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5 of The Most Common SEO Myths

July 16th, 2017


SEO is an important part of your online plumbing marketing strategy. Regardless of if you are an SEO novice or expert, it is important to stay up to date with SEO trends and

SEO myths

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search engine guidelines, because in the digital world, things can change overnight. When it comes to SEO, there are certain SEO myths that many of us believe. To have a successful SEO strategy, it is important to separate fact from fiction. The following are some common SEO myths that could be holding you back.


#1 More is Better

When it comes to SEO myths, one common misconception is that more is better. For example, the more pages your website has the higher you will rank. This simply isn’t true, instead of being focused on quantity, you should be focused on quality, because that is exactly what search engines are looking for, quality content. Having too many pages on your website, can actually confuse visitors by complicating the navigation. This could increase your bounce rate, which you don’t want. Focus on creating good quality content that is easy for visitors to navigate, remember it isn’t all about the search engines, your visitors are the ones that are going to become customers.


#2 Keyword Density

One SEO myth that is pretty common is that you have to stuff your page full of keywords. While you most definitely want to utilize your keywords, overuse can actually have a negative impact on your search ranking. Like we mentioned above, search engines are more focused on quality content. Instead of stuffing your keywords into your website utilize them strategically. Consistently updating your website with new fresh content is also important.


#3 It’s All About Being at The Top

SEO Myths

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Gaining the top spot in search results is a coveted position, however at the end of the day if your SEO is delivering quality traffic, then does your search ranking really matter? SEO is about driving traffic, while search ranking can help, it isn’t the end all be all.


#4 Images are Irrelevant

Another common SEO myth that simply isn’t true is that images do nothing for your SEO. While images themselves don’t get indexed, alt tags do. Utilizing your alt tags is part of optimizing your website. Using images in conjuncture with your content is becoming more and more important, as visual content is gaining in popularity with social media sites like Instagram, which is completely image driven.


#5 Link Building is Dead

The status link building is another common SEO myth. Over the last several years, link building has gotten a bad rep, this is a direct result of attempting to manipulate search results. The truth is that quality really does matter, even with links. Links help increase a websites online presence. Focus on creating natural, good quality links.


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Get Better Results with Local SEO

June 18th, 2017


SEO is important for your plumbing marketing strategy. There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to SEO. Are my keywords right for me? Am I using my keywords

local SEO

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enough? Am I using my keywords too much? When it comes to search engine optimization one of the most successful strategies is local SEO. Local SEO places the focus on a consolidated area, which give you a smaller space to focus on and a more leveled playing field where it isn’t as tough to rank. Putting and emphasis on local SEO can help you get better results with your plumbing marketing. Here are some tips to get better results with local SEO.


Local Directories

First thing first, local directories matter when it comes to your local SEO, especially Google Local. We suggest claiming these profiles and optimizing them with your locally driven keywords. Make sure all of your business information is accurate and make it easy to get in contact with you. In addition, you should also ad supporting images to help strengthen you brand. Local directory sites always appear at the top of search results and are more widely used by mobile users, which make up a huge demographic of online users.



One important thing to remember when it comes to local SEO and local directories is the reviews. Reviews serve a couple of purposes; first they help promote your listing to the top, and second they are very effective at compelling people to do business with you. So, while not all reviews are going to be favorable, the good far outweighs the bad. To get and edge with your local SEO, ask your customers to leave reviews of your business on Google and Yelp.


Title Tags and Meta Tags

Title tags and meta tags are important for your local SEO. Title tags are in place for search engines, they help tell web crawlers what a page is about. To dominate your local SEO these should be optimized appropriately with locally driven keywords. You meta tags or meta description appears in search results, it provides a brief description of what your page is about. This description is important because it is what compels people to click on your link.


Local Landing Pages

Landing pages are another effective tool to help you get better results with local SEO. These are dedicated pages to one theme, which makes them highly targeted and highly effective at driving search. If there is a particular thing you are trying to promote a landing page is a great way to achieve your goals.

Local SEO is a great way to get ahead of the game with your plumbing marketing. For assistance with your plumbing marketing or to learn more about local SEO contact Grow Plumbing today!


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Get More Online Reviews with These Tips

February 26th, 2017



Online reviews are powerful things. They have the power to influence others customers, and significantly impact search ranking. While not all online reviews are positive reviews, the benefits of them outweigh the negative. Online reviews are crucial in gaining your business the best possible visibility, so how can you get more online reviews? Here are some tips.


Google or Yelp?

online reviewsHow you get online reviews will depend on the type of reviews you are looking for. Both Google and Yelp are reliable places where customers like to provide feedback. And both sites are good for mobile marketing. When it comes to soliciting more online reviews for either of these sites you will have better luck it the customer is an active user of the site. Look through your customer email database, locate the ones with Gmail and send them a request to review your business on Google Local. If soliciting Yelp reviews, keep in mind that not all customers are Yelp users. If they review your business on Yelp without being active Yelpers, there review could end up being removed by Yelps spam removal algorithm.


Don’t Offering Compensation

The best reviews will be more organic in nature. Offering customers compensation for reviews could backfire by curbing enthusiasm over your business. Encourage reviews, but there is no need to offer incentives for reviews that most customers will offer for free.


Make it Easy

If you are Yelp share the link to your Yelp listing, if you are Google Local share the link for your Google Local listing. Make it as easy to find your business as possible. Include links to your sites in your email signature, include links on your website, and promote them on your social media sites. The easy it is for customers to find your local directory listings the better.


Don’t Wait

Once your complete a job, as for a review right away, while it is still fresh in your customer’s mind. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get your customers to

online reviews

Image Credit: Blue Diamond Plumbing,

review your work. Include a message on their invoice. Follow up with your customers on your work, while doing so you can also ask them for an online review.


When it comes to the next big change in Google advertising tactics, online reviews, particularly with Google Local will have a huge impact on ad placement. Learn more about the expected roll-out of Google Home Services and how you can prepare to get your business listed here.



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Online Marketing Trends in 2014 – What to Look for in Plumbing Marketing

December 27th, 2013

plumbing marketing trends 2014

Ruffneck Scarves,, 12/27/2013


2013 proved to be a very exciting year in terms of online marketing. With the ever changing Google algorithms and the onset of mini videos and surge of popularity of sites like Pinterest where should you focus your plumbing marketing attention in 2014? Without a doubt 2014 will be just as exciting as 2013 if not more so. As each year passes we are faced with more and more possibilities in terms of plumbing marketing. Lets take a look at some areas to focus for plumbing marketing in 2014.


  1. Link building Google has spend a lot of time leveling the playing field when it comes to spammy link building tactics. We suggest veering on the side of caution when it comes to link building. Focus on quality not quantity. Make sure the links you are creating make since, otherwise your link building tactics could have the opposite effect on your plumbing marketing. Don’t risk getting penalized by Google. By all means build links, but do it for the right reasons. Any effort to manipulate search results with link building is definitely frowned upon by Google and you risk your site being wiped out of search results all together.


  2. Go Local Having a Google + profile linked with a Local account is becoming more and more useful for plumbing marketing. Google + is only 2nd to Facebook in the number of monthly visits! With more and more users searching on their mobile devices for local businesses this is an audience that you simply cannot ignore in 2014. Claiming a profile on Google is easy to do and can help with boosting your search ranking aside from creating a great portal to engage with customers.


  3. Go Mobile As stated above more and more users are using mobile devices to search for things online. This is important to your plumbing marketing because you want to make sure that your website is compatible with mobile search. If you website doesn’t automatically adjust on a mobile device you could be risking a sale! Lets face it mobile devices are here to stay and will probably continue to rise in popularity. You cannot afford to not be accessible in 2014.

     plumbing marketing trends 2014

  4. Are you on Pinterest? Pinterest has proven to be a definite player in 2013, and will probably continue to do so. Since 2011 Pinterest has gone from 27 million unique visitors to roughly 70 million subscribers in July 2013. For plumbing marketing you can start pinning new plumbing trends and products.


These are just 4 areas to focus on in 2014. There are of course other things you should be doing for plumbing marketing in 2014, and hopefully you are already doing some of them. If not then we are here to help! Grow Plumbing specializes in online plumbing marketing. Together we can get your plumbing company where it needs to be in terms of plumbing marketing. Lets make 2014 a great year for plumbing marketing!


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