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Your Pre-Holiday Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

November 13th, 2017


During the Holidays you may find yourself doing a lot of entertaining. Some would argue that this is the most wonderful time of the year. Whatever side of the fence you stand, this is a busy time of year. Its busy everywhere; the grocery store, the mall, the freeway, the post office… As family and friends get together to spread some holiday cheer, it is also a busy time for your plumbing system. Which is why, as the countdown begins to turkey day, the kickoff of the holiday season, it is a good idea to get some holiday plumbing maintenance done, before your in laws check in.


#1 Preventative Drain Cleaning

Preventative drain cleaning is one of the best things you can do for your holiday plumbing maintenance. Regular drain cleaning helps remove buildup and debris that can get lodged in your pipes and cause clogs and drainage issues. If you holiday plumbingplan on entertaining for the holidays, then you will probably be cooking up a storm, which can put undue pressure on your plumbing. Get ahead of the clogs and drainage issues, and have your drains cleaned by a professional. This will help keep things moving.


#2 Check the Plumbing in Your Guest Bathroom

Guest bathroom tend to not get used a lot, which means that you might be unaware of an existing issue. Inspect your guest bathroom before your guests arrive as part of your holiday plumbing maintenance. Look for leaks around the faucet, showerhead, under the sink, and around the toilet. Make sure that the traps aren’t dried out, which can happen in restrooms that aren’t used that often and can result in the offensive smell of sewer gas creeping in through your plumbing. Also make sure that your toilet is up to the challenge. Run some test flushes, and inspect the inter working parts of the toilet. Replace parts as needed, a new flapper may be in order if the toilet continues to run.


#3 Water Heater

Holiday entertaining could put your water heater on overtime. Which is why it’s a good idea to inspect your water heater and make sure it is ready. Look for any leaks, or signs of corrosion. Inspect the pilot and make sure it is strong. Check the thermostat and make sure is set no higher than 120 degrees. If your water heater is showing signs of excessive wear and tear, it may be a good time to invest in a new one. Contact your plumber to discuss your options.


#4 Be Prepared

holiday plumbingThe holidays always bring a log of surprises, some of them great, while others not so much. Which is why it is important to be prepared for plumbing surprises. Make sure you have the proper tools on hand to prevent damage. We recommend having an at least 2 plungers, one dedicated to the sink and the other dedicated for the toilet. A pair of tongue and groove pliers is also good to have on hand. Keeping a roll of plastic is also a good idea to protect your belonging and surrounding area in the event of a plumbing related flood.


Being prepared is the best line of defense against a holiday plumbing disaster is holiday plumbing maintenance. Find a plumber in your area with our plumbing directory.


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Why You Should Always Seek the Help of a Professional Plumber

January 28th, 2017

professional plumber

Image Credit: Hire Rush,

Plumbing problems effect everyone at one time or another. Plumbing problems can be messy, stressful, and costly. This can be exacerbated by attempting to DIY a serious plumbing problem. When a plumbing disaster strikes, it is always best to seek the help of a professional plumber. From small leaks to a complete plumbing meltdown, a professional plumber has been trained to handle a variety of issues, and is licensed and insured. Cutting corners usually never pays off, and this is especially true when it comes to quality plumbing work.



Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber


  • Professional plumbers can fix all types of plumbing problems. A licensed plumber is more likely to continue education and training, so they will be the most knowledgeable on the latest trends and technology.
  • Professional plumbers are well versed with building codes related to plumbing. Each city or jurisdiction sets their own building codes, which is why it is important to work with licensed professionals who know the local building codes. This can prevent fines, protect health and safety, and insure the easy transition of property in the event of a sale.
  • Professional plumbers know what to look for when it comes to preventing future plumbing problems.
  • Having a professional plumber install appliances can protect the warranty of the appliance. Appliances that are damaged by improper installation can void the warranty.
  • Professional plumbers have extensive training and experience, so they are more appropriate to use when it comes to difficult plumbing jobs; for example re-piping should always be done by a professional with a proven track record.
  • Professional plumbers already have all the tools needed to complete the job, so there is no need for the homeowner to go out and purchase expensive tools that they will rarely use.
  • Professional plumbers carry insurance. In the event that something goes wrong, this helps protect your investment.
  • Most reputable professional plumbing companies provide a guarantee of their work. This means that if things aren’t done up to par, they will fix it.
  • Most professional plumbers are available for emergency services 24/7.


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7 Tips to Protect Your Home’s Plumbing System While on Vacation

June 27th, 2014
protect your home's plumbing system while on vacation

Ask Men,, 06/26/2014


With summer in full swing many people will take off of much needed vacations. While on vacation plumbing disasters can happen. That is why it is so important to take the proper precautions and protect your home’s plumbing system while on vacation. Here are some tips and preventive measures you can take to protect your home’s plumbing system while on vacation.


  1. Shut off main water supply if you can, sometimes this can’t be done because of a sprinkler system. that still needs to run.

    protect your home's plumbing system while on vacation

    Phoenix Area Real Estate Blog,, 06/26/2014


  2. If you can’t shut off the main water supply, shut off the individual water supply for all appliances and plumbing fixtures like toilets and faucets.


  3. Inspect all supply lines to appliances and toilets. Look for cracks, bulges, or any other sign of damage and replace damaged hoses with new hoses.


  4. Check your water heater any water leaks or signs of rust, as these are signs of a compromised water heater. Call a professional to address these issues before you leave for vacation.

    protect your home's plumbing while on vacation

    Paragon Certified Restoration,, 06/26/2014


  5. Turn off your water heater before leaving on vacation, this will not only help protect your home’s plumbing systems while on vacation, but also save you money.


  6. Add a little water or drain maintenance product to drains to prevent odor while you are on vacation.


  7. Alert a trusted neighbor or family friend that you are going on vacation. Provide them with emergency contact information in the event hat something goes wrong.


Remember you are on vacation, so leave your worries at home! To protect your home’s plumbing systems while on vacation perform an inspection of your home’s plumbing system a week or two before you leave. Taking the extra precautions will help protect your home’s plumbing system while on vacation and give you a little peace of mind. After all a plumbing mishap can lead to expensive repairs and unwarranted stress. An ounce of prevention is worth it’s weight in gold even when it comes to protecting your home’s plumbing system while on vacation.


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The Top 5 Things that Cause Damage to Plumbing Systems

February 15th, 2014



A homes plumbing system is a very important part of a homes infrastructure. Many times people don’t give enough credit to the function of a plumbing system, and often mistreat their plumbing systems without even realizing what they are doing. A network of pipes helps bring clean water and remove waste from the home, a priceless contribution to modern day society. Not taking proper care of a plumbing system can cause damage that can be expensive and stressful to repair. Aside from frozen pipes these are some of the top things that wreak havoc and cause damage to plumbing systems.

damage to plumbing system

Inspectapedia,, 02/15/2014




  1. Trash

    Paper, plastic, glass, metal, and other articles of trash can cause major problems and damage to plumbing systems. Often times entering thought drains, garbage disposals and toilets. Never treat your drains as a trashcan. This can cause blockage that can lead to a big plumbing problem.


  2. Grease

    Grease poured down the drain can also cause damage to a plumbing system. After a while grease can build up in pipes and septic systems leading to drainage problems that will eventually need to be repaired.


  3. Tree roots

    Tree roots are probably biggest culprit when it comes to damage to plumbing systems. Often times searching for water, over time tree roots inch their way into pipes and cause major drainage problems. This can be an expensive and stressful repair. So to avoid complications with tree roots, avoid planting plants too close to a lateral line, replace shrubs and small trees every couple of years, and select plants that grow slowly.

    damge to plumbing system

    Drain Genie,, 02/15/2014


  4. Hair

    Hair down the shower drain can be a messy situation, although typically the damage to a plumbing system can be relatively minimal, combined with other things, like grease and trash, this can form quite a bad blockage.


  5. Liquid drain cleaners

    Liquid drain cleaners are often times seen as a quick fix, however the harsh chemicals in them can cause damage to plumbing systems, and are really not good for the environment. Plus they don’t always solve the problem and need repeated use.


It is important to properly take care of a homes plumbing system to avoid damage to a plumbing system. Remember avoid putting things down the drain that don’t belong, as this can cause damage to a plumbing system that can be expensive and stressful to repair. In the even that there is damage to a plumbing system, it is always best to call a professional plumber. It is better to have the job done correctly the first time to save time, money, and headache.

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Don’t Forget to Winterize! Preparing a Plumbing System for Winter

December 20th, 2013


With the onset of winter already in full swing this winter is already off to a chilly start. Tomorrow marks the official start of winter, and we are inevitably heading into a cold one! As temperatures drop it is important to take extra precautions in safeguarding a home’s plumbing system, because lets face it frozen water and pipes don’t mix. Here are some tips to prepare a plumbing system for winter.


Insulation is the most effective way to prepare a plumbing system for winter. By insulating plumbing pipes that may be exposed to the elements, homeowners can reduce the likely hood of frozen pipes and reduce their energy costs over winter. Insulation is a lot more affordable then dealing with a plumbing disaster, such as a burst pipe in the living room!


When insulating pipes to prepare a plumbing system for winter it is a good idea to access the home for cracks. Check for cracks around the perimeter of the house. Cracks can allow for cold air to travel to other pipes that may need some insulation as well. Crawl spaces and attics should be checked. This will not only help keep plumbing systems safe from the cold, but also save energy in heating the home.



Smock & Schonthaler Industrial Insulation,, 12/20/2013


Plumbing pipes aren’t the only thing that may need insulation when preparing a plumbing system for winter. Water heaters can also benefit from a little insulation. When it gets cold and pipes and the water heater are exposed to cold air it reduces their efficiency. As heat escapes from uninsulated pipes, the water heater in turn has to work harder to produce more hot water. So by adding a little insulation the plumbing system is protected from freeze and works more efficiently. Saving money from not having to make expensive repairs and saving money on utilities is a great reason to take the steps to prepare a plumbing system for winter.

Home Owner Offers,, 12/20/2013


When a home isn’t occupied all year long this can create a problem for the plumbing system if not properly winterized. Say its a second home, an investment property, a home that is for sale, or a home that has been inherited, it needs to be properly winterized. To prepare a plumbing system for winter on a home that is vacant be sure to shut off the water at the main line and drain water from all pipes. Be sure to leave all faucets open and unplug all major appliances. Then proceed with insulating pipes.


Preparing a plumbing system for winter doesn’t have to be a huge task, and spending the money and taking the time or having it professionally done is well worth the investment in time and money. As a homeowner not only will you have peace of mind knowing your plumbing system is prepared for winter, but also you can cut back on your energy consumption. Frozen pipes is one plumbing disaster that can be avoided, so be sure to winterize this year!


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