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The Power Of Your Online Reviews

July 23rd, 2020

Word of mouth marketing has been around forever. As a business owner, you probably realize the value of word of mouth referrals. With the onset of the internet, word of mouth marketing, has taken on a new look via online reviews. Online reviews are important for several reasons, with the obvious reason being that people want to do business with businesses that have a good reputation. Online reviews are one of the key driving factors that affects your online reputation. Here’s how to harness the power of your online reviews to help you grow your business.

online reviews

Google Service Ads

You are probably familiar with Google service ads. Google has been expanding their home services ads for the last several years. These are the ads for service professionals that appear at the top of search results. There are several factors that determine ad placement for service professionals using these ads, and one of them is a company’s online reputation. Google wants users to rely on them to help them find the goods and services they need, as a result they only want to provide results that are of the finest quality. Online reviews help Google determine which service providers are worthy. Which is why, as a service professional, you should focus on cultivating online reviews, particularly with Google, if you are running service ads. 


How To Get Customers To Leave Reviews

Getting your customers to leave good feedback can be a bit challenging. The key is to encourage reviews at the right time and then follow up. Solicit a review at the completion of a job when things are fresh on your customers mind. You can also follow up with an email. Be sure to include links to your review sites to make finding your profiles as easy as possible. You could also consider offering a promotion for reviews, for example; “every review gets a free magnet” or something along those lines. Of course you will want to be cautious with this one, as sites like Yelp frown on “paying” for reviews.


Remember It’s A Numbers Game

Statistically speaking, you are bound to get reviews from time to time that do not show your business in the greatest light. Negative reviews are going to happen, even when you aim for perfection. There is a ratio at play; a customer who has a positive experience may tell a few people, but a person with a negative experience will tell 10 plus people about their negative experience. This is what fuels negative reviews, and why it may be challenging to get customers to leave a review. If a negative review comes your way, don’t fret. Look at your positive reviews vs. your negative reviews. If it is only an isolated negative review, you have nothing to worry about. You can encourage more positive reviews to filter out the negative one, and depending on the situation, you may even be able to negotiate with the site administrator and have the review removed. 

online reviews

In addition, you may want to take this opportunity to demonstrate your customer service skills by reaching out to the customer. Sometimes, it’s more so about how you handle adversities than the actual review. Negative reviews provide you the ability to right a wrong, and make your customer happy. It also gives you the opportunity to reevaluate some of your business practices. Perhaps there is an area that needs improvement. Use this opportunity to help facilitate growth.


It’s Not All About Google

While there is not doubt that Google is a big contender, it isn’t the only place you should focus on. Sites like Yelp are also important. Consider your local directory sites, and even Facebook reviews. Online reviews help strengthen your online reputations, establish your authority in the industry, and even help improve your SEO.


Get Help With Your Plumbing Marketing

Online reviews are just part of the bigger picture. Feeling overwhelmed with your plumbing marketing? We can help! Grow Plumbing specializes in online plumbing marketing and can help you form a customized strategy that meets your individual needs. Learn more now! 



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How Online Reviews Can Affect Your Plumbing Marketing

May 18th, 2018


Word of mouth marketing is a very powerful thing, recently word of mouth marketing has taken on a whole new persona, in the form of online reviews. With the rise in popularity of local directory sites like Yelp, online reviews became the new word of mouth marketing. Online reviews can have an affect on your plumbing marketing in a couple of different ways, like your online reputation and search ranking. This is why it is important to cultivate a good strategy for soliciting online reviews.


Online Reputation

online reviewsOne of the most obvious ways online reviews can affect your plumbing marketing is through your online reputation. Ratings and reviews play a huge role in how potential customers view your brand. Having either a favorable or unfavorable reputation will influence customers decisions to do business with you. In terms of your online reputation and cultivating your reviews you always want to put your best foot forward! It is important to be proactive with your online reviews. Acknowledge favorable reviews with a thank you, and always address negative reviews.

Tips for Handling Negative Reviews:

  •  Think before you react. Never respond to a negative review in the heat of the moment. Take some time to process the information before you respond.
  • Avoid getting defensive. Getting defensive when responding to a negative review can make things worse. Instead swallow your pride and try to see things from the customers point of view. This may give you some insight into areas of your business that could be improved.
  • Be genuine, courteous, and empathetic. You never know what kind of day someone is having. When a customer leaves a negative review, it could have simply been the straw that broke the camels back, and so they are taking it out on you. By showing genuine care and concern, and responding with a courteous and empathetic demeanor, you can deescalate the situation and even turn it around.  
  • Always try to resolve. Always try to find a solution. Most of the time your customer will tell you what they want. Try to make it right! This demonstrates your willingness to go above and beyond for your customers and your exemplary customer service. Which makes others want to do business with you. Remember, we all make mistakes, but sometimes it’s how you respond to a negative situation, that sets you apart from the rest!

Search Ranking

Another way online reviews can affect your plumbing marketing is through search results. With the roll out of Google Services Ads, online reviews play a huge role in which companies get featured in search results. Companies that have a good online reputation, have a better chance at populating in Google Services Ads. This is because Google wants to provide customers with the most relevant and quality results. Because they are putting their guarantee behind it, only reputable companies that have good online reviews and have undergone a background check will populate. Google Service Ads offer a lot of benefits for your plumbing marketing. If you are taking advantage of these ads, or thinking about it, it may be a good idea to rev up your online reviews solicitation efforts.

Some Ideas for Cultivating Online Reviews:

  • Include links to directory sites on your website
  • Promote your directory sites on social media
  • Follow up with your customers after a job is completed, and ask for a review
  • Include links to directory sites on your monthly emails


It is never too late to improve your online reputation. If you are suffering from reviews that are not the most favorable, you have several options:

Solicit new reviews – by soliciting new reviews for your business you can eventually bury the ones that are negative. While they may not disappear altogether, having positive reviews outweigh the negative reviews can make the negative online reviewsreviews obsolete. In addition, statistics show that the more reviews you have, the more likely a negative review will sneak its way in eventually. Its probability, even if you do your best every day. It’s important to remember that you can’t please everyone, and sometimes we all have an off day.


Ask for the review to be taken down – if you have a negative review that is completely unfounded, you aren’t necessarily at their mercy. You do have the option to have it removed by the site. Contact the site administrator and ask them to remove the review. Most sites are more than willing to remove a damaging review that tarnishes your reputation, granted you provide reasonable cause as to why the review is solicitous and unfounded.


For more information on how online reviews can affect your plumbing marketing and how to cultivate more online reviews contact Grow Plumbing today! We specialize in online digital marketing for plumbers and can help you achieve success with your online reviews, Google Services Ads, and more!

Google Local Services Webinar

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Managing Your Local Directories

November 25th, 2017


Local directories sites are great for your plumbing marketing. They help you gain more exposure, interact with customers, generate inbound links to your website, and help

managing your local directories

Image Credit: Reputation Health,

with search ranking. These days, what other customers think and say about your business has a huge influence on potential customers buying power. Future customers put a lot of stock in what previous customers experienced, more so than expert reviews. This is why managing your local directories is so important for your plumbing marketing.


Make Sure Your Business Information is Accurate

One of the most important parts of managing your local directory sites is to make sure the information about your business is accurate. Believe it or not, but sometimes the information on local directory sites isn’t accurate, this is more likely if you haven’t claimed your listing on sites that generate a listing for you, like Yelp. It is very possible that they have the wrong address, phone number, website, or hours of operation. What’s great about managing your local directories is you have the opportunity to update information about your business. Having the correct business information is important for generating new customers, you don’t want potential customers to have the wrong information about the areas you operate in or your business hours, do you?


Generate Links

Part of managing your local directories is generating links. Local directories provide a safe space to generate some good quality inbound links to your website. They are reputable, and also have the ability to refer a lot of traffic. Part of making sure that your business information is accurate, is to make sure your provide a link to your website. You can also go a step above and provide links to your social media profiles as well. The more ways a customer can get a hold of you, the better, plus to increase your online exposure.


Monitor Reviews

managing your local directoriesReviews are part of local directories, and part of what makes them so powerful. Part of managing your local directories is monitoring your reviews. The good, the bad, and the ugly! Chances are, you will have to face a negative review at some point in time, it’s statistical that the more reviews you have, the higher the probability that at one point a negative one will sneak through. Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes things fall through the cracks no matter how hard you try. What is important, is that you are prepared to deal with negative reviews. Monitoring your reviews and staying on top of them is the best way to stay proactive. Address them and respond. Take this opportunity to turn a negative situation around. This can help your right a wrong, and demonstrate your excellent customer service skills. In addition, if there is a negative review that is not valid, and is damaging to you reputation, you can repeal the review. If the local directory agrees with you, the will take it down. Remember you are not at the mercy of online reviews, as long as you are managing your local directory sites.

For more plumbing marketing tips, or to learn more about managing your local directories contact Grow Plumbing today!


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How to Protect Your Online Credibility

October 20th, 2017


Managing your online credibility is an important part of online plumbing marketing. It takes a while to build good credibility, however losing your credibility can happen overnight. A lot of things go into building good online credibility, and managing your credibility is an ongoing process that takes careful consideration and dedication. Let’s look at ways you can protect your online credibility.



Part of protecting your online credibility is monitoring your reputation online. There are apps you can utilize that will automate this for you, Reputology is a good one, it costs about $25 a month and will alert you. However, if you are looking at going the freemange online credibilityroute you can set up Google alerts or social mentions, which will send you a notification anytime someone mentions your business. Knowledge is power when it comes to monitoring your online credibility. The more you know the better you can react to attacks on your credibility.



One of the most important parts of maintaining your online credibility is to reflect before you react. Often times we are quick to get angry and quick to get defensive, and this is one of the worst things you can do. Consider the situation, is there any merit to it? Was there something you could have done differently? It’s important to take each situation, and think of it as a learning or teaching experience. This can help you form a better response, and help you improve your business operations. Remember, you should never respond in anger. Take time to internalize the situation you that you can form the best, most thoughtful response possible.



manage online credibilityNot responding to negative reviews or negative interactions online can do more harm than good. It demonstrates that you don’t care and/or are not active online, which is another problem in and of itself. So, by all means, please respond. With that being said, be courteous, address the problem, and offer a solution. It should be your goal to turn the situation around. When you are willing to right the situation, regardless of who is at fault, it demonstrates to your customers that you care about their well-being and your quality of work.


Proactively Craft Good Credibility

Part of protecting your online credibility is to proactively create good credibility. This involves creating good quality content that demonstrate your knowledge. This helps boost engagement, which helps you build relationships with your audience. The more personal relationships you have with your audience the better credibility you will have with them. When you have good relationships with your audience, then you can solicit reviews. Asking for reviews from your customers will help mediate any negative reviews.


One thing to keep in mind when it comes to your online credibility is that having a negative review is inevitable, you could have hundreds of positive reviews and favorable rating, but every now and then a negative one will sneak in there. And this is ok, just be sure to address it. For more information on managing your online credibility contact Grow Plumbing today. 


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Tips to Help You Manage Your Online Reputation

July 26th, 2017

Guest Blog Post By: Amber Henning - Amber Henning is an online marketing expert, who has worked for several plumbers and other in service industries, such as Knight Plumbing. Through search engine optimization, reputation management, and social media advertising she has helped several clients find success in the online marketing world. 


How Do You Manage Your Online Reputation?

Word-of-mouth sounds like an outdated marketing strategy, but there is truth behind those cliched words. Even in a world where digital is king, what people say about you and your business can have a huge impact. In fact, these days the Internet is right at people’s fingertips which is why it is important to have a strategy in place to manage your

manage your online reputation

Image Credit: LinkedIn,

online reputation. For plumbers, and others in the service industry, online comments and reviews can make or break your company’s online reputation ultimately affecting how successful your business is. So, don’t you think it’s time you were paying attention?

Guess What? Your Customers are Talking

Only a few years ago, the Internet was a less interactive place. Most websites were nothing more than extended business cards. However, with Google, Facebook, Yelp and

other review sites gaining so much credibility, people are encouraged to engage with companies online giving them a chance to express their opinions, in an extremely impactful way. These are critical forums for your business and are good sites to monitor for constructive criticism.

No matter how small your business may be, your current and prospective clients are talking about you. Maybe they are tweeting, leaving a review, liking your social Media profiles, or sharing your website. If you have an online presence, they will interact with you.


Let’s Talk About Transparency

manage your online reputationBeing transparent in a company can be difficult, but if you are doing solid business, opening yourself up to feedback can provide you with untold benefits. Transparency in business is, in fact, becoming more the norm and the Internet and online reviews are a major part of that.

Being transparent does have its risks, however, in the long run, the alternative can have far more detrimental circumstances.


Get Up to Date Online

One of the first things you want to do to manage your online reputation, is make sure your online presence is strong. The first stop for that will undoubtedly be Google. Verifying your Google Listing, if you haven’t yet, is imperative to having a strong online presence. Not only will it help with your search engine rankings, it will ensure that all your Google Reviews will show up in the right place.

It’s also helpful to make sure you have verified for your listing with Yelp, as well as developed your social media profiles. Resist the urge to ignore social media; developing a profile page gives your current and prospective clients more opportunity to interact with you and that will hopefully result in a more positive online reputation.



Reacting to Your Feedback

Sometimes it can feel extremely challenging to respond when someone has left you a negative review. Honestly, even responding to good reviews can be difficult. However, it is important to help you manage your online reputation. Here are some good rules of thumb to help you.

Responding to Negative Reviews

Be More Apologetic Than Defensive– There is always more to a story than a review reveals; reviews by their nature are one-sided. That is why it makes sense that so

manage your online reputation

Image Credit: B2C,

often your immediate response is to jump on the defensive, however, for your business’s sake, you will want to curb this impulse. Remember to remain humble and understanding of your client’s situation in response to any negativity. Take responsibility and if possible, offer to fix the situation or make it right for next time they need service.

Think of Your Audience – Remember, when responding to an online review who your audience really is. While you want to speak to the person who left the review, your real audience is the prospective clients who are reading those reviews. Your job is to instill trust and the feeling of respect for your prospective clients. You may never see the reviewer again, they have their mind made up, but if you handled a response with care and respect, that will speak volumes to those who are still trying to decide whether they should pick up the phone and call.

Sometimes No Response is the Best Response-  If a previous customer has left a negative review with zero constructive criticism, it can be frustrating and hard to not respond in the heat of the moment. Even loyal customers may see the need to defend your business for you in a heated manner.  In these situations, the best thing to do is to not respond and focus on the positive. If you were to respond to the negative comment, it is actually drawing out the longevity of the situation and driving it’s ranking up the results list on Google bringing unwanted attention from prospective clients.  A better way to bury the issue is to have your loyal customers post positive testimonials on your website so that the positivity surpasses the negativity on google results.


Responding to Positive Reviews


Being Humble Goes a Long Way – Responding positively is a great way to retain clients and garner new ones. Always thank your customers in reviews and make sure they know they are appreciated and their business is valued.

Highlight your Employees – If your clients had a great experience, make sure you acknowledge the staff that helped in your response. This makes your company appear more personal, which draws in clients who are looking for someone they can trust. In addition, when your employees are getting accolades online it often encourages them to work harder so they can get positive praise again.




React Quickly

monitor your online reputation

Image Credit: Forbes,

One of the most important things to help you manage your online reputation is your response time. If someone leaves a public comment or negative review, especially on social media, respond immediately. Left unmonitored, a negative comment can snowball online, growing bigger as people share or leave comments. If you feel like a proper response will take some time to formulate, make sure you have at least acknowledged the comment. A simple message like, “We are looking into the problem and will get back to you as soon as we can,” can help calm down the poster or reviewer long enough for you to research the problem, without them losing their patience and making your review even worse.

Stay Consistent

A solid strategy to manage your online reputation goes beyond responding to reviews. To really attract an online customer base, you must be prepared to manage all online interactions, likes, re-posts, shares, comments and messages.

Stay consistent with your profiles. Make regular posts so that is apparent you are not just coming online when you have something to promote.  While you are regularly posting, you can easily monitor your social media and quickly respond when someone reacts in one way or another with your company.

Get Alerts

If monitoring your online presences feels too cumbersome, there are several programs that will help you manage your online reputation by sending you alerts whenever your business is reviewed online. You can also set up your social media profiles to send you notification when someone interacts with your profile.

Ask for Reviews

There is no shame in asking for reviews, referrals and testimonials. When you know a client is happy with the services they have received, ask them to leave a review online. If your service professionals aren’t comfortable asking for reviews, send a follow up email with your invoice or bill and ask for one then. You can also offer incentives for those that leave reviews, like a percentage off their next maintenance or service call. The more positive online reviews the better it looks for prospective clients and it helps with your search engine optimization too.


Online reputation is integral to success, especially for those in service industries, like plumbers and other home contractors. Creating a strong web presence and cultivating your online reputation is as important as that old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising that helped so many plumbers grow back in the day. Taking a few simple steps can help cement your company as the one to call and keep your clients coming back again and again.

Internet Marketing


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Get More Online Reviews with These Tips

February 26th, 2017



Online reviews are powerful things. They have the power to influence others customers, and significantly impact search ranking. While not all online reviews are positive reviews, the benefits of them outweigh the negative. Online reviews are crucial in gaining your business the best possible visibility, so how can you get more online reviews? Here are some tips.


Google or Yelp?

online reviewsHow you get online reviews will depend on the type of reviews you are looking for. Both Google and Yelp are reliable places where customers like to provide feedback. And both sites are good for mobile marketing. When it comes to soliciting more online reviews for either of these sites you will have better luck it the customer is an active user of the site. Look through your customer email database, locate the ones with Gmail and send them a request to review your business on Google Local. If soliciting Yelp reviews, keep in mind that not all customers are Yelp users. If they review your business on Yelp without being active Yelpers, there review could end up being removed by Yelps spam removal algorithm.


Don’t Offering Compensation

The best reviews will be more organic in nature. Offering customers compensation for reviews could backfire by curbing enthusiasm over your business. Encourage reviews, but there is no need to offer incentives for reviews that most customers will offer for free.


Make it Easy

If you are Yelp share the link to your Yelp listing, if you are Google Local share the link for your Google Local listing. Make it as easy to find your business as possible. Include links to your sites in your email signature, include links on your website, and promote them on your social media sites. The easy it is for customers to find your local directory listings the better.


Don’t Wait

Once your complete a job, as for a review right away, while it is still fresh in your customer’s mind. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get your customers to

online reviews

Image Credit: Blue Diamond Plumbing,

review your work. Include a message on their invoice. Follow up with your customers on your work, while doing so you can also ask them for an online review.


When it comes to the next big change in Google advertising tactics, online reviews, particularly with Google Local will have a huge impact on ad placement. Learn more about the expected roll-out of Google Home Services and how you can prepare to get your business listed here.



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The Importance of Online Reviews and The Roll Out of Google Home Services

February 24th, 2017


Online reviews have always been important when it comes to your online plumbing marketing. Online reviews have major influence when it comes to swaying customer’s decisions to do business with you. It’s a proven fact that business with more reviews get more traffic on local directories. When it comes to the roll out of Google Home Service, part of the criteria that Google will judge your business on is your online reviews on your Google Local Business listing.


Google Home Services

Google Home Services for Plumbing CompaniesGoogle has been testing its new Home Service platform in San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and most recently Los Angeles. The idea behind Google Home Services is to improve the search experience for the user by connecting customers to the service providers they are looking for directly. Google realizes that they can improve the experience by keeping users on Google instead of referring them out.  Businesses that wish to be a part of Google Home Services must apply for it. One of the grading criteria for placement will be online reviews.


The Importance of Online Reviews

As we stated above, online reviews are very powerful and persuasive tools. Not only do they have the ability to influence potentials customers, they are also going to be taken into consideration for ad placement with the new Google Home Services. Business that have the highest ratings will appear at the top of sponsored ads. While Google hasn’t release Home Services nationally yet, they more than likely will expand it throughout the year. For plumbing marketing purposes, it would be wise to step your online review game up!


What You Can Do to Get More Online Reviews?

The best approach to getting more online reviews is a direct approach. Ask your existing customers to provide feedback. It doesn’t hurt to ask. You can go about asking them

google home servies

Image Credit: B2C,

several different ways:

  • Verbally ask
  • Send out a survey
  • Follow up a few week later with an email or a phone call
  • Promote your Google Local or Yelp page on social media

You should incorporate asking for online reviews into your normal procedures. Getting in the habit of doing so will make it easier. Once you start gaining more online reviews you will also see the benefits.


Google Home Services is the future of Adwords for home service providers. Get ahead of the game before its official roll out. Need some assistance with getting ready for the next big Google change? Contact Grow Plumbing today! We specialize in online plumbing marketing, and can help you with all of your online plumbing marketing needs. 

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

October 19th, 2016


Online reviews can be great for your plumbing marketing. They can help improve your credibility with new customers and also help with your search ranking. With all the wonderful things that comes with online reviews you also have to be willing to deal with the negative parts of online reviews, and that is negative online reviews. Negative online reviews can be frustrating, mostly because you really don’t have any control over what someone is going to say about your business. Even if you try you hardest, there will be times when someone won’t be satisfied, this is where you have to learn to take the good in with the bad. Here are some tips on how to handle negative online reviews.


#1 Don’t Respond While Angry

online reviews

Hindustan Times,, 10/19/2016

One of the worst things you can do when dealing with a negative online review is to respond out of anger. Its understandable that a negative online review will ruffle you feathers, however responding to a negative online review while still angry could make the situation worse. Instead wait a few days or even a week, calm down, collect your thoughts and then respond. You will be able think more clearly and articulate your message in a more empathetic and communicative way. Don’t add fuel to the fire, and try not to be defensive.


#2 Research The Validity of The Claim

Is there a valid base for the negative online review? You can’t respond appropriately until you look into it. Talk to your staff members or retrace your steps. Are there areas where service fell through the cracks? We all make mistakes from time to time, none of us are perfect, even when we strive to be. Try putting yourself in your customers position. Did you do everything in your power to ensure they were well taken care of and their demands were met?


#3 Respond

Responding to a negative online review is important. Avoiding the situation will not make it go away or make it better. In fact failure to address the issue could look bad to other potential customers. One of the take aways from a negative online

online reviews

Common Places Interactive,, 10/19/2016

review is the ability to learn from it and make things right. You always have the opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one based on how you handle it. In crafting your response make sure you take some time and put some thought into it. If you have to make several drafts until its right do it.


Always remember that a negative review is a way to learn and grow as a business. Perhaps there are areas that do need improvement, a negative online review could be a blessing in disguise. For more tips on online reviews and your plumbing marketing visit



Internet Marketing

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Plumbing Marketing – How Online Reviews Effect Local SEO

October 17th, 2016


online reviewsOnline reviews can make a huge impact on your plumbing marketing and local SEO. Aside from promoting potential customers to do or not do business with you, online reviews can actually have an affect on your local SEO. Why you ask? Because search engines are in the business of promoting what customers, or in their case searchers want to see, and when it comes to decision making a growing number of people report online reviews as being a major influence for their decision. With this knowledge in hand, search engines are now more likely to promote businesses that have reviews at the top of search results. The question is what type of criteria do search engines utilize in determining which businesses reviews get ranked? Here’s how online reviews effect local SEO.


#1 Quantity

The amount of reviews a business has is definitely a factor for search engines. In this case more is definitely better. When it comes to building credibility, most customer’s prefer at least 7-10 reviews. If you are lacking in the review department then it may be time to start soliciting your customers for reviews.


#2 Velocity

The rate at which reviews are posted can effect local SEO as well. If reviews are pouring in too quickly this can send off a red flag to search engines and you can get dinged. While you don’t necessarily have any control on how reviews come in, a natural pattern is what search engines are looking for. Review manipulation is definitely frowned upon.


#3 Diversity

When it comes to online reviews there are a lot of options for local directories, from Google Local, Yelp, Angie’s List, and Yahoo. Search engines prefer a diverse source of reviews. The more local directories you take advantage of the better, as it

online reviews

Epoch Times,, 10/16/2016

helps boost your relevancy. While Google is definitely one of the head honchos in local directories, the amount of reviews your business accumulates on other third party sites also matters. Remember some 3rd party sites, like Yelp for example, will have greater authority with Google than others.


#4 Keywords

Keywords can also play a role in how online reviews effect local SEO. As a matter of fact many online reviews will inadvertently include some high ranking keywords naturally. Naturally being the operative rule.


#5 Authority Reviewers

Some sites like Yelp give more influence to some reviewers than others. This has to do with the amount and frequency of reviews the user posts. New users on Yelp don’t even get their reviews published until they have submitted 5 reviews or more. Having a review done by an “authority Reviewer” is one way online reviews effect your local SEO.


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5 Tips to Help You Get More Online Reviews for Your Plumbing Marketing

July 21st, 2014
online reviews plumbing marketing


There is no doubt that online reviews are an important part of plumbing marketing. Previously we went over why online reviews are so important to your plumbing marketing; now we are going to discuss how to get them. Sometimes online reviews are not easy to come by, and for various reasons. Here are some tips to help you get more online reviews for your plumbing marketing.


  1. First and foremost we sincerely hope that you have claimed your local directories. Yelp!, Google Local, Yahoo etc… are all local directory sites that enable online reviews. Not claiming these local directory listings could be a detriment to your plumbing marketing. To ensure that all pertinent business information is correct and to start monitoring your online reviews you must claim these local directory listings. If there isn’t a local directory listing for your plumbing company then you can set one up. Its easy, simple and won’t take long at all.


  2. Monitor the existing online reviews you do have. Be aware of what people are saying about your plumbing company. There may be some negative reviews that need to be addressed. Not addressing these can do a lot more harm than has already been done. Be proactive and address the issues head on. If you can make adjustments within your operation to alleviate common customer service drawbacks. Happy customers will leave happy reviews.



  3. Solicit reviews. Simply ask your customers to give their feedback once a job has been completed. Many customers will happily give their feedback, especially if you let them know that you value their opinion.


  4. Incorporate your online reviews with your social media. These days people devote a lot of time to social media so this is a good way to solicit reviews. You can promote your directory listings and positive reviews using social media, or you can create a fan page for your business. All outlets of plumbing marketing generally work together to create the best possible results. The same holds true for online reviews and social media.



  5. Remember the more reviews you have the more likely you are going to get a negative review here and there. Even if you are providing the best service you can, some people just like to complain, and that’s okay so long as the majority of your online reviews are good reviews. Remember to address the negative reviews in a timely manner and do what you can to alleviate the problem.

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    Hiring Thing,, 7/21/2014


Online reviews are a pertinent part of your plumbing marketing. They help boost your credibility and help increase your exposure. To learn more about how online reviews affects your plumbing marketing and other plumbing marketing topics please visit

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