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Story Time! How to Master Instagram Stories for Your Plumbing Marketing

January 17th, 2018


Instagram Stories was released last year, and has already surpassed Snapchat in the number of monthly users. This year, it only seems like it is going to gain in popularity. Which means that there is a huge opportunity for you to grow your brand with Instagram Stories. Instagram stories are effective at building a brand because they are fun, addictive, and some consider more authentic. They are also simpler to create then you would think. Since, Instagram Stories don’t last for more then 24 hours, it requires less effort and crafting. It’s a real-life view of your business and helps engage your audience.


Plan Ahead

Just because they are simple to create doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put any thought into it. For plumbing marketing purposes, it is a good idea to plan ahead with your Instagram Stories. You can ad your Instagram Story-lines to your Instagram stories for plumbing marketing content calendar. Jot down some ideas and have a plan. It doesn’t have to be a big production, but at least have a general idea of what type of content you want to promote with your Instagram Stories.


Get Creative

Instagram offers a lot of creative features for creating Instagram Stories, you can add a filter, augmented reality filters, stickers, and more. There are a lot of options, we suggest doing some research into what is trending. Boomerang for example is a popular filter that gives subtle animation to your creation by boomeranging the image back and forth. It’s a fun way to get creative and stay relevant with the trends. You can also play with images, and lighting.



instagram stories for plumbing marketingUsing Hashtags in regular Instagram posts is a great way to gain exposure, however with Instagram Stories they aren’t all that effective because of their short-lived nature. However, you can include location tags as a way to be visible for users looking at a particular location. Instagram will put a collection of stories at the top of the search bar, one such collection is a local location specific story-line. For example, if your in New York and you go to search, at the top will be a group of Instagram Stories with the location tag New York. It’s how Instagram shows you what other Instagram users are doing in your area. This can help you gain local exposure, however, keep in mind your story will self-destruct at 24 hours.


The best way to get started with Instagram Stories is to simply give it a try. You will gain the best experience by being active with it. Remember to have fun, and be authentic that is what Instagram Stories are all about. For more information on incorporating Instagram Stories into your plumbing marketing strategy contact Grow Plumbing today!


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5 Tips for Using Instagram for Plumbing Marketing




5 Tips for Using Instagram for Plumbing Marketing

January 22nd, 2017


Instagram has been steadily gaining popularity, boasting more than 500 million users. Many businesses have caught on that it’s an excellent platform to market your business. Instagram is sort of a combination of Twitter and Facebook with an emphasis on visual content; images, memes, and short videos. Visual content is a great way to strengthen your brand, and increase engagement with your audience. Here are some tips for using Instagram for plumbing marketing.


#1 Set Up a Business Profile

Instagram now offers businesses the option of having a business profile. Instagram’s business profile is similar to Facebook. Business profiles can take advantage of Instagram’s call to action button as well as analytics and insights, which is a

Instagram for plumbing marketing

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valuable tool that can help you immensely. When it comes to creating good quality content, knowledge is power, and the more you know about your audience the more you can tailor your content for their tastes.


#2 Cross Promote

To get the biggest bang out of using Instagram for plumbing marketing try cross promoting your content. Instagram makes it easy to share content not only with your Instagram following but also with your other social media following as well. This lets all of your audiences know that you are active on Instagram and gives them another opportunity to connect with you.


#3 Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a big part of using Instagram for plumbing marketing. Pretty much all social media sites have adopted the hashtag, however some social media sites put it to better use. Instagram is one of these sites where a hashtag is a natural fit. Craft hashtags that are interactive, you can look to trending topics for inspiration if you want. This is a great way to strengthen your brand and increase your visibility and engagement. Using hashtags on Instagram for plumbing marketing will encourage your followers to also use your hashtag which in turn will gain exposure for you from to their audience.


#4 Use Creative Images

Instagram for plumbing marketing

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Since Instagram is all images bases its important to get creative to stand out when using Instagram for plumbing marketing. Incorporate trending topics or funny memes, and creative images that stand out.  While you are working on building brand awareness, the main topic of your image doesn’t necessarily have to be solely about your business. Have a little fun with it!


#5 Re-purpose Content

Keeping up with the demands of your Instagram audience can get a little over whelming. Don’t be afraid to re-purpose other users content that is relevant to you. Just be sure to give acknowledgement by mentioning them in your caption. This also helps you gain exposure with their audience, as many users will return the favor and re-purpose your content.


For more information on using Instagram for plumbing marketing and other great digital plumbing marketing ideas check out our other articles.



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