criteria of your ideal customer. Updating your profile on a regular basis with status updates and content is how you will build relationships and estimating improve traffic to your website.


Create Useful Compelling Content

Content is crucial to improve traffic to your website. Think of it as the bait the entices people to your site. While social media provides an audience for your content, your

improve traffic to your website

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content needs to work for itself and compel people to click through. Content should be interesting, useful, enticing, and leave the customer wanting more information. Your headline plays a huge part in enticing readers to click through. Work on creating exciting headlines that command attention. Keep in mind consistency is key, the headline should match the content of the webpage you are directing them to and deliver on promises. Misleading people could increase your bounce rate.


Run Ads

Strategically placed ads can also help improve traffic to your website if you are just looking for a little pop. It is important to consider that running ads requires funds to do so. So, it is important to keep your ROI in mind. Everything matters when running ads; the platform you are using, the wording, images, and the audience you are targeting. While running ads is a good way to boost traffic, it isn’t sustainable unless you are willing to continue to dedicate funds to ad placement. That is why you should focus on creating natural sources of traffic and strategically run ads to generate a buzz when you need it.


improve traffic to your website

Image Credit: Know Your Meme,

Leverage Local Directories

Local directories are another place that can help you improve traffic to your website. The more active you are on local directories the more quality traffic you will get. Start by claiming your profiles and optimizing your profiles. You should also ad images and links to your website and social media profiles. You can boost your rating by asking your customers to leave reviews. Businesses with good reviews are more likely to do well on local directories.


When it comes to improving traffic to your website it is important to focus on quality not quantity. In addition, creating the traffic is only part of the equation, it is up to your website and the methods you have in place to close the deal. To learn more about how to improve traffic to your website and other plumbing marketing tips please visit

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