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Creating a Plan for Plumbing Marketing: Who, What, Why, When, Where? Part One

December 2nd, 2013


Creating a plan for plumbing marketing is the best way to achieve results. It allows you to stay organized and truly see what works best for your company. Without a plan you kind of wander around aimlessly hoping for big things to happen, with this method how can you see what avenues of plumbing marketing are actually garnering results and which ones are just a waste of time? The most important questions you will ask yourself when creating a plan for plumbing marketing are: Who, what, why, when, and where? The answers will help create a map to follow that will set you up for success with your plumbing marketing. We have broken this topic down into two parts. In part one we will be discussing the who and the what.




Who you are marketing to is very important. This is the first step of creating a plan for plumbing marketing. If you haven’t established who your ideal customer is then you need to go back to the drawing board. Nobody should know who your customers are better than you! Take a little time and consider who you are marketing to. Consider the area that you service, keep things local. Have you started networking with other service professionals? Some examples of who you should be marketing to are: homeowners, property management companies, real estate agents, contractors, electricians, and other local businesses. In addition you should always continue to market to your existing customers because repeat customers are the most valuable to your business, and also become a marketing platform for you.




What are you selling? As a plumber you are selling yourself. Lets face it the plumbing industry can be pretty competitive. So how are you going to establish that you are the best choice? The what is probably the most profound part of creating a plan for plumbing marketing because you have to really analyze your business. What are you focusing on as a plumber? Do you specialize in anything? How is your customer service? Are you going above and beyond for your customers? Are you competitively priced? Do you provide good quality work with quality material? Consider all of these things and think about what your ideal customer would be looking for in a plumber. What is unique about you?


When creating a plan for plumbing marketing it is really important to do some self reflecting on your business. If you don’t understand your business or your customer then how can you sell your business. Understanding the who and the what are the two most important parts of creating a plan for plumbing marketing. Once you have established who you are marketing to, and what you are selling you can continue with creating a plan for plumbing marketing that will be calculated and economical for your business. Remember when creating a plan for plumbing there is some trial and error so always leave room for adjustments. Stay tuned for part two why, when, and where.


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World Plumbing Day

March 11th, 2013


Every year on March 11th the world comes together to celebrate World Plumbing Day. World Plumbing Day was designed to increase awareness of the severe water shortage around the world and to highlight the important role the plumbing industry has played in the success and development of modern civilizations around the world. Little thought is given to the role the plumbing industry has played in the advancement of modern society, but the fact is the plumbing industry has played a very direct role in creating the lifestyle and success we enjoy in this country today.

The truth is less than 1% of the world’s freshwater is accessible for human consumption leaving 1.1 billion People around the world are without clean drinking water. Millions of people in developing countries die each year as the result of disease from not having clean drinking water. This is hard to picture in a modern society like America, where the average American consumes approximately 80-100 gallons of water a day compared to the average African family of about 5 gallons.   

The development of a nations plumbing system directly affects economic status, political stability, and the education of a nation’s people. With a growth in population the demand for clean water increases, this is where plumbing comes into play. Plumbing systems not only provide clean drinking water but also regulate sanitation systems, meaning that harmful waste is moved and treated so as not to pollute clean water sources. The contamination of clean drinking water with waste is the leading cause of disease and death in third world countries.  

World Plumbing Day serves to not only educate people on the severity of water shortage around the world, but to bring plumbers and people together to do something about it. All people deserve clean drinking water and it’s important to bring awareness especially in this country where we take clean drinking water and sanitation systems for granted. Together on World Plumbing Day we can make a difference! For more information of World Plumbing Day please visit

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