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How to Rank Better in 2018 – Improve Your SEO Strategy

January 27th, 2018


rank better in 2018

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SEO is an important part of your plumbing marketing strategy. Its like the thread that holds your entire plumbing marketing strategy together. Through the years there have been some significant changes in how SEO functions, which primarily boil down to updates within the search engine algorithm, trends, and improvements in technology. Ultimately, a good SEO strategy is still your ticket to ranking better organically in 2018. Here are some tips to help you rank better in 2018 and improve your SEO strategy.


#1 Revisit Your Keywords

Keywords aren’t set in stone, so one way you can improve your SEO strategy is revisit your keywords. Are there any keywords that are no longer relevant? Are there any new keywords that you haven’t thought of that would like to rank for? What about longtail keywords or geo specific keywords? Think about your SEO strategy and where you want to go in 2018. A good way to find out the best keywords for your marketing it to check your analytics report. This will tell you which keywords are delivering results and which ones are not. Longtail keywords will serve you better because of the increase in voice search. Implementing more longtail keywords into your SEO strategy will help you rank better in 2018.


#2 Secondary Keywords

You may have a hierarchy of keywords you want to rank for, some may have more of a priority than others, and that is ok. You should prioritize your keywords. However, you should also try and implement your secondary keywords as well. You may be surprised at the results you can get for a less competitive keyword or keywords phrase. In addition, Google will be looking for supporting keywords that back up the credibility of your page. This helps Google determine how relevant you are.


#3 Checkout SERPS

If you are at a loss as to how to improve your SEO strategy to rank better in 2018, simply look at the SERPS. Perform a search using your desired keywords and see what comes up. This will help give you some insight into what works and what Google thinks is relevant to your query.


#4 All the Right Places

To rank better in 2018, it will still be important to make sure you optimize in all the right places. Meaning not only do you need to have your keywords within the body text of your website, but also in the title tags, alt tags, and meta description. Title tags tell Google what your webpage is about. Alt tags allow Google to index images on your website that otherwise would have been invisible. The meta description is tells uses what your website is about. It’s important to make sure you make your meta description compelling for them to click, Google takes this into consideration.

#5 Security

While this doesn’t necessarily have to do with your SEO strategy, it is still an important factor to rank better in 2018. Google takes online security seriously, over the last year there have been a lot of data breaches of big name corporations. rank better in 2018Online security is becoming more and more important as identity theft crime rates sore. Make sure you have the proper encryption. Https was important last year, and this year it will continue to be a deciphering factor for Google. In addition, make sure you website loads fast. Nobody likes a bogged down website, it’s 2018 people! If your website is suffering slow speeds, all the traffic in the world won’t help your conversions. Talk to your web developer and improvements you can make.


For more information on how to rank better in 2018 and improve your SEO strategy contact Grow Plumbing today! We specialize in SEO and plumbing marketing and can help you take your business to the next level in 2018!



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Improving Your SEO Strategy – Implementing Your Keywords

January 17th, 2016


SEO strategy, 01/17/2016

Keywords play a huge role in your SEO. Selecting the right keywords in only part of improving your SEO strategy. The next step is to implement your keywords. Of course you want to incorporate your keywords into your website, but you want to be strategic about it. Lets discuss way you can improve you SEO strategy by implementing your keywords on your website and other areas you should be utilizing your keywords.


Of course you want to optimize your website. The body text in your about section, services, contact page etc… remember you want to maintain a balance when it comes to using your keywords. You want to make sure you are using your keywords enough, but not too much. Keywords stuffing is definitely frowned upon by search engines. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your context reads fluidly.


Aside from the body text of your website you should also take advantage of the “hidden areas” to use your keywords. Optimize the following areas to improve your SEO strategy:


Title Tags – title tags work as a headline for your content in search results. Title tags are important because they allow the search engines to ascertain what your page is about. They also have a huge impact on whether or not someone clicks on your link.


Meta Tags – provide a description of what your page is about in search results. Meta tags are important because they have the ability to convince someone to click on your link.


Alt Tags – alt tags provide a description of an image on your page. While not visible until you

hover over the image they provide an excellent to strategically place a keyword.


Its a good idea to optimize these areas not just to improve your SEO, but they also tell viewers what your page is about, helping to generate more clicks.


Other areas to optimize


When it comes to improving your SEO strategy you need to look a little further than your website. You should also be optimizing your social media sites, as well as your local directory sites. Most social media sites provide an area to describe yourself or your business. Take full advantage of this area. While you don’t want to bombard the area with your keywords a few mentions of your keywords is really all it takes.


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