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Plumbing Marketing: Give Your Audience What They Want

June 12th, 2017



Content is the driving force of the internet. Whenever anyone performs a search or login to a social media site, they are in search of content. They may not know what they are in search of at the time, or they may have a very good idea of what type of content they are after. Whatever they are after is comes in the form of content. Content comes in many different forms, from the body text on a website, a blog, a video, a picture, a meme. That is why having a good content strategy is a must for the longevity and success of your plumbing marketing.


Know Your Audience

It is important to know your audience in order to create good quality content that will generate results. Create a customer profile, who is your ideal customer? Consider the

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Unify,

following criteria:

  • Where are they from?
  • Where do they live?
  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • What do they do for a living?

This information will help you not only create a better content strategy but also a better plumbing marketing plan in general. With this information at hand you can think about what types of content appeals most to your audience, what channels they are using to search for their content, and what types of topics they are most interested in. Promoting the right type of content in the right places will make a huge difference with your plumbing marketing results.


Check Your Results

Regularly checking your analytics is an important part of your plumbing marketing. Not only will help tell you who you customer is, but where they are from, how they got to your site, and what types of content most intrigue them. Your analytics will tell you which pages get the most visits, and what keywords delivered the most traffic. With this information in hand you can create more specific content catered specifically for your audience. The more customized your content is for your audience’s tastes, the better results you will have. So, give you audience what they want.


Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing. If you need help with your plumbing marketing or you content strategy contact Grow Plumbing today!

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A Targeted Approach to Plumbing Marketing – Defining Your Audience

March 15th, 2017


Properly identifying your target audience is important for the success of your plumbing marketing. Content should be created with your audience in mind, without a targeted approach your content can get lost in translation. In order to successfully increase conversions, you have to get the right kind of traffic. So, how do you define your audience? Here are some tips for defining your audience to get the most out of your plumbing marketing.


Define Yourself

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Adcellerant,

The first part of defining your audience is to define yourself. What do you bring to the table? What sets you apart from the competition? What areas do you specialize in? Answering these questions about your business can help you properly identify the right type of audience that needs your services. In addition to help you identify your target audience, defining yourself as a business can help you establish your message, your strategy, and your brand.


Location, Location, Location

Once you have defined yourself as a business the next step in defining your audience is to identify where your audience is from. Location matters, how broad you cast your net matters. The further out you go the more prospects you will have, but you might sacrifice quality. For best results keep things local, and as specific as possible. Remember you are trying to generate leads, quality leads that will in fact become customers. Exposure is good, and it can make your numbers look great, but if your traffic isn’t local the chances of them becoming customers is mute. If you can’t actually convert them into customers then what’s the point?



After you have established the location your target audience is in the next step in defining your audience is to focus on their characteristics. How old are they? What are they plumbing marketinginto? Male or female? Commercial or residential? Homeowners?  The more specific you are the better quality leads you will get.


Where Does Your Audience Spend Their Time Online?

After you have identified who you target audience is, it is time to put your efforts into to online channels where your audience spends their time. Different social media sites attract different types of users. For example, about 35% of Facebook users is comprised of people ages 35-54. If this is your demographic, then it would make sense to spend a chunk of your plumbing marketing budget on Facebook advertising. The point is to go where you audience is to get the best results. 


Internet Marketing

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Creating a Competitive Plumbing Marketing Strategy

November 11th, 2016


The plumbing industry can be a very competitive market. When it comes to plumbing marketing its important to have a plumbing marketing strategy that will help you compete. Part of having a competitive plumbing marketing strategy is to be proactive with the outlets you choose to promote your business, with your target audience, and with your content strategy. Here are some tips to help you form a competitive plumbing marketing strategy.

Choosing the Right Outlets

Part of forming a competitive plumbing marketing strategy is to be active on social media as well as local directories. When it comes to choosing

competitive plumbing marketing strategy

Interlink One,, 11-11-2016

the right social media sites there are a lot of options to choose from. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are among the most popular and widely used. Subsequent social media sites you may want to consider are Google +, Pinterest, and Instagram. Each social media site has something different to offer. The only way you will know if a site is a good fit is if you try it out.

 Local directory sites are also important when it comes to creating a competitive plumbing marketing strategy. Local directory sites like Yelp and Google Local can be instrumental in achieving top search results. Local directories allow to you reach out to a local audience which also helps improve conversions.

Choosing the Right Audience

competitive plumbing marketing strategy

Pelfusion,, 11-11-2016

Who you choose to market to is another aspect of creating a competitive plumbing marketing strategy. It’s important to make sure that you are reaching out to the right audience on social media as well as with your ad placement. Ensuring that the right audience sees your message is crucial. Being proactive with who your target audience is allows you to be competitive with your plumbing marketing strategy. This may require you to do some research on where to find your target audience, what social media sites are they on? You may also have to re-evaluate who your target audience is every now and then to stay competitive.

Choosing the Right Content Strategy

Content may be one of the most important tools you have for creating a competitive plumbing marketing strategy. Part of being competitive with your content strategy is too selectively choose the right keywords. Keywords or keyword phrases can be super competitive. The more competitive the keyword the harder it is to rank for. So, in a since selecting less competitive keywords can actually help you stay more competitive with your plumbing marketing strategy. Choose keywords that are specific to your business. Think about geographic location or perhaps any niche areas that you might specialize in. The more relevant and specific your keywords are the better results you will get for your efforts. 

Creating a competitive plumbing marketing strategy  is not just about creating an actual plan, but also maintaining and adapting your strategy. Most plumbing marketing strategies will have to be tweaked a little as time goes on, its part of being competitive but also part of adapting to meet the ever changing demands of the digital world. To learn more about plumbing marketing check out the rest of our articles.

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Establishing the Right Keywords for Your Plumbing Marketing

July 17th, 2016


Keywords are important for your plumbing marketing because they help establish what you are marketing and who you are marketing to. You can design your entire plumbing marketing plan around your keywords. Establishing your keywords should be one of the first steps in creating a good, solid plumbing marketing strategy. There are a few things you should consider when choosing the right keywords for your plumbing marketing.


Establish What You Are Doing

One of the fist things in selecting keywords for your plumbing marketing is to establish what you are doing. What things do you want to target in your plumbing marketing strategy. Are the there areas that you specialize in that you would like to target for your plumbing marketing, for example green plumbing, or perhaps remodeling. Keywords related to these topics will help you formulate a more complete plumbing marketing plan and give you some areas to focus on.


Establish Where You Are Marketing

keywords for plumbing markeitng

Local Vox,, 07/17/2016

Another fundamental step in selecting keywords for your plumbing marketing is to establish your geographic perimeters. Narrowing down your keywords geographically is a great way to stay relevant, bring in more quality leads, and remain more competitive. Keywords can be extremely competitive, especially for higher ranking keywords. Adding a specific location is a great way to select keywords for your plumbing company that aren’t as competitive.


Establish Who You Are Going to Market To

Knowing who is audience is is crucial in determining your keywords for plumbing marketing. By identifying individuals that meet your criteria for ideal customers you can select keywords that area tailored to you target audience. Using keywords for your plumbing marketing that are geared towards your ideal customers allows you to work more efficiently and more effectively.


Establish How You Are Going to Market

Part of employing keywords for your plumbing is determining how you are going to utilize them. The obvious places are on the body text of your website and on your blog. Other areas that are important are titles tags, meta tags, and alt tags on your website, social media sites, keywords for plumbing marketingand local directory sites. Always seize and opportunity to optimize.


Lear more about choosing your keywords for plumbing marketing and other plumbing marketing topics here.


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Getting Started With Your Plumbing Marketing

June 5th, 2016


The decision to embark on the exciting journey of growing your plumbing business is a big decision. Taking your plumbing company to the next level could profoundly affect your future. Whether you make it or break it is all up to you and effort you are willing to put into it. One thing you have to consider when expanding your business is how you are going to market your business. Part of growing any business starts with a good solid marketing strategy. Its important to have a good plan when it comes to your plumbing marketing so if you are just getting started, or even if you have been at it a while its a good idea to put a plan in action.


The Basic Building Blocks of a Good Plumbing Marketing Plan

 plumbing marketing

#1 What

One of the fundamental steps of forming a good plumbing marketing plan is to know what you trying to do. This covers several different areas. First you need to know what you are offering. What is your company all about? What sets you apart from the competition? Think about niche areas and the basic culture of your business. This will help you form a good brand, which is what you are going to be promoting and strengthening everyday with your plumbing marketing.


#2 Where

Where do you want to go? Once you know what you are you need to know where you are going. Part of your plumbing marketing plan should encompass your goals. You can’t very well make a plan for your plumbing marketing without setting some goals for yourself. Where do you see your business in 3 months? 6 months? A year from now? 5 years from now? Once you have established you goals go to work on a actionable plan. Remember setting goals is only part of it, creating a plan is the next step. A goal without a plan is just a wish.


plumbing marketing

The Stone Foundation,, 06/05/2016

#3 Words

Words as in keywords or keywords phrases is a basic part of a good plumbing marketing plan. What words or phrases can you identify with your plumbing marketing? Your keywords make up your SEO or search engine optimization. You need to think about what words your customers would use to find your business online. For best results try to be as specific as possible. The broader the term is going to be more competitive and deliver broader results. You will be using your keywords throughout most of your plumbing marketing. From your website to social media sites and local directories. From blog posts to status updates. These words will become part of your brand.


#4 Who

Who you are marketing to is just as important and what keywords you are using. So who are you marketing to? What type of person is your ideal customer? Where do they live? How old are they? What are their interests? Knowing these things can help you narrow down your plumbing marketing and be as effective as possible. It will help you know where to spend more time as well, for example is your target audience spending more time on Facebook or LinkedIn? Identifying who you target audience is will also be important when it comes to running ads online. After all you want to make sure that the right people see your ads right?


Going through the 4 W’s of plumbing marketing will help you understand your brand better, and what outlets you want to use for plumbing marketing. Designing your plumbing marketing strategy around your ideal customers is a great way to stay ahead of the game and remain competitive. To learn more about plumbing marketing visit our website at



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Referral Partners Should be Apart of Your Target Audience for Plumbing Marketing

June 16th, 2015


Part of plumbing marketing is knowing who the target audience is. Some times its hard to decide who the target audience it. Instead of going at it blind, its important to have some direction for plumbing marketing. This saves time and money and ensures that the right people are getting the right information. Referral partners are a vital part of plumbing marketing. When creating a target audience it is important to also include referral partners. If you are unsure who your target audience is we a have created a list of some referral partners that would make a great target audience for plumbing marketing and referral partners.


Other Service Professionals

referral partnershipsOther service professionals make great referral partners and should be included as part of the target audience. Think about electricians, carpet cleaners, roofers, general contractors etc… Networking with other service professionals can create a referral relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Customers also benefit from this relationship because they are provided with a referral from a trusted source.


Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals are the perfect referral partners. A good real estate agent is very hands on when it comes to a real estate transaction. Often times a new home owner will need to have some plumbing work done, if they are new to the area they may reach out to their real estate agent for a good referral. Forming a referral relationship with a real estate agent help the plumber get new customers, helps build credibility for the real estate agent, and helps the customers out.


Property Management Companies

Directly related to real estate professionals, property management companies often oversee a large number of rental properties, both residential and commercial. Making them an excellent target audience. Chances are they need a good plumber on speed dial. This is an ideal referral relationship for a plumber looking to gain repeat business and good referral business.


Insurance Professionals

Insurance professionals are also a great target audience, as creating a referral partnership with an insurance professional can also help create a good source of repeat business. Most insurance companies have a list of preferred service providers for when they have a claim filed. This could be a great source of business.


Home Inspectors

During the purchase of a home a home inspection is often recommended prior to the close of escrow. Home inspectors inspect the entire house, even the plumbing system. Home inspectors are great to establish a referral partnership with because they can refer you business with either the existing homeowner or the new homeowner.


Referral partners are a great way to grow plumbing business and should be apart of your target audience for plumbing marketing purposes. Learn more about plumbing marketing at

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Social Media for Plumbing Marketing: Ensure Your Target Audience is Receiving Your Message

May 8th, 2015


When it comes to plumbing marketing you want to make sure you have the right target audience. After all you want to be as effective as possible. Gaining more exposure is great but you want the right kind of exposure. It is a far better investment of your time to market to people who actually have the potential to become a customer right? With this in mind it is important to make sure you are using the right social media platforms for your plumbing marketing in order to reach the right target audience. Here are some social media statistics that can help you tailor your plumbing marketing plan to fit your target audience.




When considering who your target audience is it is important to consider demographics. Recent studies show that the fastest growing age demographic on Twitter is users between the ages of 55-64. For Facebook and Google + is the 45-54 age bracket. This information can be very helpful in deciphering where are you going to spend your effort and time with your plumbing marketing.



Aside from age, gender also plays an important role when it comes to reaching the right target audience. Did you know that most Pinterest user’s are female? Or that more active Google + users are male. For plumbing marketing purposes and making sure your target audience is receiving your message consider where you are marketing and who you are marketing to. You can customize your message and gear it towards each platform and the demographic it caters to



mobile friendly

Google Developers,, 05/08/2015


Many online searches not occur with mobile users. The same is true with social media. Did you know that over 180 million Facebook users are mobile only? That is a huge audience of strictly mobile only users. You want to consider how your content displays for the mobile user, this not only effects your engagement but also your search ranking with the latest change in the Google algorithm.


Referral Partners

Part of plumbing marketing is establishing networking partners or referral partners. LinkedIn is the best social media platform to use for b2b marketing. While LinkedIn may have the lowest number of active users, the quality of these relationships really pays off. If you are looking to incorporate some b2b marketing into your plumbing marketing plan, LinkedIn is where you will find your target audience.

Linkedin for plumbing marketing 

Knowing where to promote different types of content to attract different types of customers is important for your plumbing marketing and ensuring that the right target audience receives your message. Unsure of who the right target audience is for your plumbing marketing? Grow Plumbing is here to help. Grow Plumbing can help ensure that the you are marketing to the right target audience using the best marketing channels with a customer plumbing marketing plan. Learn more about Grow Plumbing’s services today!

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SEO for Plumbing Marketing – Running Your Own SEO Campaign

April 10th, 2015


One thing is for sure, SEO for plumbing marketing is a must. How you embark on your SEO for plumbing marketing plan is another. Whether your computer savvy or simply like being in control of all aspects of owning your plumbing company, when it comes to SEO for plumbing marketing the struggle is real. Here are some everyday challenges you may face when opting to perform your own SEO for plumbing marketing duties.


The Right Target Audience

seo for plumbing marketingAre you targeting the right audience? The success of your SEO for plumbing marketing strategy is highly dependent on whether you are marketing to the right people. Consider who your target customer is. Are they getting the message? Or is the message lost amongst people that would never become a customer? You may have great visibility but unless your information is getting in front of the right people you efforts are in vain. If you find yourself unsure of who the appropriate audience is then maybe it is time to consult a professional SEO consultant the specializes in plumbing marketing.


The Right Content

Content is very big when it comes to SEO for plumbing marketing. You want to make sure you are not only getting in front of people that care what you have to say, but also providing them with what they want to see. Stumped on topics for your plumbing blog? Then talk to a professional. While content is key, the right content is vital. Make sure it is engaging, unique, and relevant.



seo for plumbing marketingSEO for plumbing marketing takes time. If you don’t have the time to properly invest in your SEO for plumbing marketing then you will be getting no where and fast. Instead of worrying about whether or not your SEO for plumbing marketing tasks are getting done, delegate or hire a professional. Its true it takes time to get results, and while hiring a professional SEO expert is an additional cost to your plumbing marketing budget, is the money you save by doing it yourself worth it not getting done?



Things can change rather quickly in this technological era we live in, even with SEO for plumbing marketing. Its important to be able to adjust your SEO for plumbing marketing strategy to meet the ever changing trends and needs of your company. A professional SEO expert will be knowledgeable about what is going on in the SEO world to makes educated decisions regarding your plumbing marketing campaign. In addition knowing what works and doesn’t work for your individual needs is also really important. Spending more time and money on a strategy that isn’t delivering you results in futile. Its important to be willing to change your plumbing marketing plan accordingly.


Grow Plumbing specializes in SEO for plumbing marketing. We would love the opportunity to go over any questions you might have about your plumbing marketing plan. To learn more click here.

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Getting To Know Your Customers – Part of Plumbing Marketing

October 14th, 2014

plumbing marketing 

One of the most important parts of plumbing marketing is getting to know your customers. This involves correctly identifying who your customer is and what they want from you. If you have already done this then congratulations you are on your way to running a successful plumbing marketing campaign. If not, well its time to start getting to know your customers.


First of all the ability to identify who your customers are is crucial to your plumbing marketing. How are you going to start marketing your business if you don’t know who you are marketing to? This blind route can easily end up as a waste of time and money, because you are not correctly targeting your efforts. With a targeted effort, your plumbing marketing could really take off.

 plumbing marketing

In order to identify who your customer is you need to consider several things: the geographic area you operate in, age, sex etc… For plumbing purposes you need to also identify the type of business you are after; commercial, residential, home owners, property management companies etc… Are you in a niche market? For example older homes, remodeling, re-piping, green plumbing. Once you have identified these things you can start marketing to these groups of people. There is no point in marketing to a group of people who are not interested or not in need of your services, while gaining exposure is good for your plumbing marketing, you want the right kind of exposure.



Once you have figured out who your customer is, its time to consider what they want from you. As a plumber you are selling your plumbing repair service, but how can you set yourself apart from your competition and give your customers what they truly want? For many customers its not just about the service they paid for, but he overall customer experience. This means great customer service, excellent craftsmanship, good quality products, reasonable and accurate pricing, and a sense of well being. As part of your plumbing marketing you should do some self reflecting and consider your strengths and weaknesses in these areas and market your strengths. While proceeding to work on the areas that you see room for improvement.


Another part of identifying who you are marketing to is identifying your networking partners. Networking with other professionals is part of plumbing marketing and should not be overlooked. A strong group of networking partners can really help your plumbing marketing with referral business. Target other local service professionals like electricians, landscaping companies, real estate agents etc… By creating a strong group of networking partners you all win, you, them , and most importantly your customer. Personal recommendations are worth their weight in gold when it comes to plumbing marketing.


Aside from plumbing marketing getting to know your customers is also part of your customer service. When you pay attention to detail when it comes to your customers and spend a little extra time connecting with them on a personal level, it allows you to create a customer for life, which is priceless. After all retaining existing customers is actually a lot more affordable than gaining new ones, plus just like with networking partner, you gain referral business.

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Creating a Plan for Plumbing Marketing: Who, What, Why, When, Where? Part One

December 2nd, 2013


Creating a plan for plumbing marketing is the best way to achieve results. It allows you to stay organized and truly see what works best for your company. Without a plan you kind of wander around aimlessly hoping for big things to happen, with this method how can you see what avenues of plumbing marketing are actually garnering results and which ones are just a waste of time? The most important questions you will ask yourself when creating a plan for plumbing marketing are: Who, what, why, when, and where? The answers will help create a map to follow that will set you up for success with your plumbing marketing. We have broken this topic down into two parts. In part one we will be discussing the who and the what.




Who you are marketing to is very important. This is the first step of creating a plan for plumbing marketing. If you haven’t established who your ideal customer is then you need to go back to the drawing board. Nobody should know who your customers are better than you! Take a little time and consider who you are marketing to. Consider the area that you service, keep things local. Have you started networking with other service professionals? Some examples of who you should be marketing to are: homeowners, property management companies, real estate agents, contractors, electricians, and other local businesses. In addition you should always continue to market to your existing customers because repeat customers are the most valuable to your business, and also become a marketing platform for you.




What are you selling? As a plumber you are selling yourself. Lets face it the plumbing industry can be pretty competitive. So how are you going to establish that you are the best choice? The what is probably the most profound part of creating a plan for plumbing marketing because you have to really analyze your business. What are you focusing on as a plumber? Do you specialize in anything? How is your customer service? Are you going above and beyond for your customers? Are you competitively priced? Do you provide good quality work with quality material? Consider all of these things and think about what your ideal customer would be looking for in a plumber. What is unique about you?


When creating a plan for plumbing marketing it is really important to do some self reflecting on your business. If you don’t understand your business or your customer then how can you sell your business. Understanding the who and the what are the two most important parts of creating a plan for plumbing marketing. Once you have established who you are marketing to, and what you are selling you can continue with creating a plan for plumbing marketing that will be calculated and economical for your business. Remember when creating a plan for plumbing there is some trial and error so always leave room for adjustments. Stay tuned for part two why, when, and where.


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