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5 Factors You Can’t Ignore For A Strong SEO Strategy

February 25th, 2019

An SEO strategy is an important component of a good online marketing plan. While it has undergone a few chances over the last decade, and taken some heat for some questionable practices, it is still relevant today. Staying on top of your SEO is a must in order to maintain a long term organic ranking. Here are 5 factors you cannot ignore for a strong SEO strategy.


#1 Build Credibility & Trust

It is important for every brand to strive to build credibility and trust. With so much going on on the internet, customers want to do business with reputable companies. Part of building credibility and trust is establishing your business and an authority or expert in the industry. Achieving this involves several working parts. Online reputation, content strategy, and SEO. A good SEO strategy helps businesses achieve top search results organically. Which, most customers view as more trustworthy than paid ads.

SEO strategy

#2 Choose The Right Keywords

The keywords you choose are important for the success of your SEO strategy. As you go through the keyword research process, you will notice that some keywords are more competitive than others. The more competitive the more you have your work cut out for you. Which is why looking at some niche keywords can also be beneficial. Consider locally driven keywords or keywords surrounding an area of specialty. See what works and don’t be afraid to update your strategy as needed.


#3 Paid Ads

Paid ads are great for gaining traffic quickly. The problem is, it can be expensive and it isn’t sustainable unless you are prepared to continually run ads. While some businesses have an endless marketing budget, other smaller companies may find it too expensive. This is one reason why you should incorporate both a paid advertising campaign and an SEO strategy. In addition, a good SEO strategy can pave the way for a higher conversion rate with your paid ads. Customers who have clicked on your ads, may have already viewed organic search results, and therefore have more trust in your brand.


#4 An Optimized Website

Optimizing your website should be a no brainer when it comes to your SEO strategy. However sometimes a website get created or redesigned without any thought of SEO. Then businesses are stuck trying to backtrack and get their site optimized. When designing or redesigning a website, incorporate SEO into the design from the beginning. This saves time, and ensures that there are no misfires.


#5 Be Prepared for Updates

One thing remains certain when it comes to search engines, and that is updates to the algorithms. While most of the time it is just a simple tweak to the algorithm, other times it could be a major overhaul. Being prepared for these updates and ready to embrace the changes is important in order to stay on top of your SEO strategy, because one thing’s for certain, and that is you cannot hide from updates. You can either grow with the updates or allow them to decimate your search ranking.

SEO strategy

Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing and can help you get your SEO strategy off to a good start. To learn more contact Grow Plumbing today!


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Why Your SEO Strategy Should Always be a Work in Progress

February 28th, 2018


A lot goes into achieving a good search ranking, social media, content, link building, and ads to name a few. SEO also plays an important role at generating traffic and increasing search ranking. One important thing to consider when it comes to your SEO strategy and plumbing marketing in general is that is should always be a work in progress. The fact of the matter is, is that things are constantly changing in the digital marketing world. There are new trends and new technologies available every day. While its important to continue your efforts in areas that deliver results, it is also important to consider new opportunities. Here’s why your SEO strategy should always be a work in progress.


Innovations in Technology

SEO strategyOver the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of improvements in technology. For example, voice search alone, has grown exponentially as the technology improved and became more accurate. What does this technology mean for your SEO strategy? It means that not only do you have to consider traditional search terms and phrases, but also the terms people use when they speak a command into Siri or Google. Since most of these searches happen on mobile devices, including location-based keywords is important. It is also noted that most voice search contain more words in the query. This isn’t surprising, considering the ease with which we have conversations with technology these days. This changes things a little bit for your SEO strategy. Long tale keywords are going to become more relevant, as voice search continues to grow, and more people start utilizing voice active assistants like Alexa.


Social Media Trends

Social media trends are also important to consider when it comes to your SEO strategy. For example, the hashtag. The hashtag originally started on Twitter and was used to join conversations containing the same hashtag in the same thread. It didn’t take long before other social media sites incorporated the hashtag. Now, the hashtag is most relevant on sites like Instagram, where learning how to incorporate hashtags into your strategy can help you gain more exposure and better engagement. Its no doubt, that your keywords can be hashtags too. In fact, this is a great way to incorporate your keywords into your social media strategy and stay on trend. In, there are other ways you can incorporate your SEO strategy into your social media strategy. Start by properly optimizing your about sections, and continually providing new fresh content that is relevant.


Check the Results

Checking the results of your SEO strategy is one of the most important parts of staying up to date with your strategy. Your analytics report provides a wealth of information, all SEO strategyof which is vital to creating the more effective and efficient strategy. By consulting your analytics report, you will more about the habits of your customers, what keywords were used to find your business, what pages of your website are most popular, and how long people are spending on your website. All of this information can help you grow and improve your SEO strategy.


When we say work in progress, what we really mean is a willingness to try new innovations and trends as they come a long. Like we said, don’t stop doing something that works really well, simply incorporate new tactics and see if they work too. Your SEO strategy and your plumbing marketing strategy should always be a work in progress. Willingness to innovate will help you stay relevant and help you connect better with your customers. Remember a good SEO strategy takes time to cultivate, good results don’t happen overnight, but if you continue to put efforts into growing and exploring new options you will see success. To learn more about how to improve your SEO strategy contact Grow Plumbing today!



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Content Marketing Tips That Matter Now

August 28th, 2017


There have been a lot of changes in SEO and content marketing over the last several years. It used to be that you optimized everything, created infinite inbound links, and stuffed your keywords in everything as a way to tell Google that your website was worthy of a good search ranking. While SEO is still an important determining factor in how Google indexes a website, it isn’t the end all be all. In fact, things have gotten a lot more complicated as the technology has become more sophisticated. Content marketing plays an important role in how customers and Google interact with your brand. Here are content marketing tips that matter now.


Content Marketing and SEO Go Hand in Hand

Your content marketing strategy should go hand in hand with your SEO strategy. You can merge your content strategy and SEO strategy by creating quality content utilizing your keywords. This is one of the easier and safest ways to

content marketing

Image Credit: Manhattan Communications,

consistently stay on top of your SEO. However, instead of stuffing a bunch of keywords in a post, use them in a way that makes sense. For today’s content marketing standards, focus on quality not volume.



Analytics will tell you everything you need to know about what your audience is engaging with.  After all you want to give your audience more of what they want right? You need to make a point to check your analytics on a regular basis, so that you know what content is driving the most traffic, generating the most links, and what keywords you are ranking for. While you want to be able to provide a good variety of content, this can help you navigate the best topics and sources for promotion.


Write For You Customers Not Machines

In the end, it really boils down to what your customers want to see from you. Customer engagement is becoming more of a driving force in pushing and strengthening a company’s brand. If you aren’t promoting content that your customers are interested in, then having a good search ranking, won’t do much to convert your readers. And conversions are your ultimate goal behind all of your online marketing efforts.


For more content marketing tips and how to merge your content marketing strategy with your SEO strategy contact Grow Plumbing today. We specialize in online plumbing marketing and can help you with your strategy. 

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Take Your SEO to The Next Level with These Mobile SEO Tips

August 4th, 2017


If you are like many businesses, you have spent a lot of time honing your SEO strategy. Now that you have your SEO strategyfigured out its time to get your mobile SEO strategy on point. You might be wondering what is the difference between the two? There are definite similarities, however in order to develop a proper mobile

mobile seo

Image Credit: Karma,

SEO strategy you need to understand the mobile user. There are some clear differences between mobile users vs desktop users, and it doesn’t just have to do with the size of their screen.


Search Phrases

When it comes to mobile search a couple of key things to keep in mind is the search phrases being used. Many mobiles users rely on Googles autocomplete feature when performing a search, they are also more likely to use shorter tail phrases and utilize locally driven search terms. Use this to your advantage and optimize your titles tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags with these shorter tail phrases. If you haven’t already started using locally driven keywords, then not is the time to start. Geo specific keywords are more likely to deliver quality results and are less competitive making them easier to rank for and they help with your mobile SEO strategy.


Keeps Things Social

One of the biggest draws to mobile devices is their ability to constantly keep you connected to your social media apps. What this means for your mobile SEO strategy is you need to develop a socially driven content strategy. Focus on creating content that keeps people engaged. Many mobile users are looking to be entertained, and entertained all of the time. Focus on good quality content that is amusing and relevant to drive engagement.


Ease of Use

One of the biggest qualms mobile users have is a webpage not loading fast enough or being too difficult to navigate. When it comes to mobile SEO it is important to consider that because mobile users are using a smaller screen not everything will load or fit properly. The ability of your website to convert to a smaller screen is crucial. Keep navigation as straight forward as possible. The images you use also factor in. Large images may slow down a page’s loading time, or not fit entirely on the screen.


mobile seo

Image Credit: Zurb,

Click to Call

The click to call feature is another important mobile SEO tip. Make it as easy as possible to contact you. If all the mobile user has to do is click your phone number, then you leave less room for frustration and improve your chances of converting a sale. Never make visitors to your sight work hard to contact you.

Optimizing your website for mobile search is an important part of your plumbing marketing. With more and more users using mobile devices it is paramount to getting the right kind of visibility for your business. To learn more about mobile SEO contact Grow Plumbing today!


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Fine Tune Your SEO Strategy and Get Ahead of The Game With Your Digital Marketing

September 15th, 2016


Recently we have been talking about some valuable tips for SEO strategy. Knowing how to properly implement keywords and links and how to effectively use images on your website are crucial aspects of running a successful digital marketing strategy. Today we have a few more tips to help your fine tune your SEO strategy and get ahead of the game with your digital marketing.


Take Every Opportunity to Optimize


When it comes to your SEO strategy there are many places you can take advantage of to optimize. If you have already taken the time to optimize the body texts of your website then you should be familiar enough with your keywords to move on to the next step. This includeSEO strategyother areas of your website that you maybe didn’t thing about, like:

  • Title Tags – appear in the browser tab, they should utilize strategic keywords to describe the contents of the website. Title tags are important for your SEO strategy because they also get indexed by search engines and can help improve your search ranking.
  • Alt Tags – appear when you hover over an image on a website. Utilizing alt tags is the only way any images on your website will be indexed.
  • Meta Tags – also known as snippets give a brief description of the website when it appears in search results. Users can read this description and see if your website is relevant to their search or not.


Once your website is dialed in, you should also make sure your social media profiles are optimized as well as your local directory sites. In addition you should also be optimizing all of your content. From your blog posts to your social media updates, find little ways to work your keywords in.



SEO strategy

Wonder How To,, 09/14/2016

When it comes to staying on top of your SEO strategy you need to do a little recon. Look at social media sites and forums and see what is trending. Look for new topics and see what customers are talking about. This can help you not only market better to your target audience but also help you uncover new keywords you maybe didn’t think about before. In addition to scoping out what you customers are up to, checking out what your competitors are up to never hurts either. While we don’t want you to copy them, being aware of their marketing efforts can help you formulate a more solid digital marketing plan.


In order to gain good results with your SEO strategy you really have to stay on top of things. It takes constant dedication and constant maintenance. Things can change very rapidly in the digital marketing world so its important to be aware of different changes and trends that occur. For more tips to help you with your SEO strategy visit






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SEO and Plumbing Marketing Part 1: Keywords and Links

September 7th, 2016


SEO for plumbing marketingThe term SEO is a online marketing term you should be familiar with. Whether you fully understand the function of SEO and how it effects your plumbing marketing or haven’t a clue on how to leverage SEO for your plumbing marketing; you know that it is important for the success of your online plumbing marketing strategy. If you are just getting started or simply revamping your online plumbing marketing strategy here are some SEO tips that will set your up for success.



SEO has two basic parts. Keywords and Links. Keywords play a huge role in how a website gets indexed by search engines. While Google has adapted over the years in an effort to prevent keyword manipulation. Keywords still play an important role in your SEO strategy. Carefully consider keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to your business that you would like to rank for. Consider terms that are exclusively related to your business like location or niche, terms that will be less competitive for you to rank for. The broader the term the more competitive it will be.


Once you have established your keywords you can go to work optimizing your website. Include your keywords in the body text of your website and throughout your content. Make updates on a regular basis to keep things fresh. A great way to update information on your

SEO for plumbing marketing

Mikki Allen,, 09/07/2016

website is to publish your blog on your website. You can update your blog on a routine basis, and therefore continue to find new creative ways to use the keywords you want to rank for.




Links are the other important part of SEO. Its important to make sure your link strategy is on point when it comes to your SEO for plumbing marketing. You need a healthy mix of both external and internal links for a well rounded link building strategy.


SEO for plumbing marketingExternal links:When we say external links these are going to be links from external websites pointing to your website. A couple of good places to start building external links are on your social media profiles and your local directory sites.


Internal Links: For internal links consider the pages within your website that you want to draw the most attention too and promote those links on your homepage. Realize that your homepage will naturally receive the most visits, so its up to you to drive the traffic your website receives where you want it. Of course people can use the navigation bar, however providing clear, prominent links makes it a lot easier to find your most important information, and search engines place more authority on the links within your body text than on the navigation bar.


When it comes to SEO for your plumbing marketing it really matters how you build the foundation. Of course a good foundation still requires constant maintenance, but there is a clear and easy way to set things up and allow for regular updating. It shouldn’t be a confusing process, however if you find yourself in over your head then you may want to contact a professional SEO specialist who can help you set up your website. Grow Plumbing specializes in online plumbing marketing and can help you with your SEO strategy. To learn more about Grow Plumbing’s services and more SEO tips click here.

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Some Common SEO Terms

October 20th, 2015


common SEO termsAs with any industry there many terms associated with SEO. Some terms are pretty self explanatory while others might leave you scratching your head. Whether you are planning on working on your SEO yourself or are in the market to hire a professional SEO specialist its always a good idea to educate yourself on some of the common SEO terms.


ROI – return on investment. This is a common SEO term that should be pretty self explanatory. Your ROI is calculated based off the amount of time and money you put into your SEO vs the conversion or the amount of leads were generated. This is definitely an important aspect of SEO after all you want your campaign to work and better yet work efficiently.


Conversion – conversion is another common SEO term that you will hear a lot. This basically refers to the amount of visitors who converted over to leads or customers.


Bounce Rate – a websites bounce rate is sometimes refereed to as an exit rate, which is exactly what it sounds like. Its the rate in which visitors to your website exit or bounce off your site. If you have a low bounce rate this is a good thing.


Web Crawler – web crawlers, robots, bots all tools used by search engines to index or analyze your website. Think of Google as a giant library, its web crawlers work diligently as the librarians to quickly file and categorize websites so that the most relevant search results are achieved.


Algorithm – the Google search algorithm is a complex thing, just know that it represents all of the things a web crawler will index. Some of the items included in the Google search algorithm include: titles tags, meta tags, alt text, and the websites content just to name a few.


Title Tags, Meta Tags, Alt Text – title tags represent the name of an individual page. You will locate title tags in the upper left hand corner of your browser window. Meta Tags are similar to title tags in that they describe the content of the page, but they are placed within the HEAD section of your HTML code and are not visible. Alt text is a small verse of text attached as kind of as a link to an image.


When designing your SEO strategy or hiring a professional SEO specialist having a solid foundation on SEO jargon will help prepare you to make the best decisions for your plumbing marketing. If you are looking for some assistance with your SEO strategy, Grow Plumbing is here to help. To learn more about our service please click here.

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Your SEO Strategy

October 14th, 2015


When you first started your online plumbing marketing you probably incorporated a little SEO strategy into your game plan. SEO is an important part of a digital plumbing marketing plan. Is you SEO strategy the same as when you first started? As time goes on its important to adapt your SEO strategy to encompass changes in trends and guidelines.


Search Engines

SEO strategySearch engines like Google are constantly making updates and changes in order to improve their product. Their job is to provide the most relevant and easily attainable search results. Over the last several years Google has rolled out a number of algorithms in order to counter act certain, shall we say, black hat practices of SEO. An example of black hat SEO practices is keyword stuffing. Years ago online marketers could achieve top ranking status by stuffing keywords throughout their website; this involved visible keywords and also keywords that are hidden from plain site (the font and background were the same color). The thought process behind this technique is the more time the keyword is mentioned the more relevant Google will find the content and reward the page with a top search ranking. Well eventually Google caught on. Now if Google suspects this method is being used it could result in being completely removed from the search rankings all together.


As part of your ongoing SEO strategy its important to stay up to date on the latest updates from search engines like Google. Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis. A lot of the times these are small updates that hardly have any effect, other times its a big update that could have an effect on your plumbing marketing. Its important to remain in the know when it comes to search engine updates and your SEO strategy.


Staying Relevant

Relevant keywords are huge for your SEO strategy. Keywords are terms that users search for to find your business. In terms of staying relevant its important to consider your keywords from time to time. Things change over time, not just withSEO strategy online trends but also trend with your business. To stay competitive you must update your keywords. A steady stream of new content is a great way to implement new keywords that you want to promote; blogging is an excellent way to do this, landing pages are also effective. Aside from droning up new keywords to remain in the know, you also must consider whether your current keywords are A) effective and B) still relevant. Perhaps when you first started with your SEO strategy you had certain keywords that you were targeting. Have you ever checked your analytics report to see if they are effective? Or perhaps you set your website up a few years ago and back then you were in a different place with your business so you went with keywords that were relevant at the time. Are they still relevant to your business?


Your SEO strategy needs to be constantly maintained. If you don’t make updates or changes to your SEO strategy every now and then you risk not being relevant anymore, which does nothing for your search ranking. Actually it could have a negative effect on your search ranking.


If you haven’t updated your SEO strategy in a while maybe you should do so. Need help? Grow Plumbing is here to help! We specialize in plumbing marketing and can help you with your SEO strategy. To learn more visit


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3 Tactics to Help With SEO for Plumbing Marketing

April 15th, 2015


SEO for plumbing marketing is definitely an important part of plumbing marketing. With so much competition out there its really important to make sure you have a really good handle on things when it comes to SEO for plumbing marketing. Here are some areas that can really help you stay on top of your SEO for plumbing marketing.


  1. Scope out the competition

    In order to remain competitive with your SEO for plumbing marketing its important to see what your competitors are up to with their own plumbing marketing efforts. Check out their blog or view what links they are building. This will help give you some insight and help you tailor your SEO for plumbing marketing campaign accordingly.


  2. SEO for plumbing marketing review

    When it comes to being successful with SEO for plumbing marketing it is really important to review your efforts on a consistent basis. For example once a month check your analytics report. This will help you know what keywords are working and where your traffic is coming from. By routinely checking the success or your SEO strategy this allows you to make changes here and there.


  3. Stay in the know

    The trends with SEO for plumbing marketing are constantly changing and so it is really important to stay on top of what is going on so can be on top of things. You don’t want to waste any effort with something that isn’t going to pan out or have a negative impact on your plumbing marketing. This is one of the benefits of working with a professional SEO expert who specializes in plumbing marketing its their job to know the latest trends.


A properly run SEO campaign can really help improve your plumbing marketing. When done correctly you should see an impact on the amount of traffic you have to your website. The next step is to close the deal. Website design and a couple of other things play a factor in that. To learn more about SEO for plumbing marketing please visit our website at

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