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Get the Most Out of Your Plumbing Marketing and Improve Your Lead Generation

March 12th, 2017

lead generation

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Leads are a necessary part of growing your business. If you have good lead generation, then you probably have a good conversion rate.  While lead generation in and of itself isn’t a surefire way of generating more deals, you also need good sales practices to close, funneling more traffic gets you more exposure and enhances your chances of gaining new business. Today we are going to talk about how you can generate more leads with your online plumbing marketing.


Visual Interactive Content

Visual content in the form of live video streaming, short video clips, and so forth work exceptionally well at generating inbound leads. For the purposes of digital plumbing marketing you can create how to’s, product reviews, or plumbing tip videos. There are really a lot of options for plumbing marketing purposes.

 A couple of things to keep in mind is your videos should be unique, relevant, and useful. You don’ have to spend a lot of money on production either, and they don’t have to be lengthy. Visual interactive content works because it is easy to get your message across using both visual and audio stimulation. As the attention span of your audience wavers, not everyone has the patience to read through a blog post, so visual interactive content capitalizes on short attention spans, that are often flooded with a multi-channel stream of content. For best results, create visual interactive content that engages your audience but leaves them wanting more. This is where the lead generation comes into play. The purpose of visual interactive content is to get them interested in your brand, so you can funnel them to your website and through your selling procedures.


Share Your Knowledge

One the best ways to generate inbound leads is to demonstrate your knowledge. Customers like to do business with companies that are knowledgeable. You can gain credibilitylead generation for your business by sharing your knowledge with your audience. Generating a blog is a good start, but you should also consider participating in group discussions as well. A great platform to do this is on LinkedIn. Join groups, and participate in discussions about relevant topics. If you can establish yourself as an expert, you will generate a buzz about your business and generate more leads for your business.


Run Promotions

Promotions prove to be very effective at generating new leads. If you are trying to gain some traction with your plumbing marketing, then a promotion may be just what you need. Share your promotion on social media, and on local directories. You may also want to consider running a PPC ad. Paid ads are highly targeted and can work really well at generating inbound leads. For best results make sure you are very specific at who you are targeting. You also need to pay attention to the words that you use and the images you use as well.


For more tips on generating new leads and other plumbing marketing topics, please visit


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Tips for Growing Your Social Media Following

January 31st, 2017


increase your social media following

Image Credit: Nigel's Blog,

Social media is a great lead generator for any business. Aside from generating inbound leads it is a great way to increase brand awareness and engage with customers.  There are many great benefits to having  a strong social media game, however none of them are possible without a following. From Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, having a diverse presence is a great way to gain the best online exposure. Growing your social media following is something that is best done organically. Here are some tips for growing your social media following.


Cross Promote

A great way to grow your social media following is to cross promote your social media sites. Promote your Facebook account on Twitter, promote your Instagram account of Facebook. You should also promote your social media sites on your website and local directories. The goal is to make is as easy as possible for customers to connect with you on the social media site of their choosing.



Think about what social media site is most likely to harbor your ideal customer. Spend the most time there growing your network. While we encourage diversity as far as social media goes, spread your time out accordingly. Different social media sites appeal to different types of people, you must take this into consideration when identifying where you target audience spends most of their time.



When it comes to SEO you should never miss an opportunity to optimize. Optimize all of your social media profiles with your keywords. This can help with your search ranking and also helps you appear in search results on social media as well.


increase social media following

Image Credit: Griffith Hack,

 Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to grow your social media following, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. By attaching a hashtag that has mass appeal to your post you automatically join the thread associated with that hashtag. This gains exposure for your content with people who are interested in that hashtag. Some good examples of hashtags for plumbing marketing include hashtags about remodeling, green plumbing, or how to save water. The best hashtags will incorporate a topic that is already trending.



Content plays a huge role in social media, in fact it is a major driving force.  All internet users seek content. The type of content will depend on the person. Each social media sites promotes a specific type of content. Which is why it’s a good idea to diversify your content; from blogs, status updates, images, memes, and short videos, they all have their place. Work on providing useful and unique content. Keep what your customer wants out of their content experience in mind.



Make it easy to share your content. Include social media specific share buttons on all of your content. If you post a blog on your website for example, include the share widget so your readers can share your blog with their social media following. Make it as easy as possible to share your content.


Increasing your following on social media is a great way to increase traffic to your website. To learn more about how to increase your social media following and other plumbing marketing topics please visit our website at



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Online Plumbing Marketing – Is Your Plumbing Website Working Against You?

April 1st, 2015

You have a website right? You are engaging in social media right? You have all the right traffic, but why are you not getting more leads? There are a couple of factors that could be to blame, one key area to look at is your website. Is your plumbing website working against you? Maybe its been a while since you updated your plumbing website, or maybe you through you website together really quickly in hopes on jumping on the online plumbing marketing bandwagon. Whatever the case its important to make sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes when it comes to your plumbing website.


Too Much Going On

plumbing website

Wheat Eaters,, 03/31/2015

When looking at your plumbing website it is important to consider the design of your plumbing website. The most important thing to keep in mind when designing your plumbing website is to keep it simple. You have worked hard for that traffic, if there is too much going on you may end up distracting your visitors, and you want them focused, very focused. Don’t leave any room for confusion. Keep things organized and easy on the eyes. Be sure your plumbing website transitions with ease amongst the pages a slow reaction time can kill attention span. Also be sure your plumbing website converts for the mobile user.



When designing your plumbing website be sure that it is easy to navigate. Again it is important to keep things simple. Make sure that the content of each page matches the title. Most importantly, make sure your contact information is easy to find, super easy in fact blatantly in your face. Don’t provide too many options, stick to the critical pages and information necessary, remember you still want to give your visitors a reason to contact you.


Call To Action

A call to action is vital in make your plumbing website convert traffic to to customers. Give your visitors and incentive to click where you want them to. This is the best way to capture their information and then follow up with them. Making contact is crucial in turning a prospect into an actual customer. So peak their interest with a compelling call to action button. There are many different types of call to actions to choose from, what ever one you choose just be sure to deliver.


Cross Promote

Social media is a huge part of online plumbing marketing. This could be a huge source of traffic for your plumbing website. To get the most out of using social media for online plumbing marketing you want to cross promote it. Just like you have links to your website on your social media profiles you also need to have links to your social media profiles on your website. This helps make you easier to find, boosts the engagement with your customers, and helps strengthen your brand.


Stock Photos

When creating a plumbing website it is important to use some original photos. Don’t simply use a bunch of stock photos. This is generic and chances are your visitors may have seen the images already if they are shopping around. Try to be original with your pictures. Take pictures of your staff to help give personality on your plumbing website and let people know who they are dealing with. Also include actual pictures of your work, this is very effective in generating a response from your visitors.


Your plumbing website should be able to close the deal for you. You have spent all this time and effort on building up an audience, make sure your plumbing website is effective at converting that traffic. Remember to keep things tasteful and professional. To learn more about online plumbing marketing and creating the best plumbing website please visit

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