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Referral Partners Should be Apart of Your Target Audience for Plumbing Marketing

June 16th, 2015


Part of plumbing marketing is knowing who the target audience is. Some times its hard to decide who the target audience it. Instead of going at it blind, its important to have some direction for plumbing marketing. This saves time and money and ensures that the right people are getting the right information. Referral partners are a vital part of plumbing marketing. When creating a target audience it is important to also include referral partners. If you are unsure who your target audience is we a have created a list of some referral partners that would make a great target audience for plumbing marketing and referral partners.


Other Service Professionals

referral partnershipsOther service professionals make great referral partners and should be included as part of the target audience. Think about electricians, carpet cleaners, roofers, general contractors etc… Networking with other service professionals can create a referral relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Customers also benefit from this relationship because they are provided with a referral from a trusted source.


Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals are the perfect referral partners. A good real estate agent is very hands on when it comes to a real estate transaction. Often times a new home owner will need to have some plumbing work done, if they are new to the area they may reach out to their real estate agent for a good referral. Forming a referral relationship with a real estate agent help the plumber get new customers, helps build credibility for the real estate agent, and helps the customers out.


Property Management Companies

Directly related to real estate professionals, property management companies often oversee a large number of rental properties, both residential and commercial. Making them an excellent target audience. Chances are they need a good plumber on speed dial. This is an ideal referral relationship for a plumber looking to gain repeat business and good referral business.


Insurance Professionals

Insurance professionals are also a great target audience, as creating a referral partnership with an insurance professional can also help create a good source of repeat business. Most insurance companies have a list of preferred service providers for when they have a claim filed. This could be a great source of business.


Home Inspectors

During the purchase of a home a home inspection is often recommended prior to the close of escrow. Home inspectors inspect the entire house, even the plumbing system. Home inspectors are great to establish a referral partnership with because they can refer you business with either the existing homeowner or the new homeowner.


Referral partners are a great way to grow plumbing business and should be apart of your target audience for plumbing marketing purposes. Learn more about plumbing marketing at

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Defining Your Target Audience for Plumbing Marketing 

February 19th, 2015


Networking for your plumbing company is an important part of growing your plumbing company. Creating referral partners are one of the most valuable relationships you will develop when networking for your plumbing company. Associating with the right professionals can really give your business a boost. As with most things its always best to have plan, even when networking for your plumbing company. The following are the most important steps in networking for your plumbing company.


Define the Perfect Networking Partner

When networking for your plumbing company it is a good idea to make a list of who you think will be the most valuable professionals for you to network with. While networking with a variety of business professionals is great, have a define who will be the perfect networking partner for your plumbing company and target those individuals.


Establish Trust

Great networking partners will be able to refer you business and in return you will return the favor. So make sure you have established trust. Remember this relationship not only benefits the two of you but also your customers that are involved. Trust is very important when networking for your plumbing company. You worked hard to obtain your customers, you want to make sure you are giving them a quality referral.


networking for your plumbing company

Agency Spy,, 02/18/2015

Do Your Research

When attending a networking event do your research on who is attending. Know who you want to strike up a conversation with and who you want to avoid. Knowing who you want to talk to will help you be better prepared.


Follow Up

Part of networking for your plumbing company is to follow up. The process of exchanging business cards can be so impersonal and more of a formality at best. The real relationship starts with a follow up. You can send an email or even connect with them on social media, LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect with networking partners. You should also include prospective networking partners in your mailing list or newsletter.

networking for your plumbing company, 02/18/2015


Networking for your plumbing company is an excellent way to drone up new business. Plumbing marketing is only part of the equation when it comes to expanding your plumbing company. For more information on networking for your plumbing company and other plumbing marketing related topics click here!

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