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5 Reasons You Should Show Your Plumber a Little Love this Valentines!

February 14th, 2018



Plumbing can be a dirty job, but somebodies got to do it. With all the complexities of life, many people don’t give a second thought to their plumbing system and what it takes to keep things running smoothly. That is until they are faced with ashow your plumber a little loveplumbing emergency. A plumbing emergency can take a toll on one’s mental sanity, composure, not to mention wallet. Which is why it is important to have a good plumber you can call. Here are some reasons to show your plumber a little love!


Plumbers Protect our Health and Safety

The plumbing industry doesn’t get enough credit for protecting our health and safety. Good plumbing infrastructure is a must for any flourishing society. They say that you can measure the success of a nation based on how good their plumbing is. In this country we tend to take our plumbing for granted a little. We have clean running water, hot running water, we have systems in place for removing waste water, and we have sanitation plants. Contaminated water is the biggest culprit in the spread of disease. Did you know that advances in modern plumbing lead to many diseases being ratified including: typhoid fever, cholera, and plague? This is just one reason why you should show your plumber a little love!


show your plumber some love

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Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Let’s face it, there are a lot of die-hard DIYers out there, who would rather save a little dough and sacrifice the integrity of their plumbing, then hire a professional. While sometimes this works out, however, many people simply haven’t a clueshow your plumber a little love to what they are doing. This can lead to plumbing disasters, which makes a big job out of a little job, and often times end up costing more.  By hiring a professional plumber, you are paying for their knowledge, training, and expertise. The job will be done right the first time. This is another reason why you should show your plumber a little love!


Plumbers Know Proper Code Enforcement Laws

Keeping things up to code is important to protect your safety and protect the integrity of your home. Code violations can result in fines, damage to your property, and prevent the sale of a home. Keeping things up to code is a safer and in the long run more practical approach. By hiring a professional you are more likely to get a plumber who knows how to keep things up to code.


Plumbers Have the Right Tools

You may be tempted to repair your plumbing yourself, but if you don’t have the right tools already you might find yourself spending a small fortune to get the necessary tools to get the job done right. Professional plumbers already have the right tools, so in the long run, this could save you money. All the more reason to show your plumber some love.


They Offer a Guarantee

One of the biggest reasons to show your plumbing a little love, is that many of them offer a guarantee. This means that if by chance something goes wrong they will come back and fix it. This helps put your mind at ease about the work being done. In addition, professional plumbers are licensed and insured which means you can rest a little easier knowing they know what they are doing, and if by chance something goes wrong it will be covered.

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