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3 Plumbing Marketing Tips Than Can Help Improve Your Conversion Rates

November 24th, 2014


When it comes to getting the results you want with your plumbing marketing sometimes you have to be a little objective of your efforts. You may think you are doing everything right, but not getting the conversion rates you are after. This can be a little disheartening and frustrating. But never fear, here are 3 plumbing marketing tips to help you improve your conversion rates.


  1. Landing Pages


    Are you using landing pages as part of your plumbing marketing strategy? If not you need to start. Landing pages have proven to be very effective plumbing marketing tools that help improve conversion rates. A landing page is a single web page dedicated to a specific idea. Its whole purpose in being is to capture leads. To get the most out of a landing page you need to consider several things:


  • The design – keep the design of your landing page simple you don’t want anything too distracting to divert attention away from your objective.


  • The text – your landing page should have a headline, sub-headline, and body text. Again keep things simple just a paragraph or so, bullets actually work really well, you want to be sure to convey the importance of your message as briefly and clearly as possible, also don’t shy away from using keywords, and important part of your plumbing marketing.


  • Call to action – to get the results of your landing page you need to have a strong call to action. Your call to action should be compelling enough for the customer to provide you with contact information or whatever it is you are after. You may need to test a couple of call to actions and see which one is most effective for your plumbing marketing.


In addition, when it comes to landing pages to really be effective you should customize the landing page to a specific geographic area you are targeting. This helps narrow down your audience you are marketing to, allowing for better quality traffic.


  1. Check Your Analytics


    plumbing marketingIts important to analyze where your traffic is comping from in order to improve your conversion rates. That is why part of your plumbing marketing strategy should be to carefully check your website analytics and see which marketing channels are sending the most traffic your way. You also want to consider the bounce rate, or how much time each visitor is spending on your page and from what source. With this information in hand you can be more effective with your plumbing marketing efforts and allocate more time and money to the channels that are producing traffic for you.


3) Mobile and Desktop Users


plumbing marketing

Its important to consider both mobile and desktop users when it comes to plumbing marketing, as a majority of searches are now taking place on mobile devices as opposed to desktops. That mean in order to not miss out on a large plumbing marketing opportunity you need to also consider mobile users. Make sure your website converts easily to a smaller screen. Also get to claiming your listing in local directories as apps like Yelp! play a huge part in mobile search.


Success with plumbing marketing is not an overnight thing, it takes time and commitment. The key is consistency and dedication. As the owner of a plumbing company you may not have the time required to truly nurture your plumbing marketing plan. That is where Grow Plumbing comes into play. We specialize in all things plumbing marketing, and can help you improve your conversion rates. To learn more about plumbing marketing and our services please click here.


Grow Your Plumbing Business


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10 Do’s for Success When Using Landing Pages for Plumbing Marketing

November 5th, 2014


Landing pages are an effective tool of plumbing marketing. A successful landing page will be compelling enough to capture a new lead with ease, this is the main focus of a landing page. Whether you are veteran landing page user or just now starting to incorporate them into your plumbing marketing plan here are some tips to help you boost the success of your landing page(s).


  1. Keep it Dedicated

    Your landing page has one task and one task only; to communicate a single message effectively enough to convert a visitor into a lead. When using landing pages for plumbing marketing make sure that your landing pages are dedicated to a specific idea and promote only that one specific idea. You already have a website where you can promote everything else. Keep your landing page dedicated, you don’t want to drive attention away from your topic.


  2. Keep it Simple

    The design of your landing page should be simple. Anything too busy or elaborate might deter attention away from your message, which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to do. You want people to focus on your case in point not

    plumbing marketing

    Keep landing pages simple and to the point when using for plumbing marketing.

    your fancy graphics. Also keep your message sweet and too the point. Remember when it comes to landing pages less is more.


  3. Stay Consistent with Your Brand

    When developing a brand for plumbing marketing it is important to stay consistent across the board, even with your land page(s). Be sure to keep up with the same color scheme and incorporate your logo.


  4. Include All The Key Components of a Successful Landing Page

    This includes: a headline, sub-headline, a brief descriptive paragraph conveying your message or idea, a supporting image, and a form to capture their information.


  5. Isolate Your Landing Page

    By this we mean remove the main navigation. You want to keep visitors on your landing page(s) not give them the opportunity to navigate away. By removing the navigation you allow your page to be dedicated to its idea and leave little room for distraction.


  6. Match The Headline to The Call to Action

    A call to action button is very effective at getting visitors to your landing page. That being said be sure to stay consistent with your call to action button. Your headline should match your call to action button. You don’t want to mislead visitors.

     Grow Your Plumbing Business

  7. Emphasize Value

    When using a landing page you want to emphasize the value in your message by either a brief paragraph or bullets. Your message should include a compelling incentive to encourage your visitors to fill out your form.


  8. Only Ask for Information You Really Need

    When it comes to capturing visitors information the less they have to fill out the better. A form that is to long requires more work and so a visitors is less likely to fill it out. Make your visitors work as little as possible and keep the form easy to find and easy to fill out.


  9. Enable Social Sharing

    Encourage visitors to share your landing page with their social networks. They may or may not become a customer but by sharing your landing page with their networks someone in their network may also become a customer. The increase in your exposure will only help your plumbing marketing.


  10. Use Your Keywords

    Never miss an opportunity to optimize your content, even with your landing page(s). Yes your landing page should be specific and so you should use your specific keyword throughout your landing page. Remember to keep your wording fluid to avoid keyword stuffing.



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Using Landing Pages for Plumbing Marketing

October 2nd, 2014


A landing page can be a very effective tool for your plumbing marketing. When executed properly, a landing page can really help improve your conversion rate. When it comes to the plumbing marketing novice, they may be unaware of what a landing page is and how to effectively use it for plumbing marketing. Here we has outlined the basic principals of what a landing page is and how to use it for plumbing marketing.


A landing page is a single web page with the sole purpose of converting visitors into sales or leads. Landing pages are also known as “lead capture pages” or “landers”. Landing pages are often hooked up to links originating from a social media campaign or a search engine marketing campaign. The landing page will include information that is relevant to a specific topic and should persuade the visitor to take a particular action; for example fill out an information form or provide their email address. The goal is to capture as much information from the visitor as possible.


Landing pages should be consistent with the plumbing marketing campaign that got the visitors to the page. Make sure your headlines match the overall campaign.


When designing a landing page for plumbing marketing you should play around and see what type of design a appeals most to your target audience. Consider the amount of visual content you are using vs. the amount of text. Remember this is a single web page dedicated to a specific topic to keep things simple, relevant, and clear.

Grow Your Plumbing Business 

For the best results using a landing page for plumbing marketing you want to include a compelling call to action button. The call to action button should be easy to find and effectively communicate what you are trying to achieve from your landing page.


plumbing marketing

Target Audience

To get the most out of your landing page, it is best to tailor your landing page to a specific target audience. By narrowing down your audience you are able to focus on a specific keyword phrase and increase the likelihood of conversion.


Include relevant information about your business. Contact information and testimonials will help give you credibility and authenticity.


Measure the success of your landing page. Analyzing the effectiveness of a particular page is a very important part of plumbing marketing, even with landing pages. This allows you to see what works and what doesn’t and make the necessary changes.


Incorporating landing pages into your plumbing marketing plan is a wise decision. Remember to keep them simple and relevant to one specific topic. You can always create more than one landing page. To learn more about using landing pages for plumbing marketing visit our website at


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