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SEO and Plumbing Marketing Part 2: Images and Functionality

September 11th, 2016


Implementing a strategy using SEO for plumbing marketing is a great way to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends. Search engine optimization is ever changing and evolving and will continue to play a huge role in how we market our businesses online. Whats truly great about SEO is that with the proper plan in place and the proper tutelage anyone can do it. While more traditional marketing techniques are still relevant today, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a marketing budget just to get your foot in the door. Previously we discussed the importance of keywords and links in “SEO and Plumbing Marketing Part 1: Keywords and Links”. Now we will talk about the use of images on your website and functionality.



Images and the use of visual content are becoming more and more important when it come to your SEO and plumbing marketing. Images help support a topic and convey a message and also help catch the viewers eye. Often times the image is the first thing a reader will notice about a website or a blog post. For many the images used in a website or blog post will result in whether or not they want to investigate more or move on. An image can tell a person a lot about the content they are viewing before they start to read it. So its important to make sure that the images you select are relevant to the topic, help support the topic, and are eye catching and interesting.


SEO and plumbing marketing

Best Hardtop Gazbeos,, 09/11/2016

Aside from the images you select you also want to pay attention to the size of the image. When it comes to your website the size of the image matters. You want to make sure the size of your image is just right. Not to big or too small. The problem with too big is is can cause the website to load slowly especially with mobile users. If the image is too small then it may get lost in translation. You also should pay attention to the amount of image you use. You don’t want to litter your page with images. Instead select 2 to 3 images that make your statement stronger. Too many images can also result in a pages slow loading speeds.



The functionality of a website is also crucial when it comes to SEO and plumbing marketing. A website that doesn’t function correctly can be a huge turn off for visitors. When it comes to functionality you want to make sure that everything does what its supposed to do. For

SEO and plumbing marketing

OEE Systems,, 09/11/2016

example, when it comes to the navigation and internal links you want to make sure that each link goes to the correct page. The title of the link should match the topic of the corresponding page. Incorrect links can be deemed as misleading. You also want to make sure that any pages being linked to are active links. There is nothing more annoying then clicking on a link and finding a 404 page on the other end. This doesn’t help you link building or your search ranking and can turn people away.


Another important part of functionality is how your website loads. Slow loading time can lead to a large bounce rate as internet users don’t always have the most patience. If a webpage doesn’t load quickly they may just decide to move on to the next one. This can also effect the mobile friendliness of your website, which also plays a role in your search ranking. If your website is indexed and found to not be mobile friendly then you could be removed from the search results all together. So make sure your website loads quickly and is mobile friendly.


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