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Four Major Reasons Your Sewer Line is Clogged

April 22nd, 2019

Guest Blog Post: Randy Stark

Keeping your home in the best possible condition is essential. For that, you need to attend your plumbing fixtures, pipes, and drains. And all these are directly connected to the largest space of the plumbing zone in your house, which is the primary sewer line.

Sometimes, because of improper use of drains and fixtures the primary sewer line might gets damaged. There can be other factors leading to this as well. The central sewer line might get clogged that might require a specialized repair service. Here you need to get in touch with an ace service provider. You can search for a company based on your location. For instance, if you are in Virginia Beach, you can search for sewer line repair Virginia Beach services and select from the options.

sewer line is clogged

However, it is essential to know the reasons for the sewer line repair. Some of the significant causes of clogged sewer repair are as follows:


1 – Massive Pipe Damage

There are times when sewer pipes get broken or ruptured. Here the sewage might not allow seamless draining via the system. It results in frequent and instant backups. The prevalent causes of sewer pipe damage are as follows:

  • An older pipe could have got corroded which might lead to pipe collapse or breakage.
  • There could be leaking joints that can seal the area between the pipe spaces that are broken, enabling sewage and water to escape.
  • Factors like shifting soil can also lead to pipe rupture which can lead to maximized traffic on the ground. Alternatively, there can be a hefty construction device right on top of the ground.


2 - The Sagging Sewer Line

No homeowner can control this. The sagging sewer lines take place over some time. And the bellied pipe happens when a specific part of the pipe gets sunk because of soil conditions or ground conditions. The lowest part of the line will start to collect waste and paper, which will lead to repeating the blockage.


3 – Tree Root Damage

Really old sewer lines can be made of clay. Sometimes, other porous materials were also used in creating sewer lines. Furthermore, the junctions between the pipe spaces were not as firm as we see with our pipes today. When shrub and tree roots grow, they keep typically grow towards water. When they get latched to the sewer pipe, they grow inside the pipe to get to the water source inside. And when the roots grow over some time, it might cause the line to break completely.

sewer line clogged

4 – Flushing Items That Don’t Belong Down the Toilet

To keep your plumbing system is excellent condition, it is essential for you to understand the things you can  flush down the toilet. It is not a good thing to treat your toilet as if it is a trashcan. It will invariably result in severe sewer drain problems. The most important rule to keep in mind when you are flushing the toilet is to know that all the toilet paper, as well as human waste, goes down. Hence, it is essential to be careful about it.

These are some of the critical factors that result in clogged sewer lines. Once you’ve identified the cause, make it a point to get in touch with an ace plumbing service provider to address these issues.


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