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Your SEO Strategy

October 14th, 2015


When you first started your online plumbing marketing you probably incorporated a little SEO strategy into your game plan. SEO is an important part of a digital plumbing marketing plan. Is you SEO strategy the same as when you first started? As time goes on its important to adapt your SEO strategy to encompass changes in trends and guidelines.


Search Engines

SEO strategySearch engines like Google are constantly making updates and changes in order to improve their product. Their job is to provide the most relevant and easily attainable search results. Over the last several years Google has rolled out a number of algorithms in order to counter act certain, shall we say, black hat practices of SEO. An example of black hat SEO practices is keyword stuffing. Years ago online marketers could achieve top ranking status by stuffing keywords throughout their website; this involved visible keywords and also keywords that are hidden from plain site (the font and background were the same color). The thought process behind this technique is the more time the keyword is mentioned the more relevant Google will find the content and reward the page with a top search ranking. Well eventually Google caught on. Now if Google suspects this method is being used it could result in being completely removed from the search rankings all together.


As part of your ongoing SEO strategy its important to stay up to date on the latest updates from search engines like Google. Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis. A lot of the times these are small updates that hardly have any effect, other times its a big update that could have an effect on your plumbing marketing. Its important to remain in the know when it comes to search engine updates and your SEO strategy.


Staying Relevant

Relevant keywords are huge for your SEO strategy. Keywords are terms that users search for to find your business. In terms of staying relevant its important to consider your keywords from time to time. Things change over time, not just withSEO strategy online trends but also trend with your business. To stay competitive you must update your keywords. A steady stream of new content is a great way to implement new keywords that you want to promote; blogging is an excellent way to do this, landing pages are also effective. Aside from droning up new keywords to remain in the know, you also must consider whether your current keywords are A) effective and B) still relevant. Perhaps when you first started with your SEO strategy you had certain keywords that you were targeting. Have you ever checked your analytics report to see if they are effective? Or perhaps you set your website up a few years ago and back then you were in a different place with your business so you went with keywords that were relevant at the time. Are they still relevant to your business?


Your SEO strategy needs to be constantly maintained. If you don’t make updates or changes to your SEO strategy every now and then you risk not being relevant anymore, which does nothing for your search ranking. Actually it could have a negative effect on your search ranking.


If you haven’t updated your SEO strategy in a while maybe you should do so. Need help? Grow Plumbing is here to help! We specialize in plumbing marketing and can help you with your SEO strategy. To learn more visit


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