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Adventures in Plumbing Marketing Part 1: Strategize

May 10th, 2017


When it comes to your plumbing marketing, the very first thing you should do is sit down and strategize. It is important to create a plan for your plumbing marketing, because without a plan you can get distracted, confused, end up working a lot harder, and spend a lot more money. A plumbing marketing plan will help you stay organized, focused, and motivated. Here are some tips to help you create a fool proof plumbing marketing plan.


#1 Establish Short and Long Term Goals

The first step in creating your plumbing marketing strategy is to set some goals, short term and long term. Goals are helpful in creating a road map for your plumbing

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Speedy Paper,

marketing. It is easier to formulate a plan when you know where you want to go. Knowing where you want to go is only half of the battle, the next step in figuring out how you are going to get there.


#2 Establish Who Your Customer Is

Having a target is another important part of creating a good plumbing marketing strategy. Think about who your ideal customer is. What are their habits? Where do they hang out online? Where are they from? The more you can identify about your ideal customer the better. Once you have established who you are marketing to, you can craft your plumbing marketing strategy around them. From joining the same social media networks to gearing your content strategy towards their tastes.


#3 Brand

Your brand is what you are selling with your plumbing marketing. So, start branding yourself early on. Logos, slogans, color scheme, and images all work to create a good strong brand. A strong brand should be easily recognizable by your customers, and present a unified front.


#4 Website

plumbing marketingYour website is a fundamental part of your plumbing marketing. Think of it as a central hub for all of your plumbing marketing activities. Everything should and will eventually point back to your website. So, your website should be able to effectively convert inbound traffic into customers. Think about layout and design, as well as incorporating all aspects of your brand.


#5 Social

The social aspect of your plumbing marketing strategy is critical and will help deliver traffic to your website. When it comes to social media and your plumbing marketing, you really have a lot of options. Don’t think that you have to partake in all of them. Think about your customers, and where they are likely to be. Then participate in social media sites that are likely to deliver the results you want. Remember you need to get in front of the correct audience, so spend your time and money accordingly.


#6 Content

Content is another part of your plumbing marketing plan that is really important. Good content is worth its weight in gold, and will work on its own to deliver results. Consider what type of content you want to put out. Consider what keywords you want to rank for. You should also consider what type of content your audience is most interested in.


Once you have a well laid out plan for your plumbing marketing, you can move onto the next step; implementation. 

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Measuring Your Success With Your Plumbing Marketing – A Year End Review

December 5th, 2016


With less than a month until the end of the year there is ample time to measure your success with your plumbing marketing. While the Holidays may have you distracted for the moment, there is no better time. Consider your strengths, weaknesses, the time your spent, your ROI. How has your business grown this last year? Measuring your success with your plumbing marketing at the end of the year is important to see where you are going next year. What changes need to be made to your plumbing marketing strategy? Here are some things you should look at when measuring your success with your plumbing marketing, at the end of the year.


Budget and ROI 

measuring your success

FMAD.IO,, 12/05/2016

Its important to consider your budget and ROI (return on investment) when measuring your success with your plumbing marketing. Did you spend enough? Did you spend too much? Where your funds allocated appropriately? Your ROI is big when it comes to making a plumbing marketing plan for next year. The best way you can plan your plumbing marketing budget is by looking at past years and seeing what your ROI was.




measuring your success

Athena Coaching,, 12/05/2016

Where you spend your time is also important when measuring your success with your plumbing marketing. Time is a very valuable thing, right up there with your budget. Because your time is so valuable you want to make sure that your time is also allocated appropriately. Could your time be spent better else where? This is another important factor for developing your plumbing marketing plan for next year.




What outlets where the most valuable to your plumbing marketing this year? From social media to local directories, its important to know where your traffic is coming from and where your target audience is most engaged. By knowing which outlets pay off the most your can plan to dedicate more time and more of your budget to the areas that deliver results.




SEO is a huge part of your plumbing marketing plan, so it only makes sense to measure the success of your SEO at the end of the year. What keywords worked best for you? Are there any new keywords that would be relevant moving forward?

measuring your success

AlgoTech,, 12/05/2016

Knowing what is working for your plumbing marketing is crucial when it comes to forming a new plan moving forward. This is how you remain competitive and relevant.


Going over these parts of your plumbing marketing plan should be on going in order to get the most from your plumbing marketing efforts. You can consult your analytics report to get all of this information and more. And as you move forward into next year it will help you form a better plumbing marketing strategy.

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Getting Started With Your Plumbing Marketing

June 5th, 2016


The decision to embark on the exciting journey of growing your plumbing business is a big decision. Taking your plumbing company to the next level could profoundly affect your future. Whether you make it or break it is all up to you and effort you are willing to put into it. One thing you have to consider when expanding your business is how you are going to market your business. Part of growing any business starts with a good solid marketing strategy. Its important to have a good plan when it comes to your plumbing marketing so if you are just getting started, or even if you have been at it a while its a good idea to put a plan in action.


The Basic Building Blocks of a Good Plumbing Marketing Plan

 plumbing marketing

#1 What

One of the fundamental steps of forming a good plumbing marketing plan is to know what you trying to do. This covers several different areas. First you need to know what you are offering. What is your company all about? What sets you apart from the competition? Think about niche areas and the basic culture of your business. This will help you form a good brand, which is what you are going to be promoting and strengthening everyday with your plumbing marketing.


#2 Where

Where do you want to go? Once you know what you are you need to know where you are going. Part of your plumbing marketing plan should encompass your goals. You can’t very well make a plan for your plumbing marketing without setting some goals for yourself. Where do you see your business in 3 months? 6 months? A year from now? 5 years from now? Once you have established you goals go to work on a actionable plan. Remember setting goals is only part of it, creating a plan is the next step. A goal without a plan is just a wish.


plumbing marketing

The Stone Foundation,, 06/05/2016

#3 Words

Words as in keywords or keywords phrases is a basic part of a good plumbing marketing plan. What words or phrases can you identify with your plumbing marketing? Your keywords make up your SEO or search engine optimization. You need to think about what words your customers would use to find your business online. For best results try to be as specific as possible. The broader the term is going to be more competitive and deliver broader results. You will be using your keywords throughout most of your plumbing marketing. From your website to social media sites and local directories. From blog posts to status updates. These words will become part of your brand.


#4 Who

Who you are marketing to is just as important and what keywords you are using. So who are you marketing to? What type of person is your ideal customer? Where do they live? How old are they? What are their interests? Knowing these things can help you narrow down your plumbing marketing and be as effective as possible. It will help you know where to spend more time as well, for example is your target audience spending more time on Facebook or LinkedIn? Identifying who you target audience is will also be important when it comes to running ads online. After all you want to make sure that the right people see your ads right?


Going through the 4 W’s of plumbing marketing will help you understand your brand better, and what outlets you want to use for plumbing marketing. Designing your plumbing marketing strategy around your ideal customers is a great way to stay ahead of the game and remain competitive. To learn more about plumbing marketing visit our website at



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9 Plumbing Marketing Tips You Can’t Miss

June 3rd, 2016


Plumbing marketing is a must when it comes to growing your plumbing business. From traditional plumbing marketing tactics to new plumbing marketing strategies. Its important to learn how to incorporate both strategies in order to be the most successful with your plumbing marketing. Here are some of the top plumbing marketing tips to help you on you with growing your business.


#1 Create Short and Long Term Goals

One of the first things you need to do when starting your plumbing marketing is to create some short and long term goals. Once you know where you want to go with your business you will be better able to form a more solid plan on how to get achieve your goals.


plumbing marketing

For a State of Happiness,, 06/03/2016

#2 Strategize

You need to be methodical when it comes to your plumbing marketing. Create a thorough plan that encompasses: who you are marketing to, what your message is, how you are going to get your message across, where you are going to promote your message, how much resources you are willing to dedicate, and how much time you are going to a lot for your plumbing marketing. Having a plan will help provide a clear path to meeting your short and long term goals.


#3 Keywords

Keywords are a fundamental part of your SEO. Think of a few keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to your business. Remember some keywords are going to be more competitive than others so do some research on the keywords you are thinking about using. Once you have established your keywords you can use them on your website, blog, social media sites etc. Always remember to maintain balance with your keywords to avoid any penalties from the search engines.


#4 Links

Link building is also and important part of plumbing marketing. You should be providing a link to your website on all of your social media profiles, local directory sites, and also your blog. Internal links on your blog are also great. Of course you plumbing marketingwant to use the best judgment when it comes to link building, as generating links that aren’t relevant to your business can be frowned upon by search engines.


#5 Website

You website is an important part of plumbing marketing. Think of it as the central hub for everything. You want to drive traffic to your website, and once you get that traffic you want to be able to convert that traffic. Its important to your website effectively communicates all the pertinent business information about your plumbing company. Keep the design simple and say to navigate. Make sure information is in plain site. Some information that is good to include on your website is: you hours of operation and areas you service, services offered, information about your team, testimonials, and information about any specials you are running.


#6 Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in plumbing marketing these days. Social media can really help drive traffic to your website when done correctly. Be sure to fill out your profiles completely, and provide a link back to your website. Its also important to update your profiles on a regular basis with blogs, status updates, pictures, and videos.


#7 Content Strategy

Content goes hand in hand with your social media. Your content strategy can single-highhandedly drive your whole plumbing marketing strategy so its important that you pay special attention to the content you are producing. Focus on generating a blog several times a week, and also updating your social media sites frequently. Include pictures and videos in your content strategy. Remember stay relevant and try to provide useful and unique information.


#8 Local Directories

plumbing marketingLocal directories also play a huge role in plumbing marketing. Many people rely on local directory sites like Yelp! to find the goods and services they are in need of. Taking advantage of these sites is a great way to gain exposure and generate traffic back to your website. They also provide a great place to generate reviews and ratings.


#9 Email Marketing

Email marketing is still and effective way to market and grow your plumbing business. Email is a great way to stay in contact with existing customers and let them know whats new with your business. Email is also a great way to reach people on the go, as most emails are reach on mobile devices.

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Your Plumbing Marketing Strategy for Next Year

December 14th, 2015

plumbing marketing strategy

The Leadership Quest, 12/13/2015

With 2016 quickly approaching we hope you have been giving some thought to your plumbing marketing strategy for next year. We know with so much going on this time of year it is sometimes hard to focus, but planning ahead and having a solid plumbing marketing strategy for next year can really help you get a jump on things. Here are some areas to pay attention to when creating a plumbing marketing strategy for next year.


  1. Engagement

    Engagement and forming strong customer relationships is what it is all about. Of course this is nothing new, however aside from having exemplary customer service being able to engage with customers online is really important. Not only does this help you create a strong brand but also helps you provide the service your customers are looking for. Customers today are more vocal about the service they receive than ever before. And more and more customers are looking to what other customers have to say when they are making decision about a good or service.


  2. Get Mobile

    The mobility of your website is becoming more and more important. More users are accessing information online with their smart phones which means, they need to have the information format to the size of their screen. Not only is it important to make sure your website is mobile friendly but also making sure your business in on the local directories. Local directories like Yelp and Google local are more widely used on mobile devices. Not taking advantage of this exposure is a huge mistake.


  3. Content

    Content isn’t going away anytime soon. If anything there is going to be even more of a focus on content driven marketing going into next year. Why? Because content is effective and its what the people want. If you haven’t started working a content strategy into your plumbing marketing strategy for next year, then we highly suggest you get on the content bandwagon. Even updating a blog once a week could significantly help. Be fresh, be unique, be relevant.


Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing and together we can help you come up with a great plumbing marketing strategy for next year that meats all of your individual needs. Learn more about Grow Plumbing and our services here.



Internet Marketing

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Create a Bigger Splash With Your Social Media

December 10th, 2015


create a bigger splash with your social mediaSocial media has an important role for your plumbing marketing. It enables you to connect with customers on a personal level while helping your increase your search ranking and distribute your content. When it comes to using social media for your plumbing marketing it is important to be strategic. For so many social media is a huge free for all, but this can have a negative impact on your plumbing marketing. Here are some tips to help you create a bigger splash with your social media.



  1. Be Selective

    When it comes to social media for plumbing marketing remember that not all social media outlets are created equal. Some may serve you very well, while others not so much. Be selective in what social media channels you choose to participate in. Just because it exists does not mean you have to partake. You want to go where your target audience is to be the most effective. Remember social media for plumbing marketing should be fun, it your try to do to much it may seem more like a chore and therefor less likely to get done.


  1. Demonstrate Your Knowledge

    A huge part of social media is content. Content demonstrates knowledge and to be truly successful at social media for plumbing marketing you need to establish yourself as the authority in the industry. Talk about what you know, what you are passionate about.


  2. Be Consistent

    Consistency is vital in using social media for plumbing marketing. You can be a part time social media participate. Its pretty much all or nothing. Update your social media profiles on a regular basis. Provide a steady stream of new and relevant content on a regular basis. We know this can be a lot of work however it really pays off. If you need help consider delegating the task to a member on your team or hire a professional plumbing marketing specialist.


  3. Give the People What They Want

    Part of using social media for plumbing marketing is engaging with customers. In doing so you create a report. They will tell you what information they want and what they are looking for. Use this information to your advantage and give them more.


  4. Remember Quality Over Quantity

    Quality over quantity is very much true when it comes to social media for plumbing marketing. Focus on a select target audience and go after them. While its important to expand your reach, you want to make sure that the people that are engaging with you might actually become customers.


Social media for plumbing marketing can be time consuming. Its really important though. If you need help with your social media for plumbing marketing contact Grow Plumbing today. We specialize in plumbing marketing and can help you form a solid social media strategy.

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4 Tips to Help You Meet Your Plumbing Marketing Goals By The End of The Year

December 5th, 2015


plumbing marketing goals

Forbes,, 12/04/2015

As the end of the year is quickly approaching its important to consider your plumbing marketing efforts for the year. Part of a successful plumbing marketing plan includes creating short and long term goals. In creating a plan for the next year its important to look at your accomplishments this year. Have you been able to meet your short term and long term goals? What areas have you excelled in? What areas still need improvement? With less than a month before the new year you still have time to make an impact on your plumbing marketing goals.


  1. Increase Content

    Content as you know plays a huge role in your plumbing marketing strategy. It helps increase your search ranking and helps build your credibility. If you have only been updating your blog every once in a while consider updating it once or even several times a week. The increased content can really have a positive impact on your plumbing marketing results and help you reach your goals.


  2. Increase Social Media Engagement

    Social media is a great way to improve your engagement with your customers. Social media also allows your to improve your search ranking and also provides a platform to distribute your content. Set aside a few hours a week for social media. Connect with your customers and engage with them.


  3. Visual Content

    Visual content is becoming more and more important for your plumbing marketing. Consider implementing a video strategy. Youtube is a great place to do this. You can do a video with plumbing tips or how to’s. Maybe offer some plumbing tips for entertaining on the holidays.


  4. Paid Ads

    Paid ads are a great way to boost the results of your plumbing marketing. Running ads on a regular basis can be a little costly, however ever once in a while may just give you the last little push you need. You can run ads with Facebook or Google both are effective.


Goals are important to have when it comes to plumbing marketing. Having a plan will help you meet your goals. Before the year is over is a good time to reflect on where you are and make one last push to meet your goals. If you have any questions about plumbing marketing or how to increase your reach before the end of the year visit

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Four Things to Consider When it Comes to Your Plumbing Marketing

November 19th, 2015


Things are ever changing when it comes to plumbing marketing. Its really important to stay on top of the times to better prepare yourself for success with your plumbing marketing. With this in mind there are a few things you need to consider when creating a plumbing marketing plan for your business.


#1 Mobility


plumbing marketing

Social Cubix,, 11/18/2015

Mobility is huge when it comes to being successful with plumbing marketing. People are becoming more and more mobile with their search than ever before. Its estimated that there are 500 million smartphone users in china and 200 million smartphone users in the US. That is a huge portion of people relying on their smartphones to get the information they seek, which means that you need to take into consideration how your marketing efforts come across to the mobile user.


#2 Video

Video is extremely effective when it comes to plumbing marketing, especially with the mobile user. Video marketing is easier to do these days, just about anyone can do it with a web-cam or even the camera on your smartphone. Video marketing is a great way to communicate effectively with your target audience. Short video clips have also become increasingly popular. When it comes to video marketing you want to make sure you watch the time, keep things professional, and incorporate your brand.


#3 Other Forms of Content

Video is just one form of content you should be utilizing for your plumbing marketing. Blogging and pictures can also be quite effective for your plumbing marketing. Diversity in the type of content your use is always a good idea to appeal to everyone’s learning method. Remember some people like to read, others listen, and others are more visual. Try to appeal to everyone’s tastes to broaden your visibility.


#4 Social Media

Social media is great for your plumbing marketing. It helps you appeal to more users, mobile users included and is a great way to distribute content. Being active on social media helps increase your audience and improve your visibility. Its a great and affordable way to improve the traffic to your website.


Some other areas you may want to focus effort in for your plumbing marketing are local directories and link building. As you move forward with your plumbing marketing you will find that most areas are actually intertwined. For example social media is dependent on your content strategy and vice versa. By utilizing multiple methods you create a stronger plumbing marketing plan. TO learn more about plumbing marketing and the services offered by Grow Plumbing please visit our website at

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Tips to Help You Get Your Plumbing Marketing On Point

October 8th, 2015


A lot goes in to running a successful plumbing marketing strategy. More than you think believe it or not. To get the best results you have to have a strategy. Not having a set plan can cost your more time and money in the long run and could have the opposite effect you were hoping for. Lets take a look at how to get your plumbing marketing on point.


Market Locally

One of the biggest points when creating a plumbing marketing plan is figuring out who you are marketing to. When it comes to plumbing marketing it is best to market locally. While you do want the most exposure you can get for your plumbing marketing, its important to focus on the quality of leads. There is little reward in marketing to people who are out of your service area. Instead focus on driving local business.


Stay Up to Date on Trends

Yes the plumbing industry does have trends, or more so advances in technology. Stay up to date on trainings and continued education. By doing to you can offer the latest and greatest which gives you an edge in terms of plumbing marketing. Continued education for you and your team helps establish your credibility in the business. For example by being able to offer the latest in trench-less sewer line repair or offer video pipe inspections keeps to up to date with advances in the industry. You can incorporate your knowledge into your plumbing marketing. In terms of trends, a lot of people are interest in more Eco friendly plumbing solutions; something for you to think about when staying up to date on trends.




Branding is huge when it comes to plumbing marketing. You always want to remain consistent from your website, social media accounts, and printed materials. Continue with a universal theme. This applies to more than just he font, color scheme, and logo but also to your business practices and who your company is. Not having your brand thought out is not good for your plumbing marketing. We suggest getting to the bottom of this right away so you can put on a universal front for your brand and your company.


Sometimes we all need a little help with things. You are great at running your plumbing business, but maybe you need a little assistance in terms of plumbing marketing. We can get you where you wan to be with your plumbing marketing. Grow Plumbing specializes in helping plumbers with their plumbing marketing needs. We will work with you to come up with a custom plumbing marketing strategy that meets the individual needs or your company. To learn more visit


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Fixing the Holes in Your Plumbing Marketing Plan


Fixing the Holes in Your Plumbing Marketing Plan

August 25th, 2015


plumbing marketingPlumbing marketing has its challenges that’s for sure. When it comes to doing everything right, its important to consider the things that you may be doing wrong. We all make mistakes, in a way mistakes are great because they provide learning opportunities. Here are some mistakes you could be making with your plumbing marketing and how to learn from them.




plumbing marketingWhen it comes to plumbing marketing we are so tempted to just jump on the bandwagon, and this can be harmful. What works for one person will work for you right? This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many things that go into a well round plumbing marketing plan, so its important to consider your individual needs and the individual needs or your target audience. Every cause has an effect and its important to make sure you are making the right choices for your plumbing marketing. Don’t simply sign up for every marketing outlet that comes your way. Think about if it is a right fit for your plumbing company. By carefully considering your options you can be more effective and efficient with your plumbing marketing.



Analytics play a huge role in a plumbing marketing plan. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your pluming marketing is not consulting your analytics. Your analytics report will point out where your customers are, how they found you, what they want etc…. Its a window into the mind of your target audience. Not knowing how you ranking can potentially harm your plumbing marketing efforts. So set up a time each month to go over this information and make the necessary changes to your plumbing marketing plan. This will also help you be more effective and efficient.



Set up goals for your plumbing marketing. By setting up goals you are holding yourself accountable. Consider where you want to be next month, next quarter, year, 5 years etc… Create both short term and long term goals. By knowing where you want to go, you can better create a plan of how to get there. If you are unsure then you really need to consider this.


When it comes to plumbing marketing its important to consider that all good things take time. To run a successful digital plumbing marketing campaign it takes dedication and consistency. To learn more about digital plumbing marketing and how to create a customer plumbing marketing plan please visit

 Internet Marketing

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