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Creating Keywords for Your Customers and for Google

November 8th, 2017

Keywords are an important part of your online plumbing marketing strategy. Aside from their primary function, they also help give your strategy a theme or direction. In order to select the right keywords for your plumbing marketing campaign there are a few things you should consider; 1) what are your customers searching for? 2) what is Google looking for? You want to be able to attract both, customers and search engines, so finding a balance is a must.


What are Your Customers Searching for?

plumbing marketingFirst and foremost, when it comes to deciding on keywords for your plumbing marketing, you must think about what your customers are searching for. Think of simple but specific terms. Remember, your customers aren’t the expert, so they probably won’t be searching for really complicated terms that only those in the industry know. You also want to be specific. For example, incorporate a geographic location to narrow down the results. The broader the term, the harder it will be to rank for. By using the keyword “Anaheim Plumbing Company” instead of “Plumbing Company” you have made less difficult to rank, and also narrowed down the demographic to provide more relevant traffic. Quality traffic is always going to be better than volume. You can also try using industry specific terms that narrow down your niche, for example “Green Plumbing”, “Anaheim Drain Cleaning Specialist”, “Anaheim Rooter”. These terms will help narrow the results down to your specific customer.


What is Google Searching for?

Google and other search engines deliver the results to your customers. It’s their job to ascertain if your website is relevant to the search query or not. So how do they accomplish this? They index your website with webcrawlers. They analyze the links coming in, theplumbing marketing body text, the alt tags, title tags, and so forth. When it comes to creating keywords for search engine, they still be to be specific for search, but also utilized in the appropriate areas. For example, images provide no SEO benefit, unless you utilize Alt tags, and your title tags are specifically designed to tell webcrawlers what your website is about. Take advantage of these and optimize them appropriately. You should also be aware that search engines have become more sophisticated in their ability to determine what a website is about. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, this practice can in fact land you in some hot water with search engines. Instead focus on quality content that is unique, relevant to your business, and what your customer want to read. The more natural things are developed the better for your business in the long run.


What customers want is better more relevant search results and Google wants to deliver. If you need a little help with your online plumbing marketing strategy, contact Grow Plumbing today! We specialize in plumbing marketing and can help you with your strategy. Learn more here. 


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SEO for Plumbing Marketing – Seizing Opportunities to Optimize

July 15th, 2016


SEO is important for your plumbing marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The idea is that you select a few keywords or keyword phrases that relate to your business. Strategically utilized keywords help with your search ranking which can help generate more traffic. Here are some places you can optimize to generate more exposure for your website.


#1 Website

SEO for plumbing marketingYour website itself if a great place to get started with your SEO for plumbing marketing. From your home page to the other pages in your navigation, all provide a great place to optimize. Select a few keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to your business and build your content around those keywords. Geographic specific pages with geographic specific keywords can also really help your search ranking and also bring in traffic from a good source. Other areas of your website that you don’t want to overlook for optimization are: meta tags, title tags, and alt tags.


#2 Social Media

Your social media profiles also provide a great place for you to do some SEO for plumbing marketing. Social media profiles usually provide a small space for you to describe yourself or your business and this is an excellent opportunity to SEO for plumbing marketingoptimize your profile. While you may be limited in the amount of words you can use you can still make it count by slipping in a few strategically placed keywords. This not only helps with your search ranking on Google, but also in search results performed on the social media sites itself.


#3 Local Directories

SEO for plumbing marketingLocal directories are also a good place to do some SEO for plumbing marketing. Local directory listings are all about your business so you should have ample space to describe your business. Take advantage of the space provided and utilize your keywords. This will help you populate in search results on Google and will also help you show up in search results on the site itself. Remember more and more users are using mobile apps like Yelp to find the goods and services they need on the go, you don’t want to miss out on this visibility.


#4 Blog

Your blog is another place where you can do some SEO for plumbing marketing. Its actually the perfect place to optimize because you can update it on a regular basis and focus on specific topics or terms you want to rank for. For example if you want to rank for green plumbing you can write a post about innovations in plumbing that are good for green plumbing. A blog also provides a good source of content you can share with your social media networks.


#5 Landing Pages

Landing pages are another place you can utilize your SEO for plumbing marketing strategy. Landing pages are single page websites that are dedicated to a specific topic or keyword. For example if you are really trying to drive green plumbing you could make an entire page dedicated to the subject. Landing pages utilize specific keywords to drive a specific point and capture leads, and can really be useful in targeting a specific audience.



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Three SEO Tips You Can’t Ignore for Your Plumbing Marketing

June 24th, 2016


SEO is still very much and important part of your plumbing marketing. While it may look slightly different than it did 10 years ago it should still be a priority for your plumbing marketing strategy. With more of an emphasis on quality search results are delivering more relevant content to users and also more relevant leads for marketers. Quality is important on both sides when it comes to SEO and plumbing marketing. While you want as much exposure as possible it is also important to make sure that the exposure that you get is good quality. Here are some SEO tips that will help you build a solid campaign and bring in quality leads.


#1 Make Sure Your Website is Index-able

SEO tipsGoogle uses web crawlers that index each website. There are certain elements that each website should have to ensure that they are getting properly indexed by web crawlers. Aside from the body text of a website, web crawlers also index title tags, meta tags, and alt tags. Easy navigation is also important, and now with more of an emphasis on mobile friendliness your websites ability to convert for mobile users is another factor.


#2 Focus on Quality

Focus on quality when it comes to your keywords and keyword usage. Its important to strategically utilize your keywords throughout your website and social media sites, however quality is extremely important. Keyword stuffing is never a good choice, it can serve to alienate potential visitors and have a negative impact on your search ranking. Hidden text is also a no no, you could suffer a Panda penalty if you misuse keywords. Focus on high quality keywords that are relevant and create a balance with them. Quality also applies to links. Good quality links are just as important to your plumbing marketing as your keywords, however its important to remember that if its questionable then veer on the side of caution.


# 3 Generate Content With Your Audience in Mind

Content is an important part of your plumbing marketing. While you want to produce a steady stream of content for search ranking purposes it is also important to create content with your customers in mind. Consumer driven content that is SEO tipsproperly optimized will give you the best of both worlds, as you want to increase your search ranking to gain more visibility and also increase your readers engagement. If people aren’t interested in what you are creating then you won’t be able to convert them.


While SEO has changed a little over the years it is still an effective tool to leverage when it comes to your plumbing marketing. For more tips on SEO and other plumbing marketing topics please visit our website at



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Getting Started With Your Plumbing Marketing

June 5th, 2016


The decision to embark on the exciting journey of growing your plumbing business is a big decision. Taking your plumbing company to the next level could profoundly affect your future. Whether you make it or break it is all up to you and effort you are willing to put into it. One thing you have to consider when expanding your business is how you are going to market your business. Part of growing any business starts with a good solid marketing strategy. Its important to have a good plan when it comes to your plumbing marketing so if you are just getting started, or even if you have been at it a while its a good idea to put a plan in action.


The Basic Building Blocks of a Good Plumbing Marketing Plan

 plumbing marketing

#1 What

One of the fundamental steps of forming a good plumbing marketing plan is to know what you trying to do. This covers several different areas. First you need to know what you are offering. What is your company all about? What sets you apart from the competition? Think about niche areas and the basic culture of your business. This will help you form a good brand, which is what you are going to be promoting and strengthening everyday with your plumbing marketing.


#2 Where

Where do you want to go? Once you know what you are you need to know where you are going. Part of your plumbing marketing plan should encompass your goals. You can’t very well make a plan for your plumbing marketing without setting some goals for yourself. Where do you see your business in 3 months? 6 months? A year from now? 5 years from now? Once you have established you goals go to work on a actionable plan. Remember setting goals is only part of it, creating a plan is the next step. A goal without a plan is just a wish.


plumbing marketing

The Stone Foundation,, 06/05/2016

#3 Words

Words as in keywords or keywords phrases is a basic part of a good plumbing marketing plan. What words or phrases can you identify with your plumbing marketing? Your keywords make up your SEO or search engine optimization. You need to think about what words your customers would use to find your business online. For best results try to be as specific as possible. The broader the term is going to be more competitive and deliver broader results. You will be using your keywords throughout most of your plumbing marketing. From your website to social media sites and local directories. From blog posts to status updates. These words will become part of your brand.


#4 Who

Who you are marketing to is just as important and what keywords you are using. So who are you marketing to? What type of person is your ideal customer? Where do they live? How old are they? What are their interests? Knowing these things can help you narrow down your plumbing marketing and be as effective as possible. It will help you know where to spend more time as well, for example is your target audience spending more time on Facebook or LinkedIn? Identifying who you target audience is will also be important when it comes to running ads online. After all you want to make sure that the right people see your ads right?


Going through the 4 W’s of plumbing marketing will help you understand your brand better, and what outlets you want to use for plumbing marketing. Designing your plumbing marketing strategy around your ideal customers is a great way to stay ahead of the game and remain competitive. To learn more about plumbing marketing visit our website at



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A Plumbing Marketing Plan for Next Year

December 31st, 2015



Its that time of year again. Time to create a plan for plumbing marketing for next year. Having a plan of action is always the best way to achieve success with any digital marketing. Part of creating a new plan for next year is to review your accomplishments for this year. Its important to see where you did really well, and what areas you need a little more work in. Here are some tips for reviewing your plumbing marketing for this last year to help your create a better plan for next year.

 making a plumbing plan for next year


One area that is super important for forming a good plan for plumbing marketing is your keywords. In your analytics report you should be able to see what keywords worked really well for generating traffic. The results keywords or keywords phrases you are using may actually surprise you. This is a good time of year to reconsider your keywords and implement an SEO strategy that may be more effective.


Social Media

Social media is huge for your plumbing marketing. If you have been spending a lot of time on your social media strategy your analytics report should be able to tell you how effective your social media strategy has been. Then you can gear your efforts for next year according to how you performed this year. Consider which social media accounts have generated the best traffic and which social media accounts have the best customer engagement. For the purposes of plumbing marketing it makes more sense to put your time, energy, and marketing budget towards outlets that are delivering results.



Content is really important and it should play a big role in your plumbing marketing plan. Over the next year there will continue to be a huge emphasis on good, relevant content. How was your content strategy this last year? If you have a blog how well did it drive traffic or boost engagement? With this information you can create a better content strategy for your plumbing marketing plan. By considering your content you can get valuable information, like what type of content your making a plumbing marketing plan for next yearviewers want or how often you should update your content.


Other areas to consider when creating a plumbing marketing plan for next year are your website, when was the last time you updated your website? You can also consider the paid ads you may have ran; how effective were they? Perhaps you want to up the amount of paid ads you run next year. This is all really important information to consider when creating your plumbing marketng plan for next year.


Need some help creating a plumbing marketing plan for nesxst year? Grow Plumbing is here to help! We specialize in plumbing marketing and together we can come up with a plumbing marketing plan that fits the individual needs of your company. Click here to learn more!

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How to Protect Your Plumbing Website from Being Penalized by Search Engines

November 21st, 2013


You have spent a lot of time and money on your plumbing website. It has a great layout, great images, and it appears to be capturing leads! But what happens if one day your plumbing website disappears from search engine results? Oh the horrors! With one fellow swoop all of your hard work has been flushed down the drain! Here are some tips to help protect your plumbing website from being penalized by search engines.


  1. Keyword Stuffing

    Using keywords should be part of your plumbing marketing, however practice caution. Keywords can still be really effective as long as they are relevant to your business and used in the right context. For a while a practice known as keyword stuffing worked really well in placing a plumbing website in search results. Unfortunately Google caught on and now the practice is frowned upon. Keyword stuffing is a surefire way to get your plumbing website penalized by search engines so be careful. Make sure your content is fluid and makes sense. Write for people not for search engine spy-bots.

  2. Bad Links

    The practice of link building has its benefits to your plumbing marketing, however there are good links and then there are bad links. Remember as with all things quality over quantity should be the motto when it comes to link building. Building links should be natural. Paying for links, excessive link sharing, and hidden links are a good way to get your plumbing website penalized by search engines. The final word on link building? Yes practice link building, but don’t force it. Keep things genuine and natural. Any evidence that you are manipulating search results can result in your plumbing website being penalized by search engines, so proceed caution and use your better judgment.

  3. Plagiarism


    avoid plumbing website being penalized by search engines

    Random Thoughts and Focused Minds,, 11/21/2013

    When writing content for your plumbing website be sure that it is your own! Plagiarism or stealing content from another website is wrong, especially in the eyes of Google. Any acts of plagiarism detected by Google and your plumbing website can be penalized by search engines. So do yourself and your plumbing website a favor and keep your content genuine!


It is important to take the proper steps in order to protect your plumbing website from being penalized by search engines. The technology is changing so fast, it seems almost every day Google releases another update to combat search result manipulation. To avoid your plumbing website from being penalized by search engines always practice caution and keep things genuine and relevant to your company.

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Put Your Plumbing Website to Work – Plumbing Marketing and Your Website


Put Your Plumbing Website to Work – Plumbing Marketing and Your Website

September 13th, 2013


Have you taken a look at your plumbing website lately? Every now and then it is important to put your plumbing marketing efforts under the magnifying glass. As technology changes so do trends, what once was a spiffy plumbing website is now outdated and maybe isn’t working for you anymore. Giving your plumbing website a makeover could be just what you need to spruce up your plumbing marketing! Here are some helpful tips.


Plumbing Website Design


So you have been spending time with your plumbing working social media, blogging several times a week, and link building;  you have web traffic but are just not getting the results you were after. It’s disheartening, and discouraging, what are you doing wrong? Well maybe its your plumbing website. In order to be successful and effective in converting visitors into customers a plumbing website needs to be user friendly.


plumbing website

Master Binary Options Trading,, 09/11/2013

Consider the layout, the font, the ease of use, and its mobile adaptability. If you have to make your visitors work for the information they are looking for they are more likely to move on. Make it easy for customers to find your contact information and other information they might be looking for, and make sure it is clear and legible. Sometimes we get a little carried away with the font and color scheme. Are the colors of your website easy on the eyes? Are they optimal for reading the content you are providing? Lastly when updating your plumbing website remember to maintain some consistency with your brand, as this is what many customers will associate with your company and is a key component to your plumbing marketing.


Keywords and Search Ranking


plumbing marketingSo maybe you really don’t have the web traffic your envisioned and your plumbing marketing isn’t going to well. How do you get it? While social media plays a part, and if you aren’t active on social media we suggest to get active, keywords and SEO also play a factor in the effectiveness of  a plumbing website.


Have you googled your plumbing company? What page are you on? As part of your plumbing marketing you should be googleing your company. In order to achieve the best results with your plumbing marketing and get the most web traffic to your plumbing website, your company needs to be on page one of google. Keywords play a large part in achieving this. The content on your plumbing website should be laced with keywords. Make sure they are relevant to your plumbing company and used in good taste; meaning don’t  simply put them their to put them their, write in complete sentences and make your content easy to understand. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate, in fact keeping things simple is probably best.


When done well, a plumbing website will be the driving factor in generating new business for your plumbing company. Your plumbing marketing efforts will only work as well as your plumbing website. Think of your social media, blogging, and link building as the bait, and your plumbing website as the hook, without a good hook your plumbing marketing will fail. So take a little time to re-energize and re-think your plumbing website, it may just make your plumbing marketing that much more successful.

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