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3 Areas to Focus on for Your Online Plumbing Marketing Strategy

June 23rd, 2017


When it comes to your online plumbing marketing strategy it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options out there. How do you know which areas are most important to focus on? What we have discovered is that if all else fails, social media, content, and SEO are most important for delivering results. These 3 areas are things you can focus on now to improve your online plumbing marketing strategy.


Social Media

Social mediais a great way to get started with your online plumbing marketing. Start gaining exposure and building your brand right away.  You can connect with your existing customers and reach out to new customers. Think of social media

plumbing marketing

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as a branding tool. Promote your logo, company culture, and content. Your social media strategy should present a uniformed front, and influence how your customers associate with your business. Remember to be friendly, professional, relevant, and try to incorporate a little bit of your personality. Customers like to feel like they are dealing with a real person on the other end.



Content can really make or break your online plumbing marketing strategy. If you are producing a blog that is well thought out and generates a good following, your content strategy could single handedly make your online plumbing marketing strategy. There are a lot of success stories out there, with companies who deliver the results they want for their online marketing by creating and promoting good content. However, it is important to keep in mind that it does take time, dedication, consistency, and good promotion. Incorporating good images into your content is another must.



use customer feedback to your advantageSEO is important for a lot of different parts of your online plumbing marketing strategy. Keywords along with link building is how web crawlers find your website, social media profiles, content, and local directories. Think of SEO as a roadmap telling search engines where you want them to go. Getting indexed by search engines is important to improve your search ranking. Of course, you want to get to the first page of search results, and a good SEO strategy is how you are going to get there. A good SEO strategy will incorporate a couple thoughtful keywords or keyword phrases, meaning keywords that are specific, easy to rank for, and of good quality. These will often in tale locally driven keywords. These keywords should be equally distributed throughout your website, content, title tags, meta description, alt tags, social media profiles, and more. In addition, there should also be a healthy amount of natural, inbound links to your website. These can be created by sharing links to your website on social media sites, local directory sites, and with any networking partners.


By focusing on these 3 things for your online plumbing marketing you can greatly improve your results. Of course, running some paid ads can also help, if you are just getting started these 3 things is a good place to start. Need a little help with your online plumbing marketing strategy? We are here to help! Grow Plumbing specializes in online plumbing marketing and can help you formulate a plan that will deliver the results you are after. Learn more here

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Tips to Simplify Your Online Plumbing Marketing Strategy

June 1st, 2017


Work Smarter Not Harder


simplify your plumbing marketing

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Your online plumbing marketing strategy doesn’t need to rule your life. Sometimes people get so caught up in the online trends that they get overwhelmed with their plumbing marketing strategy all together. When this happens, your online plumbing marketing strategy starts to look more like a chore then something you enjoy doing to build your business. Nobody really likes to do chores, and when your plumbing marketing seems like a burden you are more likely to push it to the back of your priorities, and then your back to square one. How are you going to grow plumbing businesses online if your plumbing marketing duties are not getting done? The trick is to simplify your online plumbing marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be this super complex thing. Here are some tips to help simplify your online plumbing marketing strategy.


#1 Focus on What You Know

One way we get tripped up is trying to take on too many new elements. While trying new things and new marketing tactics is a good idea. It is important to focus on things that you do know, while slowly incorporating new ideas. Avoid taking on too many new things at once. Focus on what you know works and delivers results, then try new things.


#2 Commit to Your Content Strategy

One thing is for sure, content is king when it comes to your plumbing marketing. If all else fails, commit to your content strategy, it will be your saving grace. Aim to update your blog at least one time a week, and update your status updates several times a week. Write about what you know, topics that interest you, and topics that interest your audience. Relevancy and consistency is key. To stay on top of things keep a running list of possible blog topics, and when you think of something that would make and excellent blog, write the topic down. You should also create a collection of ready to go status updates that are always relevant. You can recycle them as needed.


#3 Automate Just a Little Bit

Automation can really help simplify your plumbing marketing strategy. One area that we recommend you automate is your status updates. You can utilize a universal social media platform like Hootsuite to update all of your social media sites

simplify your plumbing marketing

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simultaneously, and ahead of time. This saves you a ton of time, which helps guarantee that it is getting done.


#4 Measure Results

Keeping track of your results is another important aspect of simplifying your plumbing marketing strategy. Make it a point to check your analytics at regular intervals. See what is working and what isn’t. Then you can adjust your strategy as needed. It makes no sense to continue to put forth effort in channels that aren’t performing. This simplifies things a lot, because you are working more efficiently and effectively.


#5 Quality not Quantity

If all else fails, keep in mind that quality is more valuable than quantity when it comes to your plumbing marketing. Don’t waste your time trying to amass a huge following. Think concise, consistent, and effective. Put forth your efforts and resources into areas that will deliver. And, make sure you are targeting the right audience.


Need help with your plumbing marketing strategy? Sometimes the most important thing you can do for your plumbing marketing is to admit that you might need a little help. That is where we come in. Grow Plumbing specializes in online plumbing marketing and can get you get the results you want. Learn more here.


Internet Marketing

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Tips for Managing Your Online Plumbing Marketing

August 5th, 2016


Last time we talked about creating good infrastructure for your online plumbing marketing. Once you have established a good foundation for your online plumbing marketing its time to put your plan to work. A good online plumbing marketing strategy will take time and dedication in order to be effective. Managing your online plumbing marketing is just as important as creating good infrastructure. Here are some tips to help you manage your online plumbing marketing.


Stay Organized

Organization is one the best tips we can offer for managing your online plumbing marketing. Part of staying organized is creating a place or file for you to store all of your login information and passwords for various platforms you may be using for online plumbing marketing. Relying on your memory isn’t the best solution as passwords sometimes need to be updated, not to mention the ever changing security measures that each sites enacts. Creating a spreadsheet is a great idea to help you stay organized. You can also use Google Docs to create a shareable document that you can share with other members of your team. This cloud based free service is also great for accessing your information on the go and on multiple computers. You can also store content ideas, status updates, schedules, and images. Having everything in one easy to access location makes things simple and will help you stay organized.


Create a Schedule

managing your online plumbing marketing

Fox Valley Grappling Club,, 08/05/2016

Creating a schedule also helps with managing your online plumbing marketing. Schedule time to work on your social media accounts, schedule time to create content, schedule time to promote content. All of this is important for your online plumbing marketing. By setting aside specific time for these tasks to get done you increase the chances of them actually getting done. You should also make a point to schedule time to review your efforts at least once a month. This way you will know if you are on the right path. Measuring your results will help you make any necessary changes to your online plumbing marketing plan.


Use a Little Automation

A little automation can really help when it comes to managing your online plumbing marketing. One area that automation can make a huge impact is with scheduling your status updates. We recommend using an app called Hootsuite to managing your online plumbing marketingmanage all of your social media sites from from easy location. You can integrate your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google feeds and pre-schedule posts to syndicate to all of your sites simultaneously. We can’t tell you how much of a time saver this is!


Ask for Help

If you are having a hard time managing your online plumbing marketing don’t be afraid to ask for help. You busy running your business and that’s exactly what you should be doing, but you don’t want your online plumbing marketing to fall by the wayside either. Ask for help in your office or enlist the help of a professional plumbing marketing specialist. Grow Plumbing specializes in online plumbing marketing and can help you manage your online plumbing marketing with a customized plan that fits your individual needs. Contact Grow Plumbing today to learn more!



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