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Some Facts About Clean Water and Sanitation

January 22nd, 2015


Clean water is one of the worlds most precious resources. Clean water is needed to sustain life. With a growing population; more clean water is needed to support the lives of the 6.8 billion people on this planet. Here are some interesting facts about clean water and sanitation.


  • Nearly 70% of the world is covered by water, only 2.5% of that is freshwater, of which only 1% is easily accessible.

  • A majority of the world’s freshwater supplied is trapped in glaciers and snowfields

    clean water

    210 Countries,, 01/21/2015

  • Earth’s water supply has been around for millions of years, continuously circulating through the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation.

  • 1 in 9 people around the world do not have access to clean water

  • 80% of illnesses in developing countries are a result of poor water and sanitation conditions

  • 70% of our clean water goes towards agriculture and irrigation with only 10% used for domestic purposes

  • Nearly 1 out of every 5 deaths in children under 5 is a result of a water-related disease

  • More people have a cell phone than a toilet

    clean water,, 01/21/2015

  • About 1.2 billion people do not have proper sanitation facilities, causing more water-related illnesses and death

  • The clean water and sanitation crisis claims more lives from disease than any war


The success of any society is dependent on their sanitation systems. Clean water and proper sanitation facilities are the building blocks of any well functioning society and help ward off disease and poverty. Plumbers play a vital role in proper clean waterwater sanitation. There are many associations dedicated to alleviating the world’s water crisis here are some links to organizations that can help!

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Run Your Plumbing Business More Efficiently

May 23rd, 2014

Mobilize and Streamline Your Plumbing SMB

Learn how to improve efficiency for your plumbing business – A guest blog post from Sam Madden of PocketSuite.


The term “ERP” probably has most of you scratching your heads.  

ERP stands to Enterprise Resource Planning, and is a crucial tool for large and medium sized businesses looking for efficiencies in orders, project management, inventory, manufacturing, accounting, HR, supply chain, etc. ERP unifies all the core functionalities of a company in a single database, saving these firms time and money.  

What about ERP for Small Business Owners? (i.e., plumbers, handymen, electricians, etc.) The term has not quite reached the small business and independent professional community yet, because no one has built simple yet efficient unified business software for this market.  
Small businesses (“SMBs”), however, make up 90% of US businesses and account for 70% of new job creation. When it comes to managing their cash, resource, and client assets, most rely on off-the-shelf accounting software such as Quickbooks (a favorite amongst accountants and bookkeepers). Several SaaS (“Software as a Service”) upstarts have emerged in recent years like Xero, Zoho, and others touting ease of use and online access as key benefits. 

These applications are cheaper than SaaS ERP systems but require a background in basic bookkeeping. As a result, data silos are formed between those with the requisite background and those without. Large companies have the resources and processes to synchronize and move business data across these silos. SMBs, however, have neither the resources nor processes to manage this. 

Other silo’d software offerings have popped up – from scheduling, to payment processing, to invoicing – but this just adds work and cost to the business owner. I personally know one handyman business owner who uses 4 different mobile apps and 3 software subscriptions to run his company. This is just “what’s available to me” he says.  

A Mobile Solution What SMBs (i.e., handymen, plumbers, etc.) are missing is a day-to-day tool to manage cash, resources and clients – simple as that. That’s why we built PocketSuite, a startup re-thinking ERP for micro businesses eager to streamline and grow their operations.  

 At a high level, PocketSuite lets businesses: 

  • Publish their work availability online 
  • Accept real-time booking requests from clients (online & via the app) 
  • Sync all appointments to/from iCal, Google and most other calendar software 
  • Communicate directly with clients (i.e., text message, send documents, share photos) 
  • Send clients secure quotes to lock in upfront payment 
  • Get paid (via direct deposit) within 24 hours from when job is complete 
  • Amass verified reviews to be shared with friends & family of clients 

PocketSuite is a mobile-first ERP technology, limiting the amount of time business owners need to be stuck in front of a computer all day long. For more information, visit to see which PocketSuite plan is right for you (Basic vs. Pro).  

The Future for SMBs Upstarts like PocketSuite provide a glimpse into the future of ERP for small businesses: affordable, easy to install, task oriented, no data silos, and communication built into the core. Software offerings should strive to let SMB owners spend less time managing logistics, and more time doing what they love – their work.


Grow Plumbing is here to support you with all of your business endeavors. When it comes to running a plumbing business, we understand that sometimes we need to access for ways to run our plumbing business more efficiently. Efficiency is key when running a plumbing business, and can help free up funds for other areas, like plumbing marketing. To learn more about PocketSuite and other ways to help you run your plumbing business more efficiently please contact us today or 310 – 546 – 1980.

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Create Great Content For Your Plumbing Company

March 21st, 2013

Get Your Customers Attention with Great Content – A guest blog post from Chris Woodward of

Chris Woodward Guest Blog Post

Chris Woodward of MyPRTools Guest Blog Post

A content marketing program can be a key strategy to raise visibility, establish your expertise and build trust in your target markets. The trick is to push out your content across a variety of channels to engage prospective clients. Here’s how…

Let your blog take the lead: make this the heart of your content marketing program.

When you’re creating your blog posts, you must to keep in mind the interests of your ideal customers. One way to help you relate to your customers is to make up a set of marketing personas. This tactic lends a personality to the clients you’re trying to target, and it’s easier to write for someone you know.

Make your posts easy to scan. Break your content into bite-sized information chunks, and use bold subheads and bullets to help readers grasp the information quickly. Add images to attract attention and break up the copy.

Don’t just stop there. Here’s how to maximize the impact of your great content.

  • Social Media: Promote your blog posts on social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. Remember to post to your LinkedIn groups. 
  • Newsletter: Re-purpose blog content in a monthly newsletter to reach your target audience directly. You can add content from pre-packaged newsletters in your industry.
  • Articles: Use the content for article marketing for SEO purposes and to generate media interest.
  • Plumbing Events: Turn the information into topics for panels, workshops or seminars.

If you want your content marketing program to be successful, don’t just leave it for when you or your employees have the time. You’ll need to assign resources (either internal or external) for content creation, design for newsletter layout, marketing to get your content distributed; and technology for uploading.

To your success,

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Proper Ergonomics for Plumbers

March 15th, 2013


Plumbers are hard workers; they often find themselves in tight cramped areas, are on their knees a lot, and find themselves performing a lot of heavy lifting. It is important to do your job well but also take care of yourself at the same time. This is where ergonomics for plumbers comes into play. Proper lifting techniques and other protocols for a safe work environment will protect plumbers while on the job and prevent future health conditions. Here are some tips for ergonomics for plumbers.

1)      Proper lifting

Plumbers do a lot of heavy lifting, pipes, tools, equipment, water heaters, and plumbing fixtures to name a few; not to mention any obstacles that may need to be moved in order for them to do their job. The most important tip in regards to ergonomics for plumbers when it comes to proper heavy lifting is to always lift with your legs and not your back. Avoid bending over to pick something up, instead bend at the knees.  Keep objects close to your body and don’t twist; when lowering heavy objects lower with your legs and not your back. For really heavy objects enlist help and use a dolly. In addition, when it comes to proper ergonomics for plumbers with heavy lifting back braces are encouraged for extra support. Avoiding strains to the lower back can save a lot of future pain and medical issues in the future.

ergonomics for plumbers

Yale Environmental Health & Safety,, 03/13/2013



2)      Repetitive Motion

Plumbing requires a lot of fine motor skills, working with tools in small areas; plumbers are prone to a lot of repetitive motion. Good ergonomics for plumbers when it comes to a lot repetitive motion is to rotate tasks and alternate between using left and right hands, keep back and wrists straight, keep elbows close to your body, and avoid extreme reaches.


3)      Proper Protective Gear

Ensuring that you have the right protective gear is also important when it comes to proper ergonomics for plumbers. Plumbers often find themselves working on their knees a lot. Not protecting your knees can not only lead to knee problems in the future, but also hip and back problems. Using knee pads or a folded towel can help relieve the stress you put on your knees. Also protective gloves can help protect your hands from sharp objects or harmful chemicals, and they can help you get a good grip when carrying heavy objects.

ergonomics for plumbers

Jet Plumbing,, 03/14/2013


Proper ergonomics for plumbers will help create a safe work environment. It is important to take care of yourself and your employees and prevent future health concerns with good ergonomics for plumbers. For more information of ergonomics for plumbers and other plumbing related topics please visit




5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Search Ranking

February 20th, 2013

The amount of time people spent online searching for information continues to grow especially for service based business like plumbing.

As a service based plumbing business you hear more and more on the emphasis and of content marketing.

Also, search engines like Google are the priority for lead generation and most people carry a search engine around in their pocket. 

5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Search Ranking

1. Set up a blog for your plumbing business. This is the easiest and best way to publish and organize your content.
2. Publish posts and updates across multiple social media networks.
3. Distribute press releases and articles about your plumbing business.
4. Publish and archive an email newsletter on plumbing tips, plumbing advice, plumbing news, etc.
5. Be consistent and creative to stand out of the crowd.

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High Efficiency Toilets (HET)

January 24th, 2013

High Efficiency Toilets (HET)

One Eco-friendly plumbing improvement that makes a lot of sense is a High Efficiency Toilet or HET. Residential toilets prove to be the main source of water usage in the household and sometimes use as much as 7 gallons per flush for older toilets! Therefore upgrading to a High Efficiency Toilet can easily decrease the amount of water wasted within the household and save homeowners thousands of dollars over the years.

high efficiency toilets can save 1,000s of gallons of water a year

Blodgett Supply,, 1/23/2013

An advance in toilet technology allows for High Efficiency Toilets to use 20% less water than the current government standard.  This adds up to about 11 gallons per toilet per household daily.  Current standards require all newly manufactured toilets to use 1.6 gallons of water. High efficiency toilets use 1.28. Less water waste not only saves consumers money but the municipal water district also saves money on waste water treatment.

high efficiency toilets can save your customers 1000's over the years

Earth 911,, 1/23/2013

Many High Efficiency Toilets also perform as well or better than their less efficient counter parts depending on the technology used. Some High Efficiency Toilets use a pressure assist like a lot of commercial toilets, others offer a dual flush system. Some High Efficiency Toilets have a larger flush valve and a wider trapway eliminating clogging. In addition many High Efficiency Toilets are designed to remain cleaner because of their bowl design or even have a power-wash that self-cleans with each flush; which is definitely more efficient and more sanitary.

There are many options out there when it comes to High Efficiency Toilets, just be sure they are backed by the EPA. In addition to saving money on utilities and reducing our carbon footprint, many High Efficiency Toilets come with great rebate incentive from local water districts. These incentives vary in amount, but ultimately make upgrading to a High Efficiency Toilet more affordable.

For more information on High Efficiency Toilets and other plumbing related topics visit

The Importance of Customer Service for Your Plumbing Company

January 22nd, 2013

Do You of Don’t You…Provide Amazing Customer Service?

Are your customers RAVING FANS of your business!?!

Owning a plumbing company customer service for your plumbing company may be the most important. Your customers are the lifeline to your business and therefore should be treated like gold. Here is the breakdown of customer service for your plumbing company.

The first part of customer service for your plumbing company is owning any and all customer service opportunities regardless of whether or not you are present.  As the owner you are the brand of your plumbing company and therefore everything falls on you. Never make excuses for what happened; this serves to let your customer know that you genuinely care about them and the issue that they are having.  It also demonstrates your willingness to correct the problem.

The importance of customer service for your plumbing company

In Full Bloom,, 01/21/2013

The next part of customer service for your plumbing company involves listening and communicating with your customers. Sometimes when it comes to customer service for your plumbing company all your customer wants to do is be heard. A lot of the times there may be something else going on in their lives, you really don’t know. Offering an ear and listening to whatever the breakdown was is a necessary step in correcting the issue. Ask questions. How can I make this right? A lot of the times your customers will tell you exactly what they want.

Say yes! Part of customer service for your plumbing company involves saying yes! No has such a negative connotation. And in fact it is easier to say yes than say no in a lot of situations, the question should be why not? Of course don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of, but a lot of solutions to customer service related issues are simpler then you would think.

Training is also a big part of customer service for your plumbing company. Ensuring that you and your staff are professional and knowledgeable about industry is very important. When it comes to customer service for your plumbing company you want to make sure that you will have the answers to the questions your customers will most surely have.

The last part of customer service for your plumbing company is your staff. Be aware of what is going on.  Your staff is representing you and their actions reflect on you and your business. If they aren’t treating your customers with care then do not hesitate to find new employees who will. You work hard in building your business; don’t let the careless act of others destroy your hard work.

the importance of customer service for your plumbing company

Zoom Drain and Sewer Service,, 1/21/2013

There you have it some key components of customer service for your plumbing company.  Your customers are important to you and therefore customer service for your plumbing company should be a top priority for you. For more information on customer service for your plumbing company and other plumbing related topics visit

Here is a great tool to help your customer service efforts.  Constant Contact is our Trusted Partner and we can help you with your customer service!
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What You Need to Know about Starting a Plumbing Company

January 18th, 2013

When you are just starting a plumbing company things can be a little confusing and overwhelming. As with all new business ventures it is always a good idea to have a solid business plan. A good business plan for starting a plumbing company will be your guide in all things from what type of plumbing service you offer, employees, marketing, client relations, and accounting.

First when starting a plumbing company you need to decide what type of services you will offer. Are you service oriented or supply oriented. Specializing in something such as bathroom remodeling or water heater repair will also give you an edge when starting a plumbing company.

When you are just starting a plumbing company you can start out on your own until you build your business but eventually you will probably want to hire help. A business plan can help you reach your goals with your plumbing company and create a timeline for growth. Keep in mind, when you reach that point that careful selection of representation is crucial. Well educated and customer oriented service members is what you want. Remember they are representing you and your new plumbing company.  There are also franchising opportunities available that you may want to consider when starting a plumbing company.

starting a plumbing company

Lining Success International 1/7/2-13

Starting a plumbing company can be very consuming. Say you’re the type that just likes to get his hands dirty, well that’s fun and all but don’t forget to spend some time on the business aspect of things when starting a plumbing company. Your business plan should help you with this. Marketing, client relations, licenses and fees, and accounting all fall under this category. It is very important to set a budget for all of these things.

Remember success if in your hands when starting a plumbing company. In the beginning you may not need a big office space because a lot of plumbing work involves time out in the field. Your business plan should be able to outline growth and set goals for where you want to be with your business in the future. For more information on starting a plumbing company visit

Cost Effective Plumbing Repairs

January 15th, 2013

When it comes to plumbing repairs today’s consumers are looking for cost effective plumbing repairs. That being said time is money and your money is your time. It is wise to promote cost effective plumbing repairs and solutions to your customers who in turn will appreciate your time and the caring courtesy you warrant them. 

Some cost effective plumbing repairs you can offer are:

  • Routine Maintenance
  • A proper seal and high quality of materials
  • HET (High Efficiency Toilets) Toilets
  • Timely Repair

Routine maintenance makes for a cost effective plumbing repair and solutions. It ensures that your customer’s systems are all in proper working order. Routine maintenance helps prevent utility overpayment and can minimize repair costs for the future. This cost effective plumbing repair saves your customer money in the long run, for which they will be highly grateful. 

Another cost effective plumbing repair is to make sure everything is sealed properly and the materials you are using are of the highest quality. This cost effective plumbing repair will help prevent leaks and mold, which in turn will save your customer more money on future repairs and protects their health and well-being.


cost effective plumbing repairs to grow plumbing business

Westside Supply 01/07/2013


Today’s consumers want products that are environmentally friendly makeing HET (High Efficiency Toilets) Toilets a very cost effective plumbing repair. It’s important to educate your customers on the latest products available that will not only lower their carbon footprint but also save them money.

Cost effective plumbing repairs & energy efficient plumbing repairs to grow plumbing business

Marin Municipal Water District 01/07/2013

Working in a timely manner is always a cost effective plumbing repair.  It’s a cost effective plumbing repair for your customer and a cost effective plumbing repair for you. For your customer they know that you are doing the best you can to get the job done keeping their budget and needs in mind. Putting the customer first is always a good practice and they are more likely to refer business to you.  For you, working as efficiently as possible alows you to complete more jobs and spend more time creating new business, marketing yourself, and more importantly spending time with your loved ones.

Catering to your customers’ needs will only benefit you and your business in the long run. Offering cost effective plumbing repairs is the best way to gain and maintain loyal customers. For more information on cost effective plumbing repairs and other plumbing related topics please visit

How to Start a Successful Plumbing Business

January 10th, 2013

So you have decided to go into business for yourself! Congratulation! Owning a successful plumbing business can be a very rewarding career decision. However let’s go over some key things you need to know to start a successful plumbing business.

First to start a successful plumbing business you need to know the local requirements.  This not only entails regulations about the plumbing industry but also owning a business in general in the city or local you have chosen. Each city has its own set of rules and guidelines for operating a business so check with your city first.

Next to start a successful plumbing business you will need to obtain the proper license.  Each state has its own branch of government that regulates this. You will need to check with your states licensing board.

When you are just starting your successful plumbing business you should consider reaching out to local business development groups such as the chamber of commerce, in addition any trade groups that you can associate yourself with will definitely aid in building credibility for yourself and your new business venture. Trade groups can also be a good resource for industry information and growth.

Finally how you market yourself is very important when you start a successful plumbing business. There is vast opportunity to grow your plumbing business. SEO or social media marketing has become a tremendous force when it comes to marketing a successful plumbing business. Also take advantage of local listings and don’t forget word of mouth. Marketing for a successful plumbing business should be an area where you spend a significant amount of time.

The decision to open a successful plumbing business is a very important decision you will make, after all it is your future.  To learn more about starting a successful plumbing business and tips on growing your plumbing business visit


start a successful plumbing business

Convention Insider 1/07/2013