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4 Important Things For Crafting The Perfect Email

August 31st, 2020

When it comes to your plumbing marketing strategy, it is important to have a well rounded strategy. This involves a combination of social media, online ads, and email marketing just to name a few things to consider. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. In fact, email marketing is effective for extending offers to customers, staying in touch with customers, and lead generation and has a 120% ROI. Which makes it an important aspect of your plumbing marketing strategy. So how do you craft the perfect email? One that is engaging and leads to click throughs and conversions? Here are 4 things the perfect email needs.

perfect email

Good Subject and Preview Line

The subject and preview line are the first thing your audience will see about your email. And will ultimately be the decision maker when they determine if they want to open your email or not. So it is really important to make the most out of this space. Good subject lines need to create a sense of urgency and be compelling. You have heard us talk about call to actions before, the same applies to your subject line. Your preview line should support the subject line and also give a small preview to what the email is about. A few things to consider when it comes to your subject line are:


  • Keep it short and sweet

  • Don’t give away too much information

  • A little humor goes a long way

  • Don’t make false promises

  • Make it personal


Also consider asking a question. Leading questions can be really useful for email subject lines.


Keep The Message Short and Brief

When it comes to the body text of your email, make it short and sweet. There is no need to write an essay when it comes to your email. The average time a persona will spend reading and email is about 11 seconds, which means you only have 11 seconds to peak their interest and funnel them on to the next destination. You also want to avoid giving away too much information. You have heard of saying, “why buy the whole cow when you can get the milk for free”, well this can apply to your email marketing as well. The purpose of outbound marketing strategies like email marketing is to encourage your audience to follow your marketing stream. You want to encourage them to click through so you want to make sure you are only providing them with enough information to peak their interest and leave them wanting more, this should encourage them to click over to your website to find out more.


Call To Action

Here we go again with creating a sense of urgency and being compelling. You ultimately want your audience to click over to your website where you can convert them. To do this you need to entice them with a good call to action. Some examples include: learn more now, get your free trial, and book now. For the best results, your call to action should be tied to a landing page where you can drive your point home. Make sure your call to action stands out, a lot of time this can be a button that is a different color or in bold font. Make it obvious that this is where your offer is. 



While we don’t expect anyone to be a grammar scholar, it is important to make sure your email is free from errors. These days, there are so many extensions and tools that you can use to make sure your email is free from grammatical and spelling errors. 


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