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Put Your Plumbing Website to Work – Plumbing Marketing and Your Website

September 13th, 2013


Have you taken a look at your plumbing website lately? Every now and then it is important to put your plumbing marketing efforts under the magnifying glass. As technology changes so do trends, what once was a spiffy plumbing website is now outdated and maybe isn’t working for you anymore. Giving your plumbing website a makeover could be just what you need to spruce up your plumbing marketing! Here are some helpful tips.


Plumbing Website Design


So you have been spending time with your plumbing working social media, blogging several times a week, and link building;  you have web traffic but are just not getting the results you were after. It’s disheartening, and discouraging, what are you doing wrong? Well maybe its your plumbing website. In order to be successful and effective in converting visitors into customers a plumbing website needs to be user friendly.


plumbing website

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Consider the layout, the font, the ease of use, and its mobile adaptability. If you have to make your visitors work for the information they are looking for they are more likely to move on. Make it easy for customers to find your contact information and other information they might be looking for, and make sure it is clear and legible. Sometimes we get a little carried away with the font and color scheme. Are the colors of your website easy on the eyes? Are they optimal for reading the content you are providing? Lastly when updating your plumbing website remember to maintain some consistency with your brand, as this is what many customers will associate with your company and is a key component to your plumbing marketing.


Keywords and Search Ranking


plumbing marketingSo maybe you really don’t have the web traffic your envisioned and your plumbing marketing isn’t going to well. How do you get it? While social media plays a part, and if you aren’t active on social media we suggest to get active, keywords and SEO also play a factor in the effectiveness of  a plumbing website.


Have you googled your plumbing company? What page are you on? As part of your plumbing marketing you should be googleing your company. In order to achieve the best results with your plumbing marketing and get the most web traffic to your plumbing website, your company needs to be on page one of google. Keywords play a large part in achieving this. The content on your plumbing website should be laced with keywords. Make sure they are relevant to your plumbing company and used in good taste; meaning don’t  simply put them their to put them their, write in complete sentences and make your content easy to understand. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate, in fact keeping things simple is probably best.


When done well, a plumbing website will be the driving factor in generating new business for your plumbing company. Your plumbing marketing efforts will only work as well as your plumbing website. Think of your social media, blogging, and link building as the bait, and your plumbing website as the hook, without a good hook your plumbing marketing will fail. So take a little time to re-energize and re-think your plumbing website, it may just make your plumbing marketing that much more successful.

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