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SEO and Plumbing Marketing Part 1: Keywords and Links

September 7th, 2016


SEO for plumbing marketingThe term SEO is a online marketing term you should be familiar with. Whether you fully understand the function of SEO and how it effects your plumbing marketing or haven’t a clue on how to leverage SEO for your plumbing marketing; you know that it is important for the success of your online plumbing marketing strategy. If you are just getting started or simply revamping your online plumbing marketing strategy here are some SEO tips that will set your up for success.



SEO has two basic parts. Keywords and Links. Keywords play a huge role in how a website gets indexed by search engines. While Google has adapted over the years in an effort to prevent keyword manipulation. Keywords still play an important role in your SEO strategy. Carefully consider keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to your business that you would like to rank for. Consider terms that are exclusively related to your business like location or niche, terms that will be less competitive for you to rank for. The broader the term the more competitive it will be.


Once you have established your keywords you can go to work optimizing your website. Include your keywords in the body text of your website and throughout your content. Make updates on a regular basis to keep things fresh. A great way to update information on your

SEO for plumbing marketing

Mikki Allen,, 09/07/2016

website is to publish your blog on your website. You can update your blog on a routine basis, and therefore continue to find new creative ways to use the keywords you want to rank for.




Links are the other important part of SEO. Its important to make sure your link strategy is on point when it comes to your SEO for plumbing marketing. You need a healthy mix of both external and internal links for a well rounded link building strategy.


SEO for plumbing marketingExternal links:When we say external links these are going to be links from external websites pointing to your website. A couple of good places to start building external links are on your social media profiles and your local directory sites.


Internal Links: For internal links consider the pages within your website that you want to draw the most attention too and promote those links on your homepage. Realize that your homepage will naturally receive the most visits, so its up to you to drive the traffic your website receives where you want it. Of course people can use the navigation bar, however providing clear, prominent links makes it a lot easier to find your most important information, and search engines place more authority on the links within your body text than on the navigation bar.


When it comes to SEO for your plumbing marketing it really matters how you build the foundation. Of course a good foundation still requires constant maintenance, but there is a clear and easy way to set things up and allow for regular updating. It shouldn’t be a confusing process, however if you find yourself in over your head then you may want to contact a professional SEO specialist who can help you set up your website. Grow Plumbing specializes in online plumbing marketing and can help you with your SEO strategy. To learn more about Grow Plumbing’s services and more SEO tips click here.

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SEO for Plumbing Marketing – Seizing Opportunities to Optimize

July 15th, 2016


SEO is important for your plumbing marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The idea is that you select a few keywords or keyword phrases that relate to your business. Strategically utilized keywords help with your search ranking which can help generate more traffic. Here are some places you can optimize to generate more exposure for your website.


#1 Website

SEO for plumbing marketingYour website itself if a great place to get started with your SEO for plumbing marketing. From your home page to the other pages in your navigation, all provide a great place to optimize. Select a few keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to your business and build your content around those keywords. Geographic specific pages with geographic specific keywords can also really help your search ranking and also bring in traffic from a good source. Other areas of your website that you don’t want to overlook for optimization are: meta tags, title tags, and alt tags.


#2 Social Media

Your social media profiles also provide a great place for you to do some SEO for plumbing marketing. Social media profiles usually provide a small space for you to describe yourself or your business and this is an excellent opportunity to SEO for plumbing marketingoptimize your profile. While you may be limited in the amount of words you can use you can still make it count by slipping in a few strategically placed keywords. This not only helps with your search ranking on Google, but also in search results performed on the social media sites itself.


#3 Local Directories

SEO for plumbing marketingLocal directories are also a good place to do some SEO for plumbing marketing. Local directory listings are all about your business so you should have ample space to describe your business. Take advantage of the space provided and utilize your keywords. This will help you populate in search results on Google and will also help you show up in search results on the site itself. Remember more and more users are using mobile apps like Yelp to find the goods and services they need on the go, you don’t want to miss out on this visibility.


#4 Blog

Your blog is another place where you can do some SEO for plumbing marketing. Its actually the perfect place to optimize because you can update it on a regular basis and focus on specific topics or terms you want to rank for. For example if you want to rank for green plumbing you can write a post about innovations in plumbing that are good for green plumbing. A blog also provides a good source of content you can share with your social media networks.


#5 Landing Pages

Landing pages are another place you can utilize your SEO for plumbing marketing strategy. Landing pages are single page websites that are dedicated to a specific topic or keyword. For example if you are really trying to drive green plumbing you could make an entire page dedicated to the subject. Landing pages utilize specific keywords to drive a specific point and capture leads, and can really be useful in targeting a specific audience.



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Tips to Recover from a Google Penalty

March 27th, 2016


If you find yourself sitting in the Google penalty box, then chances are you have noticed a decrease in activity from your website. Perhaps you were imploring old SEO tactics that used to work for manipulating the search results or maybe you were unaware that you were doing anything wrong. Whatever the case a Google penalty is serious for your plumbing marketing. Fortunately there are steps you can take to help alleviate the effects of the Google penalty and get your website back on the right track.


What Type of Google Penalty Have You Been Served?


The step to recovery from a Google penalty is to determine what type of penalty you have been served. Google dishes out two types of penalties either manual or algorithmic. The first indication that you have been served a manual penalty is a google penaltynotice from Google to your Google Webmaster Tools account. An algorithmic penalty is more sneaky and typically will result in an unexpected drop in search ranking, usually as a results of an update to Panda or Penguin. Once you have established what type of Google penalty you have you can follow a proper course of action.


Recovery from a Manual Google Penalty

The notice accompanied with a manual Google penalty will provide good information about how you can alleviate the problem. Usually manual Google penalties are a direct result of poor link building. In this instance you need to conduct a link audit on your site and remove all inbound links. This can be tedious and require some legwork. You may have to contact the webmaster at the external site to have the link removed. One tool you can use to help is Majestic SEO, which can help clean up bad back-links and also help identify over optimization and other SEO problems.


Recovery from a Algorithmic Penalty

google penaltyAn algorithmic penalty is a little more tricky. First you have to determine which algorithm is causing the penalty; Panda or Penguin. You may need to consult your analytics data and compare it to the Moz algorithm change history. Once you have figured out who the culprit is you can proceed. A disruption from the Panda algorithm then your website has usability issues. Too many ads on your site, duplicate content or not enough content, slow site speed, and bad navigation are common Panda triggers. At this point you need to address all of these issues with your website. Are you running too many ads? Do you have a blog that you update on a regular basis? You may also need to contact you website host provider to address issues with speed. As far as navigation goes, is you website hard to get around? You may want to consider working with a web designer to alleviate any navigation issues. Penguin penalties will require link audits and link removals.


The truth of the matter is most Google penalties occur by using the black hat SEO practices of yesteryear. If you are keeping things kosher and staying up to date with the latest rends and algorithm changes then you should have nothing to worry about. Practicing good SEO habits is the best way to avoid Google penalties, this involves a good content strategy, good link building, and good social media marketing. If you site does happen to get a penalty don’t worry there is a road to recovery. It does take time, but you can correct it.


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Is Your Plumbing Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Plumbing Website Ready for The Next Big Change in The Google Algorithm? 

Google’s Impact on Plumbing Marketing

Is Your Plumbing Website Mobile Friendly?

May 5th, 2015
Mobile friendly has taken on a new meaning after Google released its latest algorithm update. Now if your plumbing website isn’t mobile friendly enough you could potentially loose your search ranking. Maintaining a high search ranking is crucial in getting your business found online. It takes a lot of work and dedication. Don’t let that all be thrown a way by one little change in the Google algorithm. That being said the latest change to the Google algorithm was no where near as drastic as some of its predecessors, penguin and panda, but non the less it could have an impact in your search ranking. That’s why it is so important to make sure your plumbing website is mobile friendly. 


Do a Quick Test

mobile friendlyWhen judging if your plumbing website is mobile friendly its a good idea to do a little self examination. Use Google’s mobile friendly test, simply copy your plumbing website’s URL into the bar and run the mobile friendly test. Simple as that. Google will tell you how mobile friendly your plumbing website is. This will give you a


starting point to make necessary improvements. We also recommend viewing your plumbing website on a mobile device so that you can gain some insight into what your visitors experience when they are on your site. This will help you tailor your plumbing website to increase your overall customer experience, which will not only help you with making your plumbing website more mobile friendly but could also increase your engagement and conversion rates.




Mobile Friendly Checklist

plumbing website

Walker Corporate Law Group,, 05/05/2015



Here are two of the most important questions to ask when evaluating if your plumbing website is mobile friendly.


  • Is my plumbing website responsive? If your plumbing website is mobile friendly it should adapt to different mobile devices with ease. There are many different types of mobile users out there now, from smartphones to tablets and they all come in different shapes and sizes. To make your plumbing website as mobile friendly as possible talk to your web designer to make sure your plumbing website is as responsive as possible.


  • Is my plumbing website easy to navigate? To be truly mobile friendly your plumbing website needs to navigate with ease. Make sure the font on your plumbing website is easy to read. Keep the font simple and your color scheme easy on the eyes. Also make sure the font fits on the screen to avoid any scrolling over. For tap targets make sure they are easy to hit, accidental wrong clicks can be very frustrating for users and are not mobile friendly. For the best ease of use on your mobile plumbing website only provide the most important information. You may have a ton of information on your website but for mobile conversion you want to keep things simple.


A plumbing website that is mobile friendly is no longer a secondary tool in increasing your conversion rates. It is now a necessity in order to maintain your search ranking, and with good reason. Google’s main focus is to provide the best search experience for its users and with more and more people on mobile devices its time to make the change. If you plumbing website is already optimized for the mobile user that’s is great news! Just remember to maintain your plumbing website on a regular basis to ensure you are always mobile friendly. If you are unsure if your plumbing website is mobile friendly give us a call 310-546-1980! Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing and can help you get your plumbing website on tract and mobile friendly!

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Achieving The Best Visibility with Your Plumbing Marketing

June 19th, 2014


One of the most important goals of plumbing marketing is to achieve good visibility for your plumbing company. Visibility meaning you are easy to find online and have a good search ranking. To get the best results with your plumbing marketing and to achieve the best visibility, it is important to take advantage of all of your opportunities. The following are ways to achieve the best visibility for your plumbing company.

 plumbing marketing

  1. Your website

    Your plumbing website is one of the most important aspects of your plumbing marketing strategy. Your website is where you are working so hard to direct traffic to, so not properly optimizing your website can have poor impact on your visibility. Search engine web crawlers index websites for their relevancy, and if you are not taking advantage of this opportunity then your visibility is lower and so is your search ranking. So practice good SEO tactics and optimize your website. Utilize good keywords that are relevant to your business, take advantage of meta tags and alt tags, and have your blog posted and updated on your website on a regular basis.


  2. Social Media

    The more you are out there the better when it comes to your visibility and plumbing marketing. Being active with social media sites, sharing content, and sharing links is a great way to boost your visibility. In addition when it comes to social media you not only gain access to your direct following or group of friends, but also friends of friends and so on (depending on privacy settings of course). This way is a trickle down effect of exposure for your plumbing company.


  3. Local Directories

    Local directories are great for visibility and plumbing marketing. They show up well in search results and provide a great place for more SEO opportunities. In addition many consumers are taking to local directory sites to search for all kinds of goods and services. They are easy to use on mobile devices, and contain customer reviews, which more customers trust over professional reviews. Make sure you are taking advantage of your local directories. Chances are there are already local directory listings for your business, you just need to claim them.


Achieving the best visibility for your plumbing company is a constant work in progress. Once good visibility is achieved you must maintain it. Remember trends constantly change so it is important to keep up with plumbing marketing trends in order to stay on top of the game. To learn more about plumbing marketing and increasing your visibility click here!


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Put Your Plumbing Website to Work – Plumbing Marketing and Your Website

September 13th, 2013


Have you taken a look at your plumbing website lately? Every now and then it is important to put your plumbing marketing efforts under the magnifying glass. As technology changes so do trends, what once was a spiffy plumbing website is now outdated and maybe isn’t working for you anymore. Giving your plumbing website a makeover could be just what you need to spruce up your plumbing marketing! Here are some helpful tips.


Plumbing Website Design


So you have been spending time with your plumbing working social media, blogging several times a week, and link building;  you have web traffic but are just not getting the results you were after. It’s disheartening, and discouraging, what are you doing wrong? Well maybe its your plumbing website. In order to be successful and effective in converting visitors into customers a plumbing website needs to be user friendly.


plumbing website

Master Binary Options Trading,, 09/11/2013

Consider the layout, the font, the ease of use, and its mobile adaptability. If you have to make your visitors work for the information they are looking for they are more likely to move on. Make it easy for customers to find your contact information and other information they might be looking for, and make sure it is clear and legible. Sometimes we get a little carried away with the font and color scheme. Are the colors of your website easy on the eyes? Are they optimal for reading the content you are providing? Lastly when updating your plumbing website remember to maintain some consistency with your brand, as this is what many customers will associate with your company and is a key component to your plumbing marketing.


Keywords and Search Ranking


plumbing marketingSo maybe you really don’t have the web traffic your envisioned and your plumbing marketing isn’t going to well. How do you get it? While social media plays a part, and if you aren’t active on social media we suggest to get active, keywords and SEO also play a factor in the effectiveness of  a plumbing website.


Have you googled your plumbing company? What page are you on? As part of your plumbing marketing you should be googleing your company. In order to achieve the best results with your plumbing marketing and get the most web traffic to your plumbing website, your company needs to be on page one of google. Keywords play a large part in achieving this. The content on your plumbing website should be laced with keywords. Make sure they are relevant to your plumbing company and used in good taste; meaning don’t  simply put them their to put them their, write in complete sentences and make your content easy to understand. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate, in fact keeping things simple is probably best.


When done well, a plumbing website will be the driving factor in generating new business for your plumbing company. Your plumbing marketing efforts will only work as well as your plumbing website. Think of your social media, blogging, and link building as the bait, and your plumbing website as the hook, without a good hook your plumbing marketing will fail. So take a little time to re-energize and re-think your plumbing website, it may just make your plumbing marketing that much more successful.

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Why Plumbers Should be using YouTube for Plumbing Marketing

August 7th, 2013


There are many options available for plumbing marketing, and more and more plumbing marketing is being done online. A great plumbing marketing tool that not all plumbers are using but should be is YouTube. Many people underestimate the power of video marketing, but video marketing can be a very effective tool when it comes to online plumbing marketing. YouTube for plumbing marketing is a great way to distribute plumbing video content.



YouTube for plumbing marketing is very effective in increasing exposure for plumbing companies because YouTube is one of the top visited sites, with over 800 million visits a month. This makes for amazing visibility for plumbers looking to use YouTube for plumbing marketing and drive traffic to their websites. YouTube attracts a large diverse group people, making YouTube for plumbing marketing a great resource to reach a target audience.

 youtube for plumbing marketing

YouTube for plumbing marketing also helps improve a plumbing company’s search ranking with Google and other search engines. Strategically placed keywords relevant to the video’s content help improve the videos search ranking which increases web traffic. In addition achieving a top placement in search results with not only a website but also a YouTube video is a great way to further drive traffic. Video content has a much higher click through ratio because it is more dynamic and customers can view the picture and see that the content is relevant to what they are searching for as opposed to text, this makes YouTube for plumbing marketing a really easy way to engage with customers and increase conversions.


When utilizing YouTube for plumbing marketing a few things to consider are; the quality of the plumbing videos and the frequency in which the plumbing videos are updated. That being said you don’t have to spend a lot of money producing plumbing videos in order to use YouTube for plumbing marketing successfully. Many times you can produce high quality plumbing videos using equipment you probably already have like an iPhone or webcam and you can edit directly in YouTube or download free video editing software.


YouTube for plumbing marketing works best when it is simple and above all else genuine. YouTube for plumbing marketing works so well because video really resonates with people. They can see it and really connect with the plumbing company. When customers are able to make and emotional connection they are more likely to become loyal customers.


Looking for ideas on how to use YouTube for plumbing marketing? Here are some ideas for videos:

  • Garbage disposal tips

  • Drain Cleaning tips

  • Best ways to save water

  • New plumbing trends

Just to name a few ideas. The possibilities are endless.

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Why a Plumbing Blog is a Great Asset for Online Plumbing Marketing

June 18th, 2013


Utilizing online plumbing marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your plumbing company. A plumbing blog is one of the most effective tools when it comes to online plumbing marketing. Perhaps you have been considering writing a plumbing blog for a while but your not sure how to go about it. Here are some great reasons to start a plumbing blog.

plumbing blog


One of the biggest advantages of writing a plumbing blog is a plumbing blog creates great content for your website. Great content is a driving factor in online plumbing marketing. Writing a plumbing blog with relevant information pertaining to plumbing boosts your online credibility, and enables search engines to index your site. Choose topics that you think potential customers would search for, and strategically place keywords throughout your plumbing blog. The more relevant your plumbing blog is to what customers are searching for the higher ranking you will receive.


Another great aspect to writing a plumbing blog that you are consistently providing new information. Maintaining your online presence is crucial to good search rankings. Search engines like to see that you are active with your website. A consistently updated plumbing blog is an easy way to do this.


A plumbing blog also allows you to connect with your customers. You can easily share your plumbing blog with your social networks. This will help with the success of your social media efforts as well, because it helps you provide unique and useful information that will help you keep your audience interested in your business. This also helps you understand your customer better and allows you learn what is important to them.


A plumbing blog can benefit your plumbing blog in many ways. A plumbing blog helps demonstrate your authority in the plumbing industry. Customers are more likely to choose a plumber who is highly knowledgeable and experienced. A plumbing blog is a great way to  establish that you are an expert in your field. Learn more at

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