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How to Get the Most Out of Your SEO

February 7th, 2018


SEO is an important part of your online plumbing marketing strategy. SEO serves several purposes: a) it tells search engines what your website is about and b) helps improve your search ranking. Getting your SEO right can take a little time and you must also have the ability to adapt and evolve your strategy for the changing times. As with most things in online plumbing marketing, SEO grows, changes, and adapts to meet the needs of todays online users. Here is how to get the most out of your SEO.


Choose Keywords Carefully

seoThe words your chose for your SEO are important. You want to make sure you chose words that are rankable, relevant, but not too competitive. Remember the broader the word or phrase is, the harder it will be to rank for. The goal is to bring relevant traffic to your site to convert, not get lost in the all the noise. You want to attract the right kind of traffic and that requires the right words. Chose words that are very specific to your business, words that are relevant to your specialty or location. In today’s SEO climate, with so many searches taking place on mobile devices, long tail keywords that are locally based tend to perform better. That is because most people are looking for local results. In addition, more mobile search is occurring via voice search. It is important to consider voice queries and what questions people would ask that will lead them to your business.


All the Right Places

Part of gaining success with your SEO is to optimize all the right places. There is more to optimize then just the body text of your website. While body text is important, it doesn’t invite search engines the way you might think. In addition to your body text you should also be optimizing:


  • Alt Tags – this is the only way pictures can get indexed
  • Meta Descriptions – this provides users with a little snippet of information about what your page is about. This should contain your keywords and provide and enticing description of your website.
  • Title Tags – Title tags tell search engines what your website is about. The optimization of title tags is the best way to invite search engines to index your page.


Update Regularly

Using your keywords on a regular basis is part of what search engines consider important. Updating your website on a regular basis helps demonstrate that you are actively participating and still relevant. A great way to do this is to update your blog at least once a week. This method continually provides new content, which search engines and audiences love. It also helps you use your keywords on a regular basis and boosts your online credibility.

Social Media

Optimizing your social media profiles is another important part of your SEO. Each profile provides a place to write an about section. This section should be optimized. Thisseo helps you populate in more than one location online, which helps boost your search ranking. In addition, the content you distribute on social media should also contain your keywords. This also helps you populate in search.


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Forming Good Habits When Using SEO for Plumbing Marketing

March 9th, 2015


SEO plays a huge role in plumbing marketing and getting your website ranked by Google. You know how important SEO is and maybe have implemented an SEO strategy as part of your plumbing marketing plan. While utilizing SEO and keywords is an important part of plumbing marketing you still have to be careful. Certain practices can actually have a negative impact on your plumbing marketing. What worked yesterday may no longer work well today. When using SEO for plumbing marketing its important to stay on top of the trends as search engines evolve and get smarter so do we.


  1. Avoid Over Optimization

    Part of using SEO for plumbing marketing is selecting your keywords and statically placing them throughout the content of your website or blog. This sounds easy enough, however it is really easy to get carried away. When using SEO for plumbing marketing one of the best practices is to make sure that everything reads well. Don’t just use keywords for the heck of it, keep things readable.


    seo for plumbing marketing

    When using SEO for plumbing marketing maintain a balance to avoid being penalized.

  2. Duplicate Content

    In the spirit of keeping things readable we come to your next tip and that is avoiding duplicate content. While duplicating content sounds like and easy way to provide a steady stream of content, it actually can have the opposite effect of what you were hoping to achieve. When it comes to your content strategy its important to keep things unique, relevant and engaging. While you can utilize the same keywords, its important to maintain a balance as well.


  3. Low Quality Links

    If is sounds too good to be true it probably is, especially when it comes to link building. Link building plays a huge role when it comes to using SEO for plumbing marketing, however easy link easy go. We can’t stress enough how important good quality links are for your plumbing marketing. In this case quality over quantity trumps the bill! While this may take a little more time and effort, it really pays off in the long run.


When using SEO for plumbing marketing it is important to form good habits. Remember good results for your plumbing marketing efforts will take a little time and anything that comes to easily will probably not have lasting results. For more information on using SEO for plumbing marketing please visit our website at


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SEO or PPC – What is Better for Plumbing Marketing?

September 27th, 2013



plumbing marketingWhen it comes to plumbing marketing there are many options available. The best approach to plumbing marketing is to decipher which plumbing marketing options best suit your business. Is SEO right for your company? What about PPC, or pay per click advertising? Both can benefit your plumbing company, but how and when to use them is key. If you have a website, chances are you have heard of both plumbing marketing tactics, but if you are still unsure of these options here is the breakdown.


SEO, search engine optimization is a plumbing marketing tool where keywords are placed within the websites content, via body text, blogs, meta tags, alt tags etc. These keywords help search engines rank your website higher on search results. In short the idea behind SEO is that if you mention “plumbing company” a certain amount of times within your webpage, the search engine will rank your webpage higher. The goal is to be on the first page of Google or Bing. SEO tactics generally garner more organic search results, meaning that the search results are more relevant to the term being searched. Given the right set of keywords, this method can gain great results for your plumbing marketing, however it doesn’t happen over night. In order to be successful with this type of plumbing marketing, you need to be consistent and willing to put in the time.


PPC, pay per click advertising is pretty much what it sounds like. Users pay to place their ads at the very top or to the side of search results. When utilizing this method for plumbing marketing you will definitely gain exposure, however it doesn’t always guarantee click throughs. Recent research has found the consumers are less likely to click on paid advertising ads then the general results on the first page of the search results. Keeping this in mind, brand association has a lot to do with this. Research shows that recognizable brands have much success with this method, which can be good for plumbing marketing if for example you are part of a well known plumbing franchise.


In the end both plumbing marketing methods will get results. PPC is designed to get results faster than SEO, but at a higher cost. SEO takes time to gain results but has a longer run time than PPC. If you are just starting your plumbing marketing campaign start practicing your SEO and occasionally run a paid ad. This way you are building up your momentum with SEO but also getting results from your PPC ads. This method is friendly to your plumbing marketing budget, but also helps strategize your plumbing marketing. Remember to be consistent with your plumbing marketing efforts to get the best results!


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SEO for Plumbing Marketing – Some Helpful Tips

September 23rd, 2013


You hear the term SEO everywhere these days, you have a fundamental grasp of the concepts, and you maybe have even employed a few SEO tactics for your plumbing website. However do you really know what it means and how to use it effectively? For plumbers SEO for plumbing marketing is an important step in getting their plumbing website ranked by Google. Here are some tips and things to avoid when using SEO for plumbing marketing.


SEO for plumbing marketing,, 09/23/2013

Personal Branding Blog,, 09/23/2013

SEO or search engine optimization strategically places specific keywords that are relevant to a plumbing company throughout their website and  content.  That being said when practicing SEO for plumbing marketing it is important to choose the keywords wisely.  Remember to 1) keep it relevant , 2) try to hone in on what terms ideal customers would be searching for, and 3) for the best results with SEO for plumbing marketing keep it local. By keeping keywords local for example; Newport Beach plumbers vs. Orange County Plumbers, you widdle out the competition who is also using Orange County Plumbers. By narrowing down keywords you broaden the chances of finding ideal customers.


Avoid keyword stuffing when using SEO for plumbing marketing. A few years ago the thought was that if you mentioned the keyword as many times as you could within a website’s content that this would allow Google to rank the webpage as more relevant based on the number of times the keyword was mentioned throughout the site. For a while this worked, but then Google caught on. If suspected of keyword stuffing Google could actually penalize a website by not ranking it or removing it from its directly completely. This is where SEO for plumbing marketing goes wrong. When using SEO for plumbing marketing the text within the website should read fluidly and not sound forced. Defiantly use keywords, but know when to stop. Remember to keep things balanced and relevant.


keyword stuffing

Don't overstuff your website with keywords

Keep keywords relevant to your business. As you will notice the word relevant is a common theme and for a good reason. When using SEO for plumbing marketing, say you decided to use a term that ranks really high for SEO but has nothing to do with your business. Web traffic will be sure to increase right? Wrong. Google strongly advises against this and so do we. The practice could not only damage your search ranking, but if by chance a customers does wander to your site, if you website it not relevant to what they are searching for then they will bounce, litterally.


SEO for plumbing marketing is an essential part of online plumbing marketing. It may take a little practice to get SEO for plumbing marketing right, but when done right it can be really beneficial. To learn more about plumbing marketing and SEO for plumbing marketing visit


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