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Refocus Your Content Strategy for Next Year

December 23rd, 2016


content strategyContent has been a big focus in your plumbing marketing over the last year. Without a doubt, content will continue to dominate when it comes to generating results with your plumbing marketing. With the new year right around the corner it’s a good idea to start gathering your thoughts and getting organized. Reworking your plumbing marketing plan is always a good idea at the beginning of the year. That also includes reworking your content strategy, because guess what? Content isn’t going anywhere. If anything, there will be even more of a focus on content.  Here are some tips on how to refocus your content strategy for next year.


 Find Out What Works

When working on your content strategy for next year it’s important to see what has been working. Look at your analytics report to find out:

  • What topics are your readers interested in?
  • What topics do you get the most reaction to?
  • What blogs generate the most traffic and clicks?

Knowing what your audience is in to will help you create more of the same type content, that will hopefully boost engagement, drive more traffic, create more clicks, and increase conversions.


Keyword Research

Think about the keywords your ranked for this year. Keywords and SEO go hand in hand with your content strategy. Performing a little keyword research at least once a year is proactive in staying on top of your plumbing marketing. Utilize the

content strategy

Business Profit Masters,, 12/22/2016

free keywords research tool in Google AdWords and check out Google Insights. Consider the following:

  • What keywords delivered results?
  • Are some of your keywords becoming more or less competitive?
  • Do you need to drop some keywords?
  • Are there any new keywords you would like to rank for?



Create fresh content is only part of a strong content strategy. The next part is promotion. Where have you been promoting your content? You content should be shared as frequently as possible and across all of your social media channels and social bookmarking sites. Social media and content share a mutually beneficial relationship. Social media thrives on good quality content and content needs a platform to gain exposure. You also have the option of “boosting” posts to gain even more exposure. Determine what you want to accomplish with your content and then decide if you want to fit this into your plumbing marketing budget.



To create a better content strategy for next year its important to take a look at the frequency that you are updating your content. As general rule of thumb we suggest updating your blog at least once a week, and posting update at least 3-4 times a week if not more. If you could maintain this schedule this year, then perhaps it’s time to increase your frequency. Did the traffic you received meet your expectations based on the frequency you updated your content? If not, or if you are ready to take things to the next level then you may want to consider altering the frequency that you update your content.


For more tips on creating a new content strategy for next year click here

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A New Years Resolution to Grow Plumbing Business

January 2nd, 2014

grow plumbing

Brunswick Plantation Living,, 01/02/214


Well its that time of year again; New Years Resolution time! While many people are focusing on themselves and how to better their every day lives with simple life style changes, how many of them are thinking about their businesses? We believe a New Years Resolution can not only benefit you as an individual but also your plumbing company. In short a New Years Resolution is part of reaching a goal. Have you created short and long term goals for your plumbing company? When you make an effort to grow plumbing business keeping your eye on the prize is the best way to achieve success, how you are going to achieve that success is where a New Years Resolution comes into play. Think of it as your road map for meeting your short and long term goals! So what is your New Years Resolution for your plumbing company?


First and foremost a New Years Resolution should be attainable. Being realistic about what you can and cannot do does not mean not dreaming big, but realize that certain things can take more time than others. That is why it is important to create short term goals for your plumbing company say for the next 3 months, 6 months, year; and long term goals for your plumbing company the next year from now, 5-10 years from now. Once you create your short term and long term goals, you will realize that the short term goals are actually steps for you to reach your long term goals.


Now how are you going to reach your goals? By creating a Resolution! To grow plumbing business this could entail lots of things. Plumbing marketing, customer contact, and networking to name a few. For example: “This year I am going to focus more on plumbing marketing. I am going to grow my social networks by 20% each quarter and increase engagement by posting a blog 3 times a week.” Creating a resolution should be easy to understand and have a concise way to implement a plan of action.


Creating a New Years Resolution for your plumbing company will also benefit your individual New Years Resolution. It will require you to maintain focus and stay positive. When you achieve success this not only is good for your well being but also to those that work for your plumbing company.


We challenge you to challenge yourself and your plumbing company. Ask yourself, how are you going to get to the next level? Not having plan and clear site of where you are going is the best way to fail. Take a few moments and write down what your short and long term goals are, then create your New Years Resolution for your plumbing company. Remember to take one day at a time and enjoy yourself while you are doing it.


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