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Plumbing Marketing Tips to Help You Grow in 2019

August 26th, 2019

This is year is more than halfway over, can you believe it? However, with only a few short months left, there is still time to make an impact with your plumbing marketing strategy. Perhaps you aren’t where you wanted to be, or have had to go back to the drawing board. It happens to all of us! One of the most important things when it comes to plumbing marketing is to be able to adapt your strategy when need be. Here we have some simple strategies to help you grow your business and finish the year with a bang!

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Startup Nation

Establish Your Marketing Fundamentals

Knowing who you are marketing to is one of the fundamental steps in developing a solid plumbing marketing strategy. However, sometimes it is easy to get off track. There are several aspects you need to think about. For example where are they located? How old are they? Establishing a profile, can help you identify where they hang out online and what their tastes are. This helps you develop the rest of your marketing strategy. In addition, you should also be asking yourself some key questions about your business. For example: What value does your business bring? How can your business make people ‘s better? What sets you apart from your competition? This is part of identifying a problem your customers face, and providing a solution.


Technology Makes Things Easier

We live in the technological era, where new programs and technologies are being developed at the speed of light. When it comes to your plumbing marketing strategy there are a lot of tools and features available, and not all of them have to cost you a lot. For example, you can create a really nice website yourself using WordPress. With customizable templates to choose from, and plenty of integrations, there is no need to shell out beaucoup bucks for a website these days. This allows you to better focus your marketing budget in areas that will deliver a greater ROI for your business.


Fine Tune Your Social Media Presence

Social Media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With over 2.8 billion social media users worldwide, it is a great place to reach your audience. But social media isn’t all about getting likes and shares, yes that is a big part of it, however, it can also be a driving force in your customer service, providing a channel for customers to reach out to businesses. In addition, social media allows businesses to diversify strategy, whether you are focusing on short videos, paid ads, or influencer marketing, there are a lot of options that can help you better reach your audience.

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Small Business Sense

Build Your Contact List

Email marketing is still effective, and an important part of growing your business. The larger your email list is the more effective your email strategy will be. This is why it is important to build your email list. There are several ways you can do this: 

  • Employ landing pages on your website with exclusive content and a strong call to action

  • Leverage social media channels as a way of collecting emails, for example LinkedIn is a great place to gather email addresses.

  • Create a promo and invite people to join.


Focus On Meaningful Content

Your content strategy is an important part of your plumbing marketing strategy. You have probably heard of the term “Content is King”, well it still is, and maybe even more so. However, as the technology improves, and with each Google algorithm update, search engines have become increasingly more sophisticated when indexing content. In an effort to improve search results for queries, search engines are looking for high quality content. Meaning well written, unique, useful, and relevant. Aside from the sophisticated palates of bots, your audience is also demanding more meaningful content. Content that is thought provoking will stand out above the rest, as it seems like information is being hurled at users from all directions these days. In order to sift through the noise, be thoughtful, be meaningful, and focus on quality. 


Want to take your plumbing marketing to the next level? We can help! Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing and can help you develop a customized strategy that meets your needs. To learn more contact Grow Plumbing today!


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5 Factors You Can’t Ignore For A Strong SEO Strategy

February 25th, 2019

An SEO strategy is an important component of a good online marketing plan. While it has undergone a few chances over the last decade, and taken some heat for some questionable practices, it is still relevant today. Staying on top of your SEO is a must in order to maintain a long term organic ranking. Here are 5 factors you cannot ignore for a strong SEO strategy.


#1 Build Credibility & Trust

It is important for every brand to strive to build credibility and trust. With so much going on on the internet, customers want to do business with reputable companies. Part of building credibility and trust is establishing your business and an authority or expert in the industry. Achieving this involves several working parts. Online reputation, content strategy, and SEO. A good SEO strategy helps businesses achieve top search results organically. Which, most customers view as more trustworthy than paid ads.

SEO strategy

#2 Choose The Right Keywords

The keywords you choose are important for the success of your SEO strategy. As you go through the keyword research process, you will notice that some keywords are more competitive than others. The more competitive the more you have your work cut out for you. Which is why looking at some niche keywords can also be beneficial. Consider locally driven keywords or keywords surrounding an area of specialty. See what works and don’t be afraid to update your strategy as needed.


#3 Paid Ads

Paid ads are great for gaining traffic quickly. The problem is, it can be expensive and it isn’t sustainable unless you are prepared to continually run ads. While some businesses have an endless marketing budget, other smaller companies may find it too expensive. This is one reason why you should incorporate both a paid advertising campaign and an SEO strategy. In addition, a good SEO strategy can pave the way for a higher conversion rate with your paid ads. Customers who have clicked on your ads, may have already viewed organic search results, and therefore have more trust in your brand.


#4 An Optimized Website

Optimizing your website should be a no brainer when it comes to your SEO strategy. However sometimes a website get created or redesigned without any thought of SEO. Then businesses are stuck trying to backtrack and get their site optimized. When designing or redesigning a website, incorporate SEO into the design from the beginning. This saves time, and ensures that there are no misfires.


#5 Be Prepared for Updates

One thing remains certain when it comes to search engines, and that is updates to the algorithms. While most of the time it is just a simple tweak to the algorithm, other times it could be a major overhaul. Being prepared for these updates and ready to embrace the changes is important in order to stay on top of your SEO strategy, because one thing’s for certain, and that is you cannot hide from updates. You can either grow with the updates or allow them to decimate your search ranking.

SEO strategy

Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing and can help you get your SEO strategy off to a good start. To learn more contact Grow Plumbing today!


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Online Marketing – Reach More Customers Today!

November 25th, 2018

An online marketing strategy is a must in order to grow your plumbing business. Things have changed a lot in the marketing world over the last decade. While traditional marketing methods like printed ads, and radio and TV commercials are still effective, there is a whole other world out there in the digital marketing realm. Online marketing offers plumbers a chance to take their business to the next level, and reach more customers than they thought possible. Here is how you can reach more customers with your online marketing.


online marketing

Online Marketing for All

The best part about online marketing is that it is suitable for all types of businesses. Somewhere, there is someone who is looking for your business online. These days most people take to the internet in search of the goods and services they need. Gone are the days of phone books. In today’s technical era, the internet reigns supreme, and phone books are all but obsolete. What this means for your plumbing marketing is that your customers are already online, you just have to present yourself to them.


Conversion Rates and ROI

Online marketing offers better conversion rates because the results are trackable in real time. Online marketing leaves a trail. By consulting your analytics reports, you can see exactly what is working, who your customers are, what sources are referring customers, and so much more. This allows you to create more effective, targeted ads and improves your ROI.



One of the best parts about online marketing is that it is mobile. With more online search taking place on mobile devices, having an online marketing strategy crucial in order to remain competitive and stay relevant. It is important to be online marketingaccessible and available to your customers. The best way to do this is to have a versatile online marketing strategy that incorporates content, social media, local directories, and SEO. Take this opportunity to really engage with your customers. The more ways customers have to get in touch with you, the more available you are to them, the stronger your brand is and the higher your conversions will be. Which brings us to our next point.

Customer Service

Customer service drives business these days. Today’s customers are looking for personalized service and genuine care. Brands that do the best have impeccable customer service. Online marketing allows for businesses to seamlessly interact with their customers. Messaging platforms and chatbots have proven to be really effective in improving customer service. In addition, online surveys and polls distributed through social media can help you gain better insight into what your customers are looking for and how you can better serve them. And lets not forget, local directories and review sites. While reviews may seem like a double edged sword, they can really prove helpful in improving your customer service and overall customer satisfaction, which drives repeat business and referrals.



Since most of today’s consumers are online, it is important for a brand to have an online presence in order to remain relevant. Most brands that have embraced the digital world have done really well. It is important to take a look at who your target audience is, and market where they are most likely to be. Most of today’s working adults, are online. Taking up new trends and diversifying your marketing strategy can only help you reach a broader audience. For example, video content is on the rise. YouTube in the number one used social media site, and other sites like Instagram and Facebook have seen a lot of success with stories, which are short video clips that terminate after 24 hrs. When it comes to online marketing it is important to embrace what is new and try it. You never know what the results are going to be until you try!

Sometimes it is important to delegate your marketing tasks, this includes online marketing. Grow Plumbing specializes in online marketing for plumbers and can help you create a customer online marketing plan that fits your individual needs. To learn more about online marketing and Grow Plumbing contact us today!


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Tips for Better and Affordable Lead Generation

Why Your SEO Strategy Should Always be a Work in Progress


Tips for Better and Affordable Lead Generation

February 26th, 2018


Better and affordable lead generation is one the most important things when it comes to building your business, especially online. When it comes to online plumbing marketing and lead generation there are just so many options out there.  When it comes to forming your strategy, it is important to consider a few things. For starters, your plumbing marketing budget. Second, you need to think about what works for your business and what you want to achieve. Remember, not all business will have the same needs, so different strategies will work differently for everyone. Here are a couple of tips for better and affordable lead generation.


#1 Email Marketing

As things have progressed in online plumbing marketing, email marketing has remained steadfast. Even with all of the new trends and advances in technology, email marketing is still an effective and relevant tool to use when it comes to better and affordable lead generation. There are several different ways you can use email marketing. You can use it in conjuncture with some of your other plumbing marketing tactics as a follow up to a webinar, for example. Or, you can use your contact list to follow up with customers about a job, remind them about upcoming maintenance, or let them know you have a new promotion. The point is, you stay in contact to stay relevant. Make good use of a strong call to action in your subject line to entice your contact to open your email. You should also employ the use of a nice color scheme, branding, and images.


#2 Webinars and Videos

Webinars are a popular way to educate your audience about your service or product. They can also be effective for creating better and affordable lead generation. You’re

better and affordable lead generation

Image Credit: Cultural Awareness,

basically sharing your knowledge with your customers. When it comes to plumbing or HVAC, there are a lot of options out there. Host a how to unclog your toilet webinar or share tips for running the AC more efficiently. When hosting a webinar, you are trying to establish yourself as an expert on the subject. This is not only effective at lead generation but can also help boost your online credibility. You don’t need fancy equipment either, your webcam or cell phone will do the trick. You can post your video on YouTube and then share it on your social media sites.


#3 Paid Ads

Paid ads are an effective way of generating a boost for your plumbing marketing, however it is important to note that not all ads are created the same. In the coming months, it will be important to pay attention to the new Google Chrome ad blocker that is coming out. This is designed to  block ads, that are deemed: annoying, intrusive, and disruptive. With this roll-out it will be important to focus on ads that are effective for your business, but also meet the guidelines for better ad placement. Focus on stationary ads, and avoid ads that employ disruptive videos, hard to find exit buttons, and popup ads, all of which are on the list for most annoying, disruptive, and intrusive. In addition, taking advantage of Google Home Service ads could be a great way for you to gain exposure and generate more leads, while adhering to the guidelines.

 better and affordable lead generation

There are a lot of ways you can generate leads these days. When it comes to growing your business, and knowing how to put your plumbing marketing dollars to work, it is important to know who your customer is and what they are interested in. Consulting with your analytics report is a great way to learn who your customers are. TO learn more about how to create better and affordable lead generation, contact Grow Plumbing today! 


Google Local Services Webinar


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Boost Engagement for Your Facebook Page with These Tips

September 24th, 2017


boost engagement for your facebook pageHaving a Facebook page is a necessary part of any plumbing marketing strategy. Measuring your success is another crucial part of your Facebook marketing strategy. If you have an active strategy with your Facebook page, then you are familiar with your page insights. One of the most important things to pay attention to on your page insights in engagement. Your engagement score measure how people are interacting with your page, it measures likes, reactions, shares, comments, and so forth. Having a good engagement score means that people are interacting well, and chances are if you have good engagement, then you will also have good traffic and good conversions. But what if your engagement isn’t that great? Here are some tips to help you boost engagement for your Facebook page.


#1 Content

Promoting good quality content is important to boost engagement for your Facebook page. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to the content you promote on your Facebook page:


  • Focus on quality – Quality is one of the most important parts of your plumbing marketing strategy. Keep things relevant to your brand and industry.
  • Be consistent – Maintaining your image is an important aspect of creating a strong brand. Strong brand recognition will help boost engagement for your Facebook page.
  • Post often – Posting on a regular basis is important. The more you post the better visibility you will have
  • Diversify – Posting a well-rounded selection of content will help you gain more visibility and appeal to a larger group of viewers. Tyr incorporating images, blogs, infographics, and videos.boost engagement with your facebook page


#2 Share

Facebook is all about sharing, and sharing your friends content is a great way to boost engagement for your Facebook page. Share your friends content. This is a great way for form a beneficial networking partnership. When you share someone’s content they are likely to return the favor. This is beneficial exposure for them and beneficial exposure for you.


#3 Ask Questions

One way to boost engagement for your Facebook page is to ask your audience questions. People like to know that you value their opinion. Ask questions that are relevant to your industry, get people involved. This helps get people to participate and will boost engagement for your Facebook page, not to mention give you valuable insight into what your customers are looking for; information that you can use in all kinds of areas with your plumbing marketing.

#4 Give Them What They Want

It is important to regularly check your page insights as well as your analytics report. This information will help you in more ways than one. These reports tell you what types of content your audience responds to the most, what search terms they use, what times of day they are active on Facebook, what area they live in, and so much more. This will help you post better content geared towards their tastes. When you give your audience more of what they want, then you will boost engagement for your Facebook page.


#5 Participate

You can boost engagement for your Facebook page by participating. Participating in conversations with your audience, and giving recognition where its due. If you get comments make sure you acknowledge those comments. This will keep the engagement train rolling and help sustain long term engagement with your Facebook page and your brand.


To learn more about how to boost engagement with your Facebook page and other plumbing marketing topics contact Grow Plumbing today!



Internet Marketing

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Content Marketing Tips That Matter Now

August 28th, 2017


There have been a lot of changes in SEO and content marketing over the last several years. It used to be that you optimized everything, created infinite inbound links, and stuffed your keywords in everything as a way to tell Google that your website was worthy of a good search ranking. While SEO is still an important determining factor in how Google indexes a website, it isn’t the end all be all. In fact, things have gotten a lot more complicated as the technology has become more sophisticated. Content marketing plays an important role in how customers and Google interact with your brand. Here are content marketing tips that matter now.


Content Marketing and SEO Go Hand in Hand

Your content marketing strategy should go hand in hand with your SEO strategy. You can merge your content strategy and SEO strategy by creating quality content utilizing your keywords. This is one of the easier and safest ways to

content marketing

Image Credit: Manhattan Communications,

consistently stay on top of your SEO. However, instead of stuffing a bunch of keywords in a post, use them in a way that makes sense. For today’s content marketing standards, focus on quality not volume.



Analytics will tell you everything you need to know about what your audience is engaging with.  After all you want to give your audience more of what they want right? You need to make a point to check your analytics on a regular basis, so that you know what content is driving the most traffic, generating the most links, and what keywords you are ranking for. While you want to be able to provide a good variety of content, this can help you navigate the best topics and sources for promotion.


Write For You Customers Not Machines

In the end, it really boils down to what your customers want to see from you. Customer engagement is becoming more of a driving force in pushing and strengthening a company’s brand. If you aren’t promoting content that your customers are interested in, then having a good search ranking, won’t do much to convert your readers. And conversions are your ultimate goal behind all of your online marketing efforts.


For more content marketing tips and how to merge your content marketing strategy with your SEO strategy contact Grow Plumbing today. We specialize in online plumbing marketing and can help you with your strategy. 

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The Challenges of Modern Day SEO for Plumbing Marketing

August 3rd, 2017


The face of the internet and the way people perform search has gradually been changing. When it comes to your plumbing marketing, it is important to be able to keep up. Not staying up to date with the latest in online marketing can result in poor traffic or even penalties from the search engines themselves. Here are some challenges of modern day SEO that you might face.


Mobile Friendliness

One of biggest transitions we have seen in recent years, is the transition from desktop users to mobile users. Mobile search now makes up for most of the searches being performed, which means it is becoming more and more important to make sure your plumbing marketing is properly optimized for mobile searchers, this includes your website, social media profiles, and local directory sites. Google utilizes a lot of information about you, which it garners from your phone, to provides customized and more relevant search results. How you optimize your site for mobile search is crucial, and as the integration technology improves between your phone’s apps and Google, it will become more and more important in the future.



plumbing marketingOne change we saw this year was Google started flagged website that do not utilize a secure HTTPS as not secure. This online security and identity theft becoming more and more of an issue in this technological era. People are becoming more and more sensitive to how their information is being stored. Users want to feel secure when they are browsing websites, so naturally Google took the steps to provide more relevant and safe search results for its users.



The internet is becoming more of a visual place. With visually driven social media sites like Instagram taking off, everything else is starting to catch on, the people like visual content. It helps sell a product, service, or idea. Visual content helps strengthen a platform and invoke an emotional connection. Which is why Google has started to pull from Google images in search results to provide more relevant data. As a result, they have been testing image rich cards in certain markets. What this means for the future of your SEO strategy and plumbing marketing, is more of an emphasis on visual content. Start incorporating more images into your content and be sure to use your keywords to optimize your alt tags.



If one thing is consistent, it is the need for speed. Speed for efficient web browsing. There is nothing more annoying when a webpage loads slow. In fact, this is a huge reason

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: The RealTime Report,

why your bounce rate could be high. To help your SEO and plumbing marketing strategy, you should perform an audit of your site. Make sure it loads quickly for mobile users. One thing that can slow down how fast a website loads is too many images or images that are too large. While you definitely want to use images, as we stated above, make sure they are relevant and that they balance your page. Avoid crowding images, and using images that are too large, the larger the image the longer it will take to convert and load for a smaller screen.


For more plumbing marketing tips contact Grow Plumbing today! We specialize in online plumbing marketing and can help you stay on top of your game. Learn more here



Internet Marketing

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How to Grow Your Business with a Small Marketing Budget

June 21st, 2017



One of the biggest hindrances for small businesses looking to grow their business is a small marketing budget. However, these days it is a lot easier to achieve the results you grow your business with a small marketing budgetwant with a small marketing budget buy taking advantage of the opportunities with online marketing. Online marketing has a lot to offer for all types of businesses, big or small. From social media to content marketing, local directories and SEO. What is so great about online marketing is most anyone can do it and it doesn’t require a huge marketing budget. Here are some ways you can grow your business with a small marketing budget.


#1 Social Media

Social media is the easiest way to reach your customers, especially since social media sites like Facebook and Twitter attracts new users every day. There is a lot of opportunity for visibility using social media to grow your business. The best part is, it is free which is great if you have a small marketing budget. Of course, you can delve into running ads and boosting posts, but to simply get started it is free. A couple of things to keep in mind when using social media:

  • Be authentic
  • Be active
  • Be consistent
  • Be relevant
  • Be professional
  • Have a good time

#2 Content

Having a good content strategy is another great way you can grow your business with a small marketing budget. One of the best ways to get your content strategy rolling is to start a blog. Update your blog at least once a week. Promote your blog on your social media profiles. You should also promote other types of content on your social media profiles like: images, videos, memes, infographcis, and general status updates. Always stay relevant, and work towards providing unique and useful information.


#3 Local Directories

Local directory sites are another important part of your marketing strategy that can help you grow your business while on a small marketing budget. There are many local directory sites out there that are free, so take advantage. Claim your profiles and optimize them. You should also spruce up your directory sites with images, logos, a link to your website, and reviews.  Put your brand into your local directory sites. Claiming these profiles can help you search ranking and make your more visible to mobile users.


#4 SEO

grow your business with a small marketing budget

Image Credit: emarket,

SEO plays an important role in your online marketing strategy. Your keywords set the tone for your entire online marketing strategy. While some keywords are more difficult to rank for, you can still compete with a small marketing budget by selecting locally specific keywords. Optimize your website, social media profiles, blog, and local directories with your keywords. The more consistent you are the better results you will get.

When you try to grow your business with a small marketing budget it can be challenging but it is completely doable if you stay persistent and consistent. Once you have achieved success mastering these tactics you can branch out with some strategically placed ads. To learn more about how to grow your business on a small marketing budget contact Grow Plumbing today, we specialize in helping plumbers achieve their online marketing goals and can help you with all of your online marketing needs. 


Internet Marketing


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Get Your Digital Marketing on Point for 2017

January 18th, 2017


Last year was an eventful year in the digital marketing world. You had the emergence of live streaming on major social media sites, Google algorithm updates (when aren’t they making algorithm updates), an emphasis on quality, unique content, Google rolled out Google Home Services in test areas, and there was a huge shift to mobile first marketing. After surviving all the changes in the digital marketing world last year, you should be more than ready to tackle this year! There are a lot of possibilities for you to succeed this year with your digital marketing, especially if you were paying attention last year! Let’s look at how you can get your digital marketing on point this year!


Get on The Live Streaming Train

Live streaming was big last year on Facebook. This year we anticipate that live streaming will still be a very big deal. So how can you incorporate live streaming into your

digital marketing

Sprout Social,, 01/18/2017

digital marketing plan? First you will want to consider what type of content your audience is interested in. Next you will want to come up with some concepts for live streaming that is realistic for you. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it does have to be doable. You should also think about how you can incorporate topics that are trending.  Some ideas for plumbers could include: before and after, what not to do, examples of poor plumbing repair, new innovations, remodeling ideas, etc. Once you have some ideas for your live streaming you should give it a go! Live streaming is something you can easily build into your brand.


Tailor Content to Your Audience

Content has taken center stage for some time now. Content was a big deal in 2016 and we expect this trend to amplify in 2017. With more and more companies actively participating in feeding the content thirsty beast, the playing field is getting more saturated and more competitive. Having a blog is a good starting point, however moving forward it may not be enough. The more information that is thrown at readers, the more sophisticated their palettes become. What this means for your content strategy moving forward is personalization. We’ve been stressing the importance of crafting your content with your audience in mind, and it couldn’t be more important going into 2017. Analyze your analytics and glean from it what you can. These insights will be crucial for developing content that your audience wants to see.


Use Branded Hashtags

The hashtag phenomena aren’t over yet. A few years ago when hashtags made waves on Twitter, many were quite confused as to their purpose and how to use them effectively. Fast forward a few years, and hashtags have become quite common place, with other social media sites adopting them. Hashtags have proven to be very useful in strengthening a brand, and driving home a topic. The best part about hashtags is anyone can create a hashtag. Focus on hashtags that are specific to your business and make them universal across all your social media platforms.  Use them consistently to create awareness about your brand.


Visual Content

digital marketingInstagram is one of the fastest growing social media sites right now. Instagram is simple to use and is based on images and memes. It’s a little more lighthearted than Facebook. You can incorporate more images into your digital marketing strategy by participating in Instagram. Share work pictures, small video clips, related memes, and other images that are relevant to your industry. Utilize your hashtags, make mentions, Instagram is the perfect blend of Facebook and Twitter.


A good place to start when working on your digital marketing plan for this year, is you digital marketing plan for last year. Perhaps you want to start where you left off, or maybe your digital marketing plan needs a little more work. Going over your successes as well as the areas you need improvement on can help you form a better plan for this year! For more tips on how to improve your digital marketing plan this year visit

Click Here

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How to Get Customers to Find Your Business

February 19th, 2016


Its important to increase your online visibility in order to get customer to find your business online. Creating a good website is only part of the equation. The next step is to get customers to find your business. So how do you get customers to find your business? You have to lead them to your business strategically. You can do this with a great content strategy, social media, and local directories.


Content Strategy

A good content strategy will help customers find your business by providing them with good quality content, which all internet users seek. Content that is routinely updated will help customer find your business by providing a good opportunity to optimize your content with your keywords, which will help with your search ranking further helping customers find your business. Aside from the SEO perks content also helps establish your authority in the industry and helps you build credibility with your customers.


Social Media

help customers find your businessThere is no doubt that social media is a great way to help customers find your business. You can grow your networks with your existing customers and seek out new ones. Implementing your content strategy into your social media is also good and helps build engagement with your following and create traffic to your website. When it comes to social media there are a lot of options. If you are just getting started we suggest going with the big 4, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +. Get a feel for those sites and then branch on from there. Remember aside from helping customers find your business you are also building a brand, so keep things uniform to help strengthen your brand.


Local Directories

Local directories are huge when it come to helping customers find your business, especially with mobile users. Sites like Yelp and Google Local can be instrumental in helping customers find your help customers find your businessbusiness. So take advantage of these sites. Optimize your sites with your keywords, add pictures, add your logo, and make sure that all the pertinent business information is accurate. Many of these sites also allow you to add your website, a crucial part of information to help customers find your business. Many of these sites also allow for ratings and reviews which also help customers find your business. Encourage your customers to leave positive feedback and reviews to help increase your visibility.


These are just 3 areas you can focus on to help customers find your business. If you are just starting out, concurring these areas will give you a good start. You may also want to consider running a paid ad here and there to boost traffic. Facebook is a good place to run ads, or you may consider a Google Adwords campaign. To learn more about plumbing marketing and how to get customers to find your business please visit




Internet Marketing

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