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Twitter for Plumbing Marketing – Tips to Get More Followers on Twitter

September 19th, 2013


Hopefully by now you have come to realize the benefits to using twitter for plumbing marketing. Though at times using twitter for plumbing marketing can be a little confusing; especially with the constant evolution of technology and web trends. We have established the fact that growing our networks is very important when it comes to social media for plumbing marketing, and twitter is not exception. In order to be successful with twitter for plumbing marketing you must get more followers on twitter.


A great way to get more followers on twitter is to provide content. Content by means of blog, status updates, sharing, and retweets. Providing content that your followers will find unique and useful but also relevant to your plumbing company is the key in using twitter for plumbing marketing. Remember when using twitter for plumbing marketing you are only allowed 140 characters, this can be a challenge however that is where links come into play. Placing a link in your twitter updates also helps increase web traffic, so this should be automatic for you.


Retweeting is also a great way to get more followers on twitter. Retweeting helps spread your content beyond your own group of twitter followers. If you ask your followers to retweet something your tweet not only reaches them, but their followers and if it get retweeting again their followers and so on and so on. Retweeting offers great exposure for your plumbing company and is a great way to use twitter for plumbing marketing.

 get more followers on twitter

Follow twitter users who meet your target audience. Your target audience should be your ideal customer. For plumbers the target audience should be within the area you service. Also consider the types of clients you are looking for; commercial, residential, etc… Real estate agents, property management companies, and other service professionals are great to follow because they need a plumber to refer business to and you can gain access to their followers if they retweet.

get more followers on twitter

 Make sure you are representing your plumbing company in the best possible light. Provide a picture and keep your brand consistent. To get more followers on twitter you must show what your plumbing company is all about and be real with people. Twitter for plumbing marketing can really be an asset to your plumbing marketing however if you are not displaying your plumbing company well then what’s the point? Twitter users are more likely to follow when there is a picture on the profile and not an avatar, and a good consolidated description of your plumbing company.


When you get more followers on twitter you help establish yourself as an authority in your industry. More followers on twitter also enables more people to see your content with more followers on twitter viewing your content you increase the traffic to your website and hopefully increase your sales. Twitter for plumbing marketing is a great way to grow plumbing business, but you have to be consistent and you have to be active. Remember to have a little fun with twitter for plumbing marketing.


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