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How Facebook’s Recent Updates Affect Your Plumbing Marketing

October 27th, 2018

facebook's recent updatesFacebook has been in the news headlines a lot this year. Being under such scrutiny has forced Facebook to make some changes to their algorithm. Just like the Google updates of recent years, Facebook’s updates have forced marketers to adjust their marketing strategy. In fact, failure to adapt one’s strategy could result in ads with less placement, or being removed entirely, and content not being viewed by audience. Plumbing companies looking to extend their reach on Facebook and achieve a good ROI need to pay attention to Facebook’s recent updates and how they can affect their plumbing marketing.


Misleading Ads

One of Facebook’s recent updates is designed to restrict or remove ads that are misleading. These are ads that lure users in with a sensational headline, then fail to deliver the correct response on the landing page. When it comes to running ads on Facebook make sure the end location matches the call to action. Failure to do so is misleading, and in all honesty won’t deliver the conversions you are after. When running ads on Facebook, make sure your objective is clear, so as not to mislead users.


Clickbait Ads

Another one of Facebook’s recent updates is to help prevent marketers from luring customers in with clickbait ads. These are ads that require users to click through in order to receive the rest of the information. Phrases like “You won’t believefacebooks recent updates what happens next” are considered clickbait. And in 2018, Facebook frowns on ads that aren’t transparent. Avoid using clickbait tactics to generate traffic. These are offer low conversions anyways, which isn’t good for your ROI.


Instant Experiences

Instant experiences has replaced canvas ads, and with this change a whole new set of capabilities has been released. Some of the new features that plumbers can take advantage of include:

  • Instant Forms, which allows users to fill out a quick form to learn more about your business.
  • Instant Customer Acquisitions, which helps prioritize specific reactions clean call to actions and showcasing other options.
  • Instant Storytelling, which features images and videos that share your brand’s story.


Emphasis on Video

facebook's recent updatesFacebook is attempting to compete with YouTube and Snapchat. Over the course of this year, we saw the release of live video. Due to the competitive nature of this release, Facebook is favoring live videos over other types of content. Which means, you have a better shot of not getting lost in someone’s feed by using live video. In addition, videos that are uploaded directly into Facebook receive and automatic reach bump, than videos that are shared from YouTube.


Story Ads

Since Facebook is placing such a high emphasis on video content, story ads are a work in progress, but will be coming very soon. Story ads have shown to be quite successful on other platforms like Instagram. To help streamline the process, users will be able to utilize existing video ads as story ads. The release date of story ads is uncertain. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates.


Facebook offers plumbing companies a lot of opportunity when it comes to expanding their business. It is important to be knowledgeable about the platform in order to get the biggest band for your buck. For more plumbing marketing tips contact Grow Plumbing today!


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Why Video Marketing is Taking Over

October 6th, 2017


How You Can Get on Board the Video Marketing Train


video marketingVideo marketing has always had its place when it comes to online plumbing marketing. It’s an effective way to communicate a strong call to action for marketing purposes, and reach a wide scope of people. Video is easily, the most accepted form of marketing because it has mass appeal. However, until recent years, producing good quality video content was an expensive feat. One, that required hiring a professional. Unfortunately, many small businesses didn’t have the budget for this type of project, so video marketing wasn’t a huge priority. Fast forward a few years, there has been a huge shift in the type of content that people are consuming. Here’s why video marketing is taking over, and how you can improve your video content strategy.


Advances in Technology

Mobile use has increased exponentially over the last several years. In addition to increased mobile use, the technology has also improved. Smartphones come equipped with cameras that put old point and click cameras to shame. In addition to the improvement of picture and video taking capabilities, there are also a whole suite of apps to help everyday people edit their own images and videos. It has never been easier or more accessible to make good quality visual content.


The Demand

The demand for visual content has increased over the last several years. Video only social media sites like Snapchat have grown significantly with over 400 million snaps being shared and viewed per day! With staggering statistics like these, video marketingit’s no wonder other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have jumped on the video content bandwagon, releasing live video streaming and video stories. Users of these sites, are eating it up, sharing and engaging with more video content than ever before.


How to Improve Your Video Content Strategy

The first thing you want to do to improve your video content strategy, is get involved. Start small and use the technology and materials you already have. For example, start by creating video stories on Instagram. These are short little clips you can record directly from your smartphone. Play around and have fun with it, remember it’s supposed to be fun and engaging. Once you feel comfortable with that, you may want to graduate to live streaming. Posting videos to YouTube is a great way to distribute your video content, as it can be shared with many of your other social media sites. In addition to having the ability to share, there is also great potential for exposure, as the average YouTube user will spend an average of 40 minutes per day on YouTube.

Remember to keep things professional and relevant to your business. You should also try to incorporate your brand into your video content. Focus on content that interests your audience. It may be a little bit of trial and error and checking your analytics reports before you get a good grasp of what your audience is interested in. For assistance with improving your video marketing strategy contact Grow Plumbing today!

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