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The Surfin Plumbers

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The Surfin PlumbersThe Surfin Plumbers
 has been serving greater Sarasota, Manatee, and Pinella Florida area with integrity and skill. They have a new location in the Tennessee area and they will be expanding to other areas. Looking for plumbing service, The Surfin Plumbers coverage coverage is very broad in both Southwest Florida and Middle Tennessee and they are very quick to respond!  

About Tab Hunter and The Surfin Plubers: Legendary, that’s how people who know the “real” Tab Hunter describe him. Unlike his namesake, the Tab Hunter of 1960s silver screen fame, he’s more than a pretty face. He is a dynamic, innovative entrepreneur who combines the hands-on skills of a master plumber with twenty years of executive operations in the HVAC category.

A non-stop, go-getter, Tab continually challenges himself to create new ways to increase the market share of his newest business venture, The Surfin’ Plumbers. With one shop already up and running – he recently purchased 30-year-old Pritchard Plumbing and turned it into the operational prototype — Tab has plans for expansion. Big plans.

The Surfin Plumbers as described on Twitter - We’ll chase away your plumbing blues with our gnarly hawaiian shirts. We serve Manatee and Sarasota counties… Shaka Brah!

The Surfin Plumbers giving back and doing the right thing, Plumbing Company Brings Running Water To Haiti!


Fun Facts On The Surfin Plumbers

  • Tab Hunter (Kahuna) purchased Sarasota-based Pritchard Plumbing in 2010.
  • Pritchard Plumbing was a 30-year old company with 23 employees and 19 trucks.
  • Pritchard Plumbing’s founder Tim Pritchard (Big Kahuna) remains with the company as General Manager.
  • The Surfin’ Plumbers is located at: 5224 17th Street Court East, Bradenton, Florida 34202. Phone: 941-348-2000.
  • Tab Hunter’s motto: “we are going to be neat, clean and professional, and we want to give our customers an enjoyable plumbing experience.”
  • Tab Hunter has been in the plumbing business since 1986. He sold Tab Hunter Plumbing in Nashville (with approximately $5 million annual revenues) to Sarasota-based Clockwork Home Services in 2006.
  • Tab served as Clockwork’s President of Franchise Operations until he “retired” in 2009 to spend more time with his wife and three daughters. Retirement did not last long; in less than a year, he came up with the concept of The Surfin’ Plumbers and couldn’t wait to implement it.
  • The Surfin’ Plumbers branding (imagery) was created and developed by Hunter in conjunction with The Better Image Company, Sarasota, Florida. (For more information contact Charles Bird at 941-926-8200.)

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